George Rock
History of the American Field Service


Roster of

Killed in action or died in active service with AFS

Killed in action or died in active service with U.S. or Allied Forces after completion of AFS service

Deceased after dischargeFRom AFS (to 31 December 1955)

Wounded in action with AFS

Son of an AFS volunteer of World War I

Taken Prisoner of War in World War 11

Decorated by British
French, Polish, Italian, or U.S. government (see lists of awards and decorations)

1st AAS
First Air Ambulance Squadron (Had reported to AFS HQ in New York for embarkation; 3 members embarked with Unit IB 60, but due to the cessation of hostilities the others did not sail)

Central Mediterranean (Units 40 to 105, sent to British Central Mediterranean Forces)

Forces Françaises Combattants (individuals who, while with the British forces, served on detached duty withFRench troops in the Middle East)

France (Units FR 1 to 10 served in the campaign inFRance in 1944-45$FR 40 served in the campaign in France in 1940)

India-Burma (UnitsIB 1 to 6o, sent to British Forces in the India-Burma theatre, IB-T, 12 men transferred direct from the Middle East to India during the establishment of AFS in the India-Burma theatre)

Service with British East Africa Forces in the Kenya Colony, 1940-1941

Middle East (Units 1 to 39, sent to British Middle East Forces, Units ME 8, 11, 17 were torpedoed at sea, without casualties to AFS members, and were rescued and returned to a port. Units arriving in the Middle East after the termination of hostilities in North Africa are listed as CM)

Section Sanitaire Etats-Unis (designation of AFS ambulance units in World War I)

Syria FF
Service with French Forces in Syria, 1941 (C. N. Jefferys, LeClair Smith, and A. R. Stuyvesant stayed with the French Forces after this campaign finished and formed the nucleus of the AFS unit with the FFC attached to the British Eighth Army in the Middle East)

Transferred directly overseas from one theatre of operations to another

Transport Militaire Etats-Unis (designation of AFS transport sections in World War I)

The following roster includes only the names of those who completed their enlistment or were prevented from doing so by reasons of health.

Abelmann, Paul Theodore---IB 40--- ---Ripon College, Univ. of Wisconsin---Watertown, WI

Adam, Carl Hamilton, Lieutenant---ME 8, ME 16, FR 8---Sheboyan H.S.---Univ. of Wisconsin '43---Madison, WI

Adam, Norman Walker---IB 1---Madison West H.S.--- ---Madison, WI

Adams, Charles Kendrick, Jr. (†)---CM 47---Moundsville Central--- ---Charleston, WV

Adams, Daniel Davis (†)---CM 43---Lafayette H.S., Park---Williams College---Buffalo, NY

Adams, Walter Wood---IB 49--- ---Harvard, Columbia---New York, NY

Adamson, Robert Emory---ME 26---Robert E. Lee H.S., Columbia Military Acad.---Duke '43---Boston, MA

Addoms, Jeremy (†), Aspirant---ME 32, FFC, FR 1---Froeble Acad, Poly Prep---Haverford '43---Brooklyn, NY

Adler, Melvin L.---ME 2--- ---Cornell--- ---GA

Adriance, John Gregory---CM 41---N.Y. Mil Acad.---Wesleyan '32---Glens Falls, NY

Agnew, David Paton---CM 102, IB 59---T--- ---Princeton---New York, NY

Ainsworth, Joseph Rowan---IB 2--- ---Iowa State, Univ. of Illinois '44---DeKalb, IL

Albert, Charles Lupfer, Jr. (†)---IB 21---Wyoming Seminary---Citadel Mil.---Dallas, PA

Alexander, Charles Butler, Jr. (†), Lieutenant---CM 50, FR 3---T---Gilman Country---Princeton '30---McDonogh Postoffice, Baltimore County, MD

Alexander, Howard Elliott---IB 9---Red Bank H.S.---Rutgers '42---Red Bank, NJ

Alexander, Ross Rayhue---CM 94, IB 60---T--- --- ---Frederick, MD

Allemang, Richard Donald (†)---CM 67--- ---Purdue---South Bend, IN

Allen, Douglas Brooke---CM 52---Episcopal H.S.---Princeton '45, Univ. of Virginia---Winchester, VA

Allen, Frank Burt, Jr.---CM 88--- ---Duke---Maplewood, NJ

Allen, Fred Coney---IB 36--- --- ---Atlantic Beach, FL

Allen, Howard Owen---ME 35, FFC---Episcopal H.S.---Princeton '43---Winchester, VA

Allen, Julian B. L.---SSU,4 , SSU 29, FR 40---HQ--- St. Paul's--- ---New York, NY

Allen, Lewis Maitland, Jr.---ME 32, FFC, CM 97---Episcopal H.S.---Univ. of Virginia '44---Winchester, VA

Allen, Robert Johnson---CM 88--- ---Lehigh---Maplewood, NJ

Allen, Rowland Bernard---ME 4---Claremont H.S.---California Polytechnic---Claremont, CA

Allen, Thomas McKean---ME 30---Brooks, Lawrenceville, Haverford--- ---Haverford, PA

Allen, Walter Ira---ME 1---North H.S.---Clark Univ.---Worcester, MA

Allis, Robert Thomas---CM 56---Milwaukee Country Day, Cranbrook---Univ. of Wisconsin---Milwaukee, WI

Allman, Warren Edmund---IB 55--- ---Alma College---Wyandotte, MI

Allor, Frank Steven (†)---FR 4--- --- ---St. Clair Shores, MI

Alt, Theodore Ruggles---IB 57--- ---Ripon---Calumet, MI

Ament, Jacob John, Jr.---CM 92, IB 59---T--- ---Univ. of Wisconsin---Merrill, WI

Amory, Harcourt, Jr. (†)---CM 41---Dexter, Arizon Desert, Brooks, Roxbury Latin--- ---Ipswich, MA

Amory, John Forbes---SSU 4, IB 48--- ---Univ. of Pennsylvania---Cambridge, MA

Anderson, James MacFarland, Jr.---IB 58--- --- ---Wynnewood, PA

Anderson, Kermit Randall---ME 13---Mooreland H.S.--- ---Blackfoot, ID

Anderson, Richard Craig (pow)---CM 62---New Trier Twp H.S.--- ---Winnetka, IL

Anderson, Rufus Preston---CM 45---Gettysburg Acad.--- ---Nashua, NH

Andrews, Charles James, Jr.---ME 37---Norfolk Acad.---Washington & Lee '37, Yale '40---Norfolk, VA

Angevin, John Jay, Lieutenant---IB 9---Asheville---Williams '45---Glendale, OH

Anthony, Donald Elmer---IB 5--- ---Ohio State---Man, WV

Anthony, Stephen Richard---IB 55--- ---Worcester Polytechnic---Swampscott, MA

Applewhite, Robert Metzler (†)---ME 30, FFC, CM 94, IB 60---T---Newport News H.S.---William & Mary '43---Hilton Village, VA

Armstrong, John Larimer---ME 32---Shadyside Acad., Franklin & M. Ac., Choate---Yale '40, Stanford (Graduate)---Lancaster, PA

Arnett, Robert Neal---ME 34---Ponca City H.S.---Univ. of Oklahoma, Univ. of Texas---New York, NY

Ashmun, Russell Ford, Jr. (†), Second Lieutenant---CM 45---Western Reserve Acad.------Hudson, OH

Atherly, Raymond Joseph, Jr.---IB 33--- --- ---Manhasset, NY

Atkins, William James, Lieutenant---ME 8, ME 16---Washington Park H.S.---Univ. of Wisconsin---Madison, WI

Attwood, Jack Robert---ME 24---Flint Northern H.S.---Michigan College of Mining & Technology '38---Flint, MI

Atwood, Douglas Gilbert (†), Lieutenant---ME 1, CM 66---Gilbert H.S.---Dartmouth '41---Winsted, CT

Auger, Louis Francis, Jr.---IB 53--- ---Williams---Ridgewood, NJ

Ault, Lee Addison---ME 16---St. Paul's---Princeton '37---New Canaan, CT

Aument, Carroll Miller---ME 37---Milford H.S.---Yale '44---Milford, CT

Avery, Frederick Martin---CM 41--- ---Columbia---Green Lawn, Long Island, NY

Baars, James John, Jr.---IB 8---Benj. Franklin H.S., Rochester School of Commerce--- ---Washington, DC

Babcock, Richard Felt---ME 4---New Trier H.S.---Dartmouth '40, Chicago (Law)---Woodstock, IL

Bachman, Charles Edward---ME 16---St. John's---Beloit '44---Chicago, IL

Bacon, Howard Barton---CM 86, IB 60---T--- --- ---Brookline, MA

Baer, William Whitaker, Jr. (†)---ME 32, CM 76---New Trier H.S.---Amherst '43---Wilmette, IL

Bailey, Joseph Albert---IB 26--- ---Univ. of Oregon, Univ. of California---Portland, OR

Bailey, Waldo Emerson---CM 94, IB 59---T--- ---Mississippi State, Peabody Teachers, Vanderbilt Univ.---Jackson, MS

Bailie, David Henderson---CM 88--- ---Princeton---Cannondale, CT

Baillet, Robert Philip---ME 4---Northwood School---Williams '41---Manhasset, NY

Bain, Stanley Robert---ME 37---Newport H.S.--- ---Newport, NH

Baker, Herman Oakley---ME 32, CM 91, IB 59---T---St. George's---Williams '44---Charleston, WV

Balderston, Frederick Emery (†), Lieutenant---ME 37, IB 59---T---Westtown, Deep Springs, S.C.---Cornell '46---Philadelphia, PA

Balderston, Robert Walter---ME 37, CM 100, IB 59---T---Westtown---Univ. of Pennsylvania '46, Univ. of Colorado---Philadelphia, PA

Baldwin, Lindsley Palmer---ME 12---Adelphi Poly Prep, Grover Cleveland H.S.---Dartmouth '40---Brooklyn, NY

Ball, Charles Vernon---IB 16---Putney School, Dublin School---Colgate---Arlington, VA

Ball, Lawrence Randall---SSU 9, FR 40, Syria FF---Mt. Hermon--- ---St. George, Staten Island, NY

Balo, Denes George---CM 42---John Adams H.S.---Univ. of Dubuque '41, Washington Univ., Western Reserve---New Brighton, PA

Banford, Earl Wallace---IB 31--- --- ---Oakland, CA

Bannister, Bryant---IB 54--- ---Univ. of Wisconsin---Milwaukee, WI

Barber*, Maurice---FR. 40--- ---Yale---Paris, France

Barber, Thomas Maxfield, Jr.---CM 92, IB 60---T--- ---Univ. of West Virginia---Charleston, WV

Barbour, Thomas, II (†)---ME 28---St. Bernards, Indian Mt., Hotchkiss---Princeton '43---Norfolk, CT

Bardwell, Roger Willis---CM 90--- ---LaCrosse State Teachers College, Univ. of Wisconsin---LaCrosse, WI

Barhydt, John---ME 15---St. James, Harvey--- ---Riverside, CT

Barker, George Stevenson, Captain---ME 16, CM 86--- ---Univ. of Wisconsin '18---Washington, DC

Barker, Robert Watson---CM 86--- ---Cornell---Highland Park, IL

Barnard, Harry Donald---1st AAS--- --- ---Rochester, NY

Baron, Arthur Maurice---FR 40--- ---Univ. of New Hampshire---Boscawen, NH

Barr, Dudley Riggs---IB 40--- --- ---Boston, MA

Barr, William Alexandcr---ME 37---Lane H.S.---St. John's '42, Univ. of Virginia---Proffit, VA

Barrel, Robert Larfeuil---CM 56---Middlesex---Harvard '46---Wayland, MA

Barres, Oliver Morgan, Jr---CM 47---Andover---Yale '43---Bethlehem, PA

Barrett John White---IB 3---St. Benedict's---Seton Hall '26---Bridgeport, CT

Barrett, Edward Newell---ME 1--- ---Univ. of California---Pasadena, CA

Barrett, Norman Whitton---ME 35, FFC---Princeton Country Day, Phillips Andover--- ---Claremont, CA

Barrett, Raymond Lathrop, Jr---CM 99, IB 59---T--- ---Dartmouth---Longmeadow, MA

Barrett, Richard---ME 16, CM 92---Milton Acad.---Harvard '40---Warrenton, VA

Barretto, Laurence Brevoort---NY HQ--- --- ---New York, NY

Barron, Arthur Maurice (±)---FR 40---1---Concord H.S.---Univ. of N.H.---Boscawen---NH

Bartlett, Franklin Sherwood---CM 64---Haverill H.S., Tilton---Colgate---Haverhill, MA

Bartlett, Sidney Lanier---FR 40---1---Los Angeles H.S.---La Sorbonne (France)---Oakland, CA

Barton, John---ME 34---St Mark's---Harvard '45---Boylston, MA

Barton, John Hartwell---CM 90--- ---Yale---Stamford, CT

Barton, Trumbull---ME 2, CM 68, FR 8---Choate---Yale (Drama)---Boylston, MA

Baskin, Norton Sanford---IB 4---Union Springs H.S.--- ---St. Augustine, FL

Bates, Dallas Lane---CM 93, IB 59---T--- ---Yale---Providence, RI

Bathgate, Jack---CM 88--- --- ---West Haven, CT

Bayer, Frank Arnold---CM 86--- --- ---Flushing, NY

Baylies, Edmund (†)---CM 41---St Mark's--- ---Taunton, MA

Baylor, John Ransdell---CM 86--- ---Univ. of Nebraska, Harvard (Law)---Lincoln, NE

Beach*, Frederick Ogden---CM 86--- ---Univ. of Virginia---New York, NY

Beale, James MacArthur, Jr---CM 43---Wellesley H.S.---Harvard '45, Yale---Wellesley, MA

Bealor, Mark Dabney---IB 16---Shamokin H.S.---Penn. State---Shamokin, PA

Beals*, Robert Hugh---CM 65--- ---Washington Univ., Univ. of Minnesota---St. Paul, MN

Beatty, Daniel Patrick (†)---ME 5---Berkeley Prep.---Georgetown '21, National Univ. of Law---Boston, MA

Beaudet, Roger Claude (†)---FR 4--- --- ---Ferndale, MI

Beck, John Cameron---IB 58--- ---Princeton---Dallas, TX

Beck, Ralph Waldo († §)---ME 32, CM 81---Crane H.S.---Univ. of Chicago '40---Chicago, IL

Becker, David, Lieutenant---ME 4, CM 50---Manual Training H.S.---Cornell '30---Brooklyn, NY

Becker, Marvin Lester---IB 27--- ---Univ. of North Carolina---Philadelphia, PA

Beeber, Nathaniel C.---IB 4---Dwight Prep School--- ---New York, NY

Belknap, William Burke, Jr.---IB 1---Deerfield---Yale '45---Goshen, KY

Bell, Robert Morris---CM 96, IB 59---T--- --- ---St. Louis, MO

Bell, Whitfield Jenks, Jr---CM 47---Lower Merion---Dickinson '35, Univ. of Pennsylvania---Towson, MD

Belshaw, Mortimer William (pow)---ME 1--- ---Modesto Jr Col '34---San Francisco, CA

Bender, Frank Allen, Jr.--- --- ---Univ. of Michigan---New York, NY

Beneleit, Albert Walter---CM 90--- --- ---Canton, OH

Benet, Thomas Carr---IB 60--- ---Yale---Stonington, CT

Benham, Robert Burke---IB 45--- ---Princeton, Swarthmore---Princeton, NJ

Bennett, Ralph Blackhurst, Jr.---IB 2---The Dalles H.S.---Harvard '42---The Dalles, OR

Bennett, William Besant, Jr. (son, §)---ME 32, CM 94, IB 60---T---Frederick H.S., Mercersburg--- ---Frederick, MD

Bensinger, Arthur Blackburn---CM 92.--- ---Univ. of Louisville, Univ. of Illinois, Univ. Afloat---Louisville, KY

Benson*, Stuart, Major---FR 40---1, ME 1, ME 16---Detroit---Univ. of Michigan '00---Westport, CT

Berfield, Bill Mac---CM 52---Tech H.S.--- ---Memphis, TN

Berger, William Merriam Bart---CM 89--- ---Yale---Denver, CO

Bernardi, Wilbur Ralph---CM 43---Winnetka H.S.--- ---Winnetka, IL

Bernstein, Samuel---IB 50--- ---Brooklyn College---Brooklyn, NY

Bernth, Joseph Holger---IB 41--- --- ---Detroit, MI

Beulen, Albert Joseph---CM 96--- --- ---Milwaukee, WI

Biddle, Livingston Ludlow, Jr. (†), Captain---ME 32, FR 6---Montgormery, St. Geroge's---Princeton '40---Bryn Mawr, PA

Bigelow, Edward Lenox (†)---IB 37--- ---Springfield College---New York, NY

Bigelow, Lawrence Graham (son, §)---CM 41---French Lyée, Tangiers (Morocco), International (Geneva) Château de Changins (Switz), Avon Old Farms--- ---St. Paul, MN

Billings, Franklin Swift, Jr. († §)---CM 68--- ---Harvard---Woodstock, VT

Billings, Kirk LeMoyne---ME 16---Shady Side Acad, Choate---Princeton '39---Green Farms, CT

Binford, Maurice Winfield---CM 100, IB 59---T--- ---Univ. of Oregon---Portland, OR

Bird, Samuel Bancroft, Jr.---CM 90--- ---St. John's---Wilmington, DE

Birkett, John George, Lieutenant---IB 1---Glen Ridge H.S., Princeton Prep.---Brown '30, Kings College, Univ. of London (England)---Nobleboro, ME

Bisbee*, Frederick Windsor---IB 49--- ---MA Institute of Technology---Concord, MA

Bishop, Ronald Arthur---CM 93, IB 60---T--- ---Stanford---Beverly Hills, CA

Bissler, Clifford John (†)---IB 31--- ---Blue Ridge College---Manhasset, NY

Blackwell, Harry Arthur---ME 11, ME 16---St. Louis Country Day, Berkshire--- ---Boston, MA

Blair, Howard Richardson---ME 37---Putney---Williams '46---Wyoming, OH

Blair, Lawrence Dilworth, Jr.---CM 41---Shady Side Acad, Greenfields, St. Paul's---Princeton '46---Pittsburgh, PA

Blair, Robert Fleming, Jr. (†), Lieutenant---ME 27---Shaker H.S.---Dartmouth '44---Shaker Heights, OH

Blaylock, Lloyd (†)---FR 4--- --- ---Dallas, TX

Bliss, Henry Mather, Jr.---IB 40--- --- ---Chestnut Hill, MA

Block, Alan Forrest---IB 1---Oshkosh H.S.---Univ. of Wisconsin '44---Oshkosh, WI

Blood, William Boum---FR 40---x---Westminster--- ---Darien, CT

Bloodgood, Francis Cleveland---ME 26---Univ. H.S.---Univ. of Wisconsin---Madison, WI

Blow, Frederick Matthiesen (†)---FR 4--- ---Princeton, Jesus College (Cambridge, England)---West Los Angeles, CA

Blum, Francis Henry---FR 40---2---Choate---Harvard '25---New York, NY

Boaz, Ralph Evans---IB 26--- --- ---Omaha, NE

Bodensiek, Edwin Williams---CM 88, IB 55---T--- ---Bergen College, Clarkson Memorial College of Technology---Pearl River, NY

Boenau, Arthur Bruce---IB 57--- ---Amherst---Long Island City, NY

Boger, Ernest Theodore---ME 26---Penn Mill Prep. Phila Textile--- ---Lincolnton, NC

Bohning, Fredric William (†)---CM 53---Belmond H.S.---Iowa State Teachers '27---Belmond, IA

Boit, John Edward, Captain---SSU 2, CM 41, FFC---Noble & Greenough---Harvard '12---Brookline, MA

Bolte, Arthur Hemphill, Lieutenant---ME 23, CM 92---Hackley---Princeton '39---Pelham, NY

Bonbright, Irving Wayland---CM 41---Morrison, St. Paul's, Babson Inst.---Babson Institute---New York, NY

Bonde, George William, Jr.---CM 96, IB 59---T--- ---Stanford---Niles, CA

Bonner, Henry Stehli (†)---ME 16, FFC---Friends Acad. La Chatagnerai, Fessenden, Exeter---Harvard '45---Rye Center, NH

Book, Charles Edward---IB 57--- ---Westminster, Union Theological Seminary---New Castle, PA

Borger*, Edward McCune, Captain---ME 32---Sewickley H.S.---Duquesne Univ. (Law '22 and Business Admin '25)---Sewickley, PA

Bottomley, Robert Bond---CM 61---Hotchkiss--- ---Merchantsville, NJ

Boulet, John Eagan---IB 9---Shorewood H.S.---Northwestern '44, Univ. of Wisconsin '46---Milwaukee, WI

Bourdelle, Pierre Van Parys---ME 32, FFC---Ecole Normale---La Sorbonne (France)---New York, NY

Bourjaily, Vance Nye---ME 32---Handley H.S.---Bowdoin '44---Douglaston, NY

Bowditch, Vincent Yardley, Lieutenant---ME 16---Moses Brown---Harvard '39---Jamaica Plains, MA

Bowen, Byron Mason (†)---ME 37, FR 1---Nichols---Brown '43, Univ. of Buffalo '43---Buffalo, NY

Bowen, Croswell---ME 1---Choate---Yale '25---New York, NY

Bowen, John Gerard---CM 67--- ---Yale---New Rochelle, NY

Bowles, Edgar Oliver---CM 53---New Brunswick H.S.---George Washington '32, Johns Hopkins '38---Washington, DC

Bowron, John Allan---ME 16---Reading H.S.---Boston Univ., Massachusetts College of Osteopathy '42---Ashby, MA

Boyce, Lambert Gittings---IB 1---Episcopal H.S. of Va.---Johns Hopkins, Trinity '34---Baltimore, MD

Boyd, Alexander (son)---IB 16---Woodberry Forest---Princeton '47---Southern Pines, NC

Boyles, Robert William---ME 37---Fairmont H.S.---Denison '36---Troy, OH

Brace, Donald Edmund, Jr.---IB 54--- ---Ridsly College (Canada)---New York, NY

Bradley, Joseph Clark---ME 1---Santa Barbara---Harvard '39---Needham, MA

Bradley, Lawrence Donald---IB 57--- ---Univ. of Michigan---Romeo, MI

Bradley, Walter († §)---CM 58---Andover---Yale '28---Houston, TX

Brady, Gordon Henderson---ME 4---Baton Rouge H.S.--- ---Detroit, MI

Bragg, Donald Joseph---ME 2, IB 5---Charlotte H.S.--- ---Rochester, NY

Brainard, Maxwell Leverett, Lieutenant---ME 28, FR 8---Kent---Yale '38---Hartford, CT

Bramkamp, Lewis Breckenridge, Second Lieutenant---IB 16---Carl Schurz H.S.---Carthage, Univ. of Chicago---Park Ridge, IL

Branch, Alan Reynolds---ME 2---Bartlett H.S.---Boston Univ., Middlebury '32---Webster, MA

Brandt, Lewis Houseman---ME 16---Germantown H.S.--- ---Philadelphia, PA

Brannan, George Edward---IB 7---Western Mil Acad.---Loyola Univ (Chicago)---Chicago, IL

Brannan, Patrick---ME 32, FR 8, IB 60---T---Bayside H.S.---New York Institute of Applied Agriculture---Flushing, NY

Brant, John Westervelt---FR 40---HQ---Peddie, Hudson---Lafayette---Hohokus, NJ

Braunstein, Melvin Allen (†)---FR 4--- ---Univ. of Pittsburgh---Pittsburgh, PA

Brawley, Arthur Leslie---CM 68--- --- ---White Plains, NY

Bregy, Philip Anderson---CM 93, IB 60---T--- ---Williams, Univ. of Pennsylvania---Norristown, PA

Breit, Raymond Ganz---CM 90--- --- ---Louisville, KY

Breivogel, Thomas Jefferson---ME 2---Tottenville H.S.--- ---Port Richmond, Staten Island, NY

Brennan, Edward John (±)---IB 1---Roger Ludlowe H.S.---Univ. of Pa. '38---Fairfield, CT

Brennan, Kenneth Victor---ME 5, CM 55---Rockville Ctr H.S.---Columbia---Rockville, NY

Brethauer, Walter James (†), Lieutenant---ME 19, CM 94, IB 59---T---Perry H.S.---Penn State---Pittsburgh, PA

Breul, Henry Hurd---CM 41---Loomis---Harvard '46---Bridgeport, CT

Brewer, Robert Lee, Jr.---ME 1, FFC---Phillips Andover, Pennfield Acad.---Rollins---Cortland, NY

Brewer, William Dodd---CM 76, IB 59---T--- ---Williams, Tufts (Law and Diplomacy)---Pomfret, CT

Brewster, James Henry---CM 47, IB 60---T---Litchfield H.S., Storm King---Cornell '42---Litchfield, CT

Bridger, Neilson Clark, Captain---ME 16, CM 92---Trinity Co. (Can.)---Univ. of Queens---Germantown, PA

Briggs, David Garrison (†)---ME 16, FR 4---Weston H.S.---Univ. of Wisconsin '42---Port Edwards, WI

Briggs, James Alexander (†)---ME 10, CM 88---Hotchkiss---Dartmouth '38---Riverdale---on---Hudson, NY

Brindley, James McCord (†)---CM 49---Lacrosse Central---Dartmouth '37---Lacrosse, WI

Brinton, Joseph Porter, III---CM 56---Bronxville H.S.---Yale '45---Bronxville, NY

Bristol, Mark Lambert---IB 3---Manuel Training--- ---Watertown, NY

Britton, Alan Beckwith (†)---ME 32, FFC, FR 1---Park Shaker Heights H.S.---Washington & Lee '42---Bratenahl, OH

Brixey, Austin Day, Jr. (†), Lieutenant---ME 32, FR 6---Choate---Univ. of Virginia '41---Greenwich, CT

Brock, John---CM 99, IB 59---T--- ---Harvard---Edgemont, PA

Brod, Howard Seymour (†)---ME 32, FR 6---Manlius Mil. Acad.---Harvard '39---Miami, FL

Brolyer, Cecil Robert---IB 38--- ---Stanford---Point Pleasant Beach, NJ

Brooke, Howard Adams---ME 26, CM 55---Lexington H.S.---Washington & Lee '43---Lexington, VA

Brooke, John Louis Barde---ME 4, CM 46---Episcopal Acad, Montgomery, St. Paul's---Yale '29---Birdsboro, PA

Brooks, Peter Chardon---ME 8, ME 16---Dexter School---Harvard '40---Brookline, MA

Brooks, Richard Alexander---CM 70--- ---Univ. of Maryland---Lutherville, MD

Broughman*, William Thomas, Captain---CM 93, IB 60---T--- ---Notre Dame, Uni versity of Indiana---Marion, IN

Brown, Alexander Tener---ME 27---Hotchkiss---Yale '45---Chicopee, MA

Brown, Charles Stelle, Jr.---CM 90--- ---Harvard---New York, NY

Brown, Clifford Eugene---IB 60--- ---Duquesne Univ.---Pittsburgh, PA

Brown, Conrad---ME 37---Moses Brown---Brown '45---Hampton, CT

Brown, Elmer Gcorge---IB 40--- ---Erie Business College---Erie, PA

Brown, John F., Jr.---SSU 1, 1st AAS--- ---Harvard---Washington, DC

Brown, Joseph Real, Jr.---CM 99, IB 59---T--- ---Yale---Fort Smith, AR

Brown, Leslie John---CM 80--- ---Univ. of Washington---Seattle, WA

Brown, Robert Arold---IB 16---Newburyport H.S.--- ---Newburyport, MA

Brown, Robert Cooke---ME 26, FFC---Highland Park H.S.---Michigan State '37---Royal Oak, MI

Brown, Vaughan Willcox---IB 56--- ---Johns Hopkins---Port Deposit, MD

Brown, W. Pendleton---CM 78--- ---Nichols Junior College---Corry, PA

Brown, William Benjamin---ME 1, IB---T, IB 53---Medina H.S.---Ohio Univ.---Medina, OH

Brown, William Drabam---ME 4---San Diego H.S., Navy Academy---Univ. of Washington '41---Medina, WA

Browne, Aldis Birdsey---IB 54--- ---Yale---Essex, CT

Browne, Marshall Francis, Jr.---CM 100, IB 59---T--- --- ---Madison, WI

Browning, Kirk (†)---ME 32, FR 8---Brooks---Cornell '43---Ridgefield, CT

Browning, William Hull, II (†)---ME 37, CM 60---Rye Country Day, Harvey, Middlesex---Harvard '41---New York, NY

Brucker, Christopber---IB 57--- --- ---West Hartford, CT

Bruner, Richard James, Jr.---CM 93, IB 59---T--- ---Univ. of Colorado---Boulder, CO

Bryan, Robert Carter (†), Lieutenant---ME 37---Choate, Le Rosey (Switz)---Yale '41---Richmond, VA

Buck, Paul Joseph---1st AAS--- --- ---Bethlehem, PA

Buck, Richard Earl---CM 94, IB 59---T--- ---Univ. of Nebraska---Omaha, NE

Budinger, Fred Emil---IB 3---Lane Tech H.S.--- ---Chicago, IL

Bullock, James Wilson---IB 39--- ---Univ. of Cincinnati---Cincinnati, OH

Bullock, Turner (†)---CM 43---N. Dallas H.S.---Southern Methodist, Columbia '29, Yale '32---Dallas, TX

Bulman, John Shea---CM 92, IB 60---T--- ---Amherst---Greenfield, MA

Bunker, George Raymond M (†)---CM 41---St. Albans, Pomfret---Yale '46---Washington, DC

Burbank, Sherman Henry, Jr.---IB 57--- --- ---Philadelphia, PA

Burdick, Robert Andrew---IB 1---St Paul's (Garden City)---Wesleyan '21, Harvard (Law) '24---Mill Neck, NY

Burk, E. Charles---IB 42--- ---Baker---Kansas City, MO

Burkbard, Frederick Thomas---CM 83--- --- ---Buffalo, NY

Burke*, Frank David---ME 32, FR 9---Gov Dummer Acad.---Bard, Columbia '40---Newburyport, MA

Burke, Cyril John---CM 94, IB 60---T--- ---Villanova---Grosse Pointe Park, MI

Burman, William Scott---IB 49--- --- ---Ocean City, NJ

Burnham, John, Jr.---CM 86--- ---Pomona, Univ. of California---Pasadena, CA

Burns, Ronald Joseph---IB 9---Crosby H.S., St. John's Prep--- ---Burlington, CT

Burns, Thomas Roland---CM 81--- --- ---Yonkers, NY

Burr*, Calvin William---IB 1, CM 94---Lenox, Kent Bus.--- ---Auburn, NY

Burrage, Albert Cameron III (†)---FR 40---1---St. Mark's---Harvard---Ipswich, NY

Burton, David Crawford (†)---FR 40---1---Fay, Somerset Hills, St. George's--- ---New York, NY

Burton, Robert Alson---CM 54---Hyde Park H.S.---Univ. of Illinois '17---Wheaton, IL

Burton, Thomas Ashley---IB 1---Durnford (Eng.), Eton (Eng) Fresnal Ranch School---Univ. of Arizona '46---Syosset, NY

Burton, William Lafayette, Second Lieutenant---ME 35, FFC---Hill, Asheville--- ---New York, NY

Burwell, Robert Winsor---CM 45---University Sch.---Brown '44---Cleveland, OH

Bush, Samuel Dacre, III---CM 92, IB 60---T--- --- ---Dedham, MA

Butler*, Robert Choate---IB 31--- --- ---Leicester, MA

Butman, Earl Wayne---ME 37, CM 78--- Beverly H.S.--- ---Beverly, MA

Byrd, Thomas Ray (†)---CM 44---Lee Edwards H.S.---Biltmore '38---Asheville, NC

Cady, Edwin Harrison---CM 47---Tenafly H.S.---Ohio Wesleyan '39, Universities of Cincinnati '40 and Pennsylvania '43---Andover, OH

Cagle, Paul Haynes---CM 63---Owensboro H.S.---Washington & Lee '47---Owensboro, KY

Callahan, William Charles---ME 4---Garfield H.S.---Univ. of Washington---Seattle, WA

Calvacoressi*, Leonidas John---NY HQ--- --- ---New York, NY

Camp, Gregory Nott---CM 41---Lawrenceville---Williams '21---Watch Hill, RI

Campagnoli, John Philip---CM 86--- --- ---Brooklyn, NY

Campbell, Joshua G. B.---SSU 1, FR 40--- --- ---Paris, France

Campbell, Ramsey Gordon---ME 1---Richmond Union H.S.---Univ. of California---Richmond, CA

Campbell, Robert McLean (†)---CM 41---Gilman Country---Princeton '46---Towson, MD

Canavello, Charles Delmonico, Jr.---IB 54--- --- ---Douglaston, NY

Cann, Ivan Douglas, Jr.---CM 94, IB 60---T--- --- ---Bridgeport, CT

Cantrall, William Randolph---CM 92--- ---Kansas State, Univ. of Illinois---Springfield, IL

Carleton, Richard High---IB 31--- ---Yale---Tucson, AZ

Carlson, Oscar LeRoy---ME 4, FFC--- --- ---New York, NY

Carotenuto, John William---ME 16---Dickinson H.S.--- ---Union City, NJ

Carr*, Leslie Richard---IB 16---Oliver Amers H.S., Aero I.T.I. (Los Angeles)--- ---South Easton, MA

Carr, Maurice Edward, Jr.---CM 88, IB 60---T--- ---Boston College---Marblehead, MA

Carranza, David Gerald---CM 49---Dunellen H.S.---Rutgers '46---Dunellen, NJ

Carrier, Warren Pendleton---IB 45--- ---Wabash College, Univ. of Mexico, Duke, Univ. of North Carolina, Harvard---Hammond, IN

Carroll, Charles Kinzie (±)---ME 2---Central H.S.---Univ. of Wisconsin---Freemont---OH

Carroll, John Henry---ME 13---LaSalle Inst.---Detroit '37---Brattleboro, VT

Carron, John Gregory---IB 17---Univ. of Detroit H.S.---Univ. of Detroit '40---Detroit, MI

Carson, George Rutherford, Jr.---CM 88--- --- ---West Hartford, CT

Carson, Robert---Syria FF---St Paul's---Yale, Universities of Pittsburgh and Miami---New York, NY

Carter, Arthur William---ME 2---N.Y. H.S. of Commerce--- ---New York, NY

Carter, John Scott---SSU 2, ME 4, FFC---St. Paul's--- ---St. Louis, MO

Carter, Ralph Bidwell, III---CM 86--- ---Yale---New York, NY

Carter, Robert Charles---IB 46--- --- ---New York, NY

Carter, William Gilbert---IB 60--- ---Yale---Chicago, IL

Carveth, Stephen Melhuish---ME 33---Berkshire---Univ. of Virginia '44---Lockport, NY

Cary, Michael---IB 30--- --- ---Winsted, CT

Chadbourne, William Holt---ME 32, FR 8---Ecole Nouvelle (Switz), Windham H.S.---Yale '45, Rollins '45---Hampton, CT

Chadsey, Bradford Woodrow---IB 59--- ---Syracuse---Syracuse, NY

Chadwick---Collins, Richard---IB 1---Episcopal Acad.---Princeton '36, Univ. of Pennsylvania (Law) '39---Bryn Mawr, PA

Chaffee, John Beaumont, Lieutenant---ME 26, IB 34---Brooks---Yale '43---Providence, RI

Chamberlin, Ward Bryan, III (†), Major---ME 37, CM 104, IB 59---T---Phillips Exeter---Princeton '43, La Sorbonne (France)---South Norwalk, CT

Chambers, Harry Burl---CM 86--- ---De Pauw---Indianapolis, IN

Chamley, Edward Newman---IB 58--- --- ---Hope Valley, RI

Chandler*, Ralph---CM 86--- ---Univ. of California---Berkeley, CA

Chandler, Henry Poor, Jr.---IB 16---Smith College Day School, Putney School---Bard '43---Wilmington, DE

Chaney, Beverley Douglas (†)---ME 24, FR 1---Woodbury Forest, Berkshire---Dartmouth '42---Jackson Heights, NY

Chapin, Bedford (†)---FR 4--- ---Dartmouth---Dorset, VT

Chapin, Wallace Arey (†)---CM 87--- ---Univ. of Virginia, Montana State---New York, NY

Chaplin, Maxwell---CM 87--- ---Univ. of California---Claremont, CA

Chapman, Chanler Armstrong---ME 17, ME 31, FFC, IB 49---St. Paul's---Harvard '24---New York, NY

Chapman, Frank---ME 28---Pattsburgh H.S.---Williams '36, Yale (Law) '40---Hartford, CT

Chapman, Frederick Trench---CM 88--- ---Art Students League---Mahwah, NJ

Chase, George James, Jr.---FR 40---x---Haverford--- ---New York, NY

Chase, Trevett Coburn---TMU 133, IB 23---Central Rapids H.S.---Yale '20, Univ. of Michigan '21---Grand Rapids, MI

Chatfield---Taylor*, Otis---ME 19, FFC---Lake Forest Acad.---Yale '23, Oxford (England)---Harmon, NY

Cheairs, Winston Elmer, Jr.---CM 99, IB 59---T--- ---Southwestern---Memphis, TN

Cheney, Michael Sheldon, Second Lieutenant---ME 4, IB 5, IB 53---Vaud (Switz), Sequoia H.S.---Univ. of California---Redwood City, CA

Chew, Peter Thomson---ME 37---Choate---Princeton '46---Berryville, VA

Chidsey, Donald Barr---ME 12, FFC---Elizabeth H.S.--- ---New York, NY

Childhouse, Arnold Chaucer---ME 7---Senior School, E. Lansing---Stanford '31---Nyack, NY

Childs, Frederick Robbins---ME 4---Middlesex School---Harvard '30---New York, NY

Chipman, John Howland---IB 57--- ---Harvard---Beverly, MA

Chisholm, Hugh Joseph, Jr.---CM 59---St. Paul's---Yale, Cambridge (England)---Portland, ME

Christian, Richard Witwer---ME 16---Woodland H.S.---Michigan State---East Lansing, MI

Church, Dwight Melvin---IB 60--- --- ---Needham, MA

Clark, Allen Williams, Jr.---IB 1---Lenox, Holderness--- ---Danvers, MA

Clark, Cecil James---IB 47--- ---Chillicothe Business College---Morristown, TN

Clark, John Bigelow---IB 60--- --- ---Gaylordsville, CT

Clark, Michael Kirchwey (†) (zz)---ME 4---Phillips Exeter---Univ. of North Carolina, Institut d'Etudes Franco---étrangères (France), Harvard---New York, NY

Clark, Paul Francis---IB 3, CM 91---T, IB 59---T---Portsmith Priory---Harvard '38---Burlingame, CA

Clark, Robert Lee---CM 96, IB 59---T--- --- ---Maplewood, NJ

Clarke, Peter McFerrin---ME 28---Lennox, Taylor---Bowdoin '44---Lottsburg, VA

Clarkin, Joseph Christopher---ME 2, FFC--- --- ---Bronx, NY

Clarkson, Bayard Delafield (†)---CM 90--- ---Yale, Columbia (Medical)---Bayville, NY

Clauser, Robert Leroy, Jr.---CM 94, IB 59---T--- ---Penn State---Kleinfeltersville, PA

Claxon, John Calhoun, Jr.---CM 90--- --- ---Louisville, KY

Clay, Buckner Woodford---ME 4, IB 6---Choate School---Univ. of Virginia '42---Charleston, WV

Clayton, Jesse Snook, Jr.---CM 97, IB 59---T--- --- ---Princeton, NJ

Clement, John (pow, §)---FR 40---1---Bellmont Hill---Harvard---Wayland, MA

Cliffe, Frank Bailey, Jr. (†), Second Lieutenant---ME 32, CM 94, IB 59---T---Scotia H.S.---Univ. of Chicago '42---Chicago, IL

Clifford, William Carl---CM 96, IB 60---T--- ---Oberlin, Princeton---Toledo, OH

Close, Theodore Roosevelt---CM 41---Belleville H.S.---Seton Hall, Montclair State Teachers '45---Belleville, NJ

Cloud, Ernest Payne---IB 16---Memphis Tech H.S.---Southern Univ. of Law---Memphis, TN

Clurman, Robert Oliver---IB 57--- ---Harvard---Rockville Center, NY

Cobb, John Candler, II---ME 26---Milton---Harvard '41---Milton, MA

Cobb, John Pierpont---ME 37---New Trier H.S.---Harvard '46---Winnetka, IL

Cochran, John Frank---ME 32---Franklin & Marshall---Univ. of Pennsylvania---Lancaster, PA

Cocks, Gerald Lee---IB 57--- ---Santa Barbara State Teachers College---Long Beach, CA

Coffey, Robert Cyril (†)---ME 32---St. Louis U.H.S.---St. Louis Univ. '45---Sappington, MO

Cogswell, Robert Taylor---CM 86, IB 59---T--- ---Harvard---Lexington, MA

Cohn, Morton Robert---IB 9---Lowell H.S.--- ---San Francisco, CA

Colby, William Abner, Jr.---IB 57--- --- ---Vineyard Haven, MA

Cole*, Thomas Lionel Howard (†)---CM 82--- ---Harvard---New York, NY

Cole, Charles Franklin---CM 61---New Rochelle H.S., Taft---Williams '45---New Rochelle, NY

Cole, Eugene Maurice, Jr.---CM 92, IB 60---T--- ---Cornell---Norwich, NY

Cole, Stephen Eugene, Lieutenant---ME 33, CM 103---Vineland H.S.---Univ. of Cincinnati '36---New York, NY

Cole, Thomas Oliver, II---CM 93, IB 60---T--- ---Yale---Mountain Lakes, NJ

Coleman, Franklin Webster, Jr.---ME 26, FFC---Cambridge Latin---Harvard '38---Cambridge, MA

Coleman, Granville Aloysius---IB 9---West Catholic H.S.--- ---Paris, IL

Coleman, Robert Thomas, Jr.---CM 86--- ---Univ. of Texas, Harvard (Business)---Galveston, TX

Colfelt*, Arthur Latimer---ME 26---Haverford---Harvard '41---Ardmore, PA

Collamore, Gilbert---CM 41---Highland Park H.S.---Kenyon '46---Detroit, MI

Colley, Chester Arthur---ME 32---Newton H.S.---Univ. of Maine '41---Newton Centre, MA

Collins, Charles Raymond---ME 37---Hyde Park H.S.---Illinois Wesleyan '46---Chicago, IL

Collins, George Roseborough---ME 26---Newton H.S.---Princeton '39, Princeton Grad. School '42---Newton Highlands, MA

Collins, Lester Albertson, Captain---ME 16---Friends, Choate---Princeton '37, Harvard '38---Moorestown, NJ

Collins, Wilkie Emerson---ME 37---Hyde Park H.S.---Wilson Junior---Chicago, IL

Collyer, Gilbert Elliott---IB 42--- ---Kings (England), Kenyon---Akron, OH

Colton, Richard Eugene---IB 55--- ---Cornell (Iowa)---Kirkland, IL

Colvin, Donald Andrew---CM 50---Mercersburg---Princeton '36---Tarrytown, NY

Combs, Chittendon Hatch---CM 64---Shaker Heights H.S.---Univ. of Arizona---Shaker Heights, OH

Conant, David Scott---ME 32---Passaic Col. Sch.---Yale '44---Passaic, NJ

Congdon, William Grosvenor (†)---ME 20, CM 90---St. Mark's---Yale '34---Lakeville, CT

Conklin, Roger Elbert, Jr.---IB 46--- --- ---Hastings, NY

Conkling, Woodbury---CM 41---Exeter---Yale '44---Pottsville, PA

Conley, Gerald Boyd---CM 94--- ---IB 60---T---Fitchburg, MA

Conner, William Neal---ME 4, IB 11---Brewster Academy---Univ. of New Hampshire '45---West Ossipee, NH

Connors, Larry Wayne (±)---ME 1---Wilbur H.S.---U.S. Marine Corps Inst.---Los Angeles---CA

Connover, Carroll Fitzhugh---ME 2---Kent, Trinity College Sch (Can).--- ---Malden, MA

Conrow, Roger---CM 73--- ---Antioch---Red Bank, NJ

Conway, Herbert Eugene (†)---CM 86--- --- ---St. Petersburg, FL

Coogan, Emmons Wellington---ME 1---Piedmont H.S.---Univ. of California---Piedmont, CA

Cook, Thomas Norton---CM 79--- ---Haverford---King of Prussia, PA

Cook, William Campbell (†)---FR 3--- ---Ohio State, Cornell---Columbus, OH

Cooke, Wight Holden (†)---CM 45, FR 3---T---Central H.S.--- ---Bay City, MI

Cooper, Brooks Baxter---CM 41, IB 59---T---Westtown H.S.---Antioch '46, Haverford---Trenton, NJ

Cooper, Dwight Mills---CM 97, IB 59---T--- ---Pratt Institute---Bridgeport, CT

Cooper, Henry George---ME 4, FFC--- ---Albion, Univ. of Michigan---Detroit, MI

Cooper, John Francis---ME 2---Oakland Tech H.S.---Univ. of California---Alameda, CA

Cooper, Robert Wayne---IB 55--- ---Ball State Teachers---Brook, IN

Cope, Walter Harvey---ME 37, CM 99, IB 59---T---A.C. Friends, Westtown---Haverford '46---Atlantic City, NJ

Correll, Sidney Robert---IB 55--- ---Harvard---Dayton, OH

Corse, John Murray, II---ME 26, CM 57---Rectory (Pomfret), St. Johnsbury Acad.---Univ. of Chicago '45---Cambridge, MA

Cosgrove, William Malloy---IB 3---Highland Park H.S.---Albion '46---Highland Park, MI

Coster, Charles Henry (†), Major, Commandant---ME 5, FR 1---Groton---Harvard '20, Columbia (Law) '23---Warwick, NY

Coster, Donald Q. (pow, §)---FR 40---1---Lawrenceville---Princeton---Montreal, Canada

Coughlin, James Joseph---IB 36--- ---Univ. of Arizona---Milwaukee, WI

Coulon, Ernest Paul---CM 86--- ---Harvard, Sorbonne (France), Bryant Stratton---Boston, MA

Countaway, John Alden---ME 2---Winthrop H.S.---Boston Univ.---Winthrop, MA

Couriskey, George Elmer---CM 92, IB 59---T--- --- ---Webster Groves, MO

Cowan, George Lloyd, III---ME 19---Moorestown Friends, Peddie---Amherst '42---Edgewater Park, NJ

Cowgill, Harry Ralph---IB 57--- --- ---Detroit, MI

Cowles, David Brooks---CM 68, IB 54---T--- ---Univ. of Minnesota---Chester Springs, PA

Craig, Charles William---ME 37---Hall H.S.---Univ. of New Hampshire---Granby, CT

Craven, Robin Harry Salaman---ME 37, FFC---Eastbourne (Eng)---Balliol (Oxford, England)---New York, NY

Craven, Thomas Whitmore Stuart, Major---ME 5, IB---T, IB 51---St. Christopher, Woodberry Forest---Univ. of Virginia '41---Charlottesville, VA

Crawford, Joseph Sibley---CM 92--- --- ---Erie, PA

Crawford, Robert Hope, Jr.---CM 45---Ashville---Univ. of North Carolina '44---Rutherfordton, NC

Crawford, Robert Webb (son)---ME 37---Putney---Yale '45, Princeton---Putney, VT

Creed, Fred Nelson, Jr.---IB 55--- ---Univ. of Massachusetts, Brown---Beverly, MA

Creeley, Robert White---IB 48--- ---Harvard---Cambridge, MA

Creelman, Walter Louis---IB 55--- --- ---Cincinnati, OH

Crile, Dennis Michael---ME 2---Pasadena Jr. Coll.---Univ. of California '42---Pasadena, CA

Crimp, Frank William, Jr.---IB 58--- ---Univ. of Maine---Milton, MA

Crothers, Arthur---CM 52---Model Prep & H.S.---Belfast Technical Institute---Chicago, IL

Crowe, Ira Edward---CM 99, IB 59---T--- ---Tristate College of Engineering---Covington, PA

Crowley, John Rourke---IB 8, CM 87---T---Columbia H.S.---Princeton '37---Newark, NJ

Crudgington, James Wilford (zz)---ME 1---Hotchkiss---Princeton '42---Cincinnati, OH

Crump, Morris Reginald---IB 60--- ---Hardin---Simmons, Univ. of Pennsylvania---Mart, TX

Crumpler, Hugh Allan---IB 1---Rolla H.S.---Univ. of Missouri---Rolla, MO

Cryan, Robert---CM 100, IB 59---T--- ---Haverford, Harvard, Univ. of Pennsylvania, Harvard (Business)---Haverford, PA

Cuddy, Loftus Brookman, Jr. (†)---ME 16, FR 4---Sewickley Acad. Univ. School---Trinity '43---Sewickley, PA

Culley, Perry Hager (†)---CM 42---Pasadena H.S.---Pasadena Junior College '35, George Washington Univ. '39, Georgetown '40---Washington, DC

Cuningham, John Dale---ME 32---Poly Prep., Wesleyan '44---Brooklyn, NY

Curley, Bernard Kearns---ME 4---Loyola---Princeton '39---St. George, Staten Island, NY

Curry, Robert Wilbur---ME 2, FFC---Sewickley Acad, Greenfields---Allegheny, Kenyon---Corapolis, PA

Curtis*, Charles Cutler (†), Lieutenant---FR 40---1, ME 23, FFC---Middlesex---Harvard '19---Papeete, Tahiti

Curtis, Clinton---FR 40---1---Berkshire---Columbia (Journalism)---Garrison, NY

Curtis, William Roelker---CM 47---Groton, St Mark's, Andover---Harvard '45---Norfolk, MA

Curtiss, Harold Marshall, Jr., Second Lieutenant---ME 26---Milton Acad.---Harvard '39---Milford, MA

Curto, Frank Donald---CM 99, IB 59T--- --- ---Detroit, MI

Custer, Edwin Charles---IB 12---Lawrenceville, Avon--- ---Avon, CT

Custer, Watson Stanlcy---IB 42--- ---Missionary Training Institute, Univ. of Pittsburgh---Pittsburgh, PA

Cutaiar, George Leon---IB 18---Haverford Township H.S.--- ---Kennett Square, PA

Cutler, John Wilson, Jr.---FR 40---1---St. Mark's---Harvard---New York, NY

Dailey, Norman Richard---ME 37---Binghamton H.S.---Syracuse '42---Binghamton, NY

Dakin, Phillip Thomas---ME 7---Elgin H.S.---Dartmouth, Wabash---Madison, WI

Dancy, William Wallace---CM 41---Gilman Country, St. Geroges--- ---Baltimore, MD

Daniel, John Jay, Jr.---CM 88--- ---Hershey Junior College, Cornell---Hershey, PA

Darian, Harold Lance---------See Gadarian--- --- --- --- --- 

Darte, Frank George, II---IB 55--- ---Yale---Nuangola, PA

Daugherty, Richard Austin---ME 19---Avalon H.S.---Penn State '40---Avalon, PA

Davidson, William Augustus (zz)---FR 40---x--- ---Norwich Univ.---Worcester, MA

Davies, Aubrey Goldsmith---IB 51--- ---Yale---New Haven, CT

Davis, Allen Young (†)---ME 32, FFC, FR 8, IB 60---T---Fessenden, Belmont Hill---Harvard '45---Belmont, MA

Davis, Edwin Folsom (†)---FR 4--- ---Harvard---Tacoma, WA

Davis, Holbrook Reineman---ME 16---LeRosey (Switz)---Harvard '43---Marstons Mills, MA

Davis, John Montgomery---ME 5---San Francisco Jr. Co.--- ---San Francisco, CA

Davis, Robert Harding---CM 49---Brookline H.S., Pond School Cruise, Tabor--- ---Brookline, MA

Day, John Moulton---ME 16---Central H.S.--- ---Fort Lauderdale, FL

de la Plante, Walter Sowerby, Captain---ME 2.6--- ---Univ. of Buffalo---East Aurora, NY

De Limur, Alexander Charles---ME 32, FFC---Phillips Andover---Amherst '44---Washington, DC

Dean, Robert George---ME 2---Waterbury H.S.---Cornell '25---Middlebury, CT

DeBardeleben, Daniel, Captain---ME 2---McCallie Nat Prep Acad---Virginia Military Institute, U.S. Military Academy '23---Chattanooga, TN

DeBelle, Herbert---FR 40---1--- --- ---Knox, IN

Decatur, Richard Garland († §)---CM 53---Needham H.S.---Northwestern '44---Needham, MA

DeGolyer, Everett Lee, Jr.---CM 97, IB 59---T--- ---Princeton---Dallas, TX

Deker, Robert Alexander (†)---CM 44---Germantown H.S.---Drexel Technical '43---Jenkintown, PA

Delaney, Robert Mills---CM 97, IB 59---T--- ---Univ. of Southern California, La Sorbonne (France)---Willow Creek, CA

Dellinger*, Fiske---CM 58, CM 93, IB 59---T---Wakefield H.S., Lawrence Acad.---Swarthmore, Kenyon '44---Wakefield, MA

Demarest, David Thompson---CM 47---Blair---Rutgers---Newark, NJ

Dembeck, Earl William---IB 40--- --- ---Detroit, MI

DeMone, Earl Fenwick---CM 68--- --- ---Burlington, MA

Dempsey, George Christopher---IB 60--- --- ---Palm Beach, FL

Dempsey, Justin Hanley, Second Lieutenant---IB 17---Middlesex---Harvard '23---Belmont, MA

DeMuth, George Richard---IB 57--- ---Oberlin---Sherwood, OH

Denger, Peter Valentine---CM 88, IB 60---T--- ---Augustana---Rock Island, IL

Denison, John Hopkins, Jr.---ME 26, FFC---Exeter, Santa Barbara Boys---Williams '29, Harvard '33---Big Horn, WY

Dennis, Maurice Wendell---CM 75--- ---Univ. of California, Univ. of Minnesota---Duluth, MN

Dennison, David Short, Jr.---ME 19---Western Res. Acad---Williams '40---Shaker Heights, OH

DePew, Thomas Nelson (†), Lieutenant---ME 1---John Burroughs---Colgate '38, Oxford '39---St. Louis, MO

DeRimsingeur, Charles Robert---ME 4, CM 49---Stuyvesant H.S.--- ---New York, NY

Deskin, Tommy David---IB 36--- --- ---Wyandotte, MI

Desloge, Bernard Farrar (son)---CM 50---St. Louis Country Day--- ---Florissant, MO

Desloge, Joseph John, Jr. (son)---ME 4, FFC, CM 94, IB 59---T---St. Louis Country Day--- ---Florissant, MO

DeTray, Donald Ervin---ME 4---Napoleon H.S.---Ohio State '40---Napoleon, OH

Devers, William Peter---CM 88--- ---Univ. of Alabama, Manhattan College---New York, NY

Devine, Thomas Franklin---IB 2---Withrow H.S., Castle Heights Mil. Acad.--- ---Cincinnati, OH

Dewey, Edward Robinson---CM 99, IB 59---T--- ---Southwestern---Memphis, TN

Dewing, Andrew---CM 90, IB 59---T--- ---Dartmouth---Wellesley, MA

Deyo, Robert Charles---ME 32---Oelwein H.S.---Northwestern '44, Iowa State '44, Lincoln Aero Inst---Oelwein, IA

Diamond, Stanley---ME 32---Dewitt Clinton H.S.---Univ. of North Carolina, New York Univ. '42---New York, NY

Dibble, Thomas Reilly---ME 5---Burr & Burton Sem.--- ---New York, NY

Dick, C. Mathews (†)---SSU 633, NY HQ--- --- ---Newport, RI

Dickey, Basil Gordon---ME 32, FFC, FR 8---Winton House (Eng.), Stuyvesant, Ct. Georges---Williams '44---Huntly, VA

Dickie, Robert Burns---Syria FF---Grand Central Art, Mortiz Hyman Sch of Ptg---Harvard (Fogg Museum)---Pittsfield, MA

Dickson, Richard (†), Lieutenant---ME 29, CM 97---Uniontown H.S.--- ---Bayside, NY

Dignam, Frank Alexander (†)---IB 5---Portland H.S.--- ---Portland, OR

Dillon, John Richard, Jr.---IB 53--- ---New York Univ., Georgetown, Fordham---Pelham, NY

Dixon, Walter James---ME 27---Kenosha H.S.---Univ. of Wisconsin---Kenosha, WI

Dixon, Walter Murphy---ME 28---Streator H.S.---Eureka '34, Chicago Kent (Law) '39---Streator, IL

Dodds, Robert Gish (†), Lieutenant---IB 1---New Tirer H.S.---Princeton '45---Binghamton, NY

Dolan, Thomas, IV (son)---IB 1---Episcopal Acad., St. Paul's---Williams '45, Yale---Devon, PA

Donaldson, Stuart Montgomery (†)---ME 4---Lawrenceville, Harrisbury Acad, Chateau Neuvic--- ---Hingham, MA

Doolittle, William Murray---IB 57--- --- ---Baldwin, MD

Dorn, Richard Byron---CM 86--- ---Yale---Bradford, PA

Dorrian, Thomas James---CM 93--- ---Villanova---Overbrook Manor, PA

Doubleday, James Ammi---ME 16, FFC---Binghampton H.S.---Bowdoin '41, Episcopal Theological Seminary---Binghamton, NY

Dougherty, Joseph Francis---CM 88, IB 60---T--- --- ---Philadelphia, PA

Doughty, James Appleton---ME 16---Phillips Exeter---Harvard '40---Ipswich, MA

Douglas, Hammond Burns, Jr.---ME 4---New Hampton---Yale '41---Worcester, MA

Douthitt, Jack Wells (†)---CM 49, FR 4---T---Coffee H.S.---Florence State Teachers, Univ. of Alabama '44---Florence, AL

Downing, Ernest Leo, Jr.---IB 9---Ayer H.S.---Northwestern '46---Ayer, MA

Downing, Victor Stanley (†)---FR 4--- --- ---North Hollywood, CA

Downs, Charles Addison---ME 4---Hun School---Cornell '45---Princeton, NJ

Doyle, Walter Burke---CM 41---Classical H.S.---Yale '45---Springfield, MA

Drabeck, Clifford John---IB 11---M.T. Herrick H.S.--- ---Cleveland, OH

Drake, Herbert Russell---ME 26---Rye Beach H.S.--- ---Rye Beach, NY

Drake, William Clinton---ME 38---Malden H.S.--- ---Malden, MA

Drane, Thomas James---CM 92, IB 59---T--- --- ---Syracuse, NY

Draper, Robert Caulfield---ME 4---Noble & Greenough--- ---Hopedale, MA

Drew, Prentiss James---CM 92--- ---Univ. of New Hampshire---East Orange, NJ

Drew, William Sinclair---ME 4, IB 4---Lenox, Putney---New York Agricultural Institute---Flushing, NY

Driver, Edgar Steward (†, §), Lieutenant---CM 41---Perry H.S.---Dartmouth '43---Wexford, PA

Du Charme, Harry Oliver---CM 98--- --- ---Delavan, WI

Du Pont, Paul Henri---Berthold---CM 96, IB 60---T--- ---Univ. of Vienna (Austria), La Sorbonne (France), Milwaukee and Chicago Art Institutes---New York, NY

Du Val, William Kirkland, Lieutenant---IB 1, IB 39---Montclair H.S.---Williams '46---Montclair, NJ

Dudley, Lloyd Marshall---ME 4---San Francisco H.S.--- ---San Francisco, CA

Duell, Lewis Grant, Jr.---IB 56--- --- ---Walpole, MA

Dun, John Davis (†), Second Lieutenant---ME 4, FFC---North H.S.---Ohio State '14---Tucson, AZ

Dunaway, Jack Wade---FR 40---2--- ---Kansas City (Law)---Kansas City, MO

Dunbar, Theodore Boggs---CM 88--- --- ---Syracuse, NY

Duncan, Davis Allen---CM 93, IB 60---T--- ---Univ. of Oklahoma---Oldahoma City, OK

Duncombe, David Sanford, Jr.---ME 4---Irving School---Columbia '43---Briarcliff Manor, NY

Duncombe, Herbert Sydney, III---IB 36--- ---Yale---Katonah,.---NY

Dunsmore, Bruce Rowland---ME 32---Thatcher, Webb---Dartmouth '45---Los Angeles, CA

Dunwoody, Calvin Barber (†)---IB 1, FR 4, IB 60---T---Admiral Farragut, Swampscott H.S.---Massachusetts Institute of Technology '43---Newington, NH

Durrance, Thomas Drake, Second Lieutenant---CM 42---Tounsand Harris H.S.---Washington & Lee, George Washington Univ. '39, Harvard---Washington, DC

Eades, Lester Allen---CM 45---Herndon H.S.---George Washington Univ.---Washington, DC

Earle, John Edwin Lyell (†)---ME 32, FR 4---Westttown Friends---Dartmouth '43---New York, NY

Eastburn, Hugh B.---SSU 9, ME 36, FFC---George---Univ. of Michigan '10, Univ. of Mich Law '12---Bristol, PA

Easton, Donald Hamilton---FR 40---1---Holderness--- ---Scarborough, NY

Eastwood, Frederick Raymond---CM 88, IB 59---T--- --- ---Worcester, MA

Eaton, Randolph Clay---ME 30---Bishop's Col Sch (Canada), Riverside Mil. Acad.---Bowdoin '45---Fort Lauderdale, FL

Ebelhare, George Andrew---CM 98--- ---Drexel Institute---Pottstown, PA

Ebelhare, George Andrew, Jr.---CM 88--- --- ---Pottstown, PA

Ebener, Theodore Harry---CM 90--- --- ---Greenville, SC

Eberhard, William Burke († §)---ME 8, ME 16, CM 64, FR 3---T---Staunton Mil. Ac.---Yale (Fine Arts) '40---New Haven, CT

Ecclestone, Arthur Greenhalge, Jr.---ME 26, CM 76---Stoughton H.S.---Boston Univ.---Stoughton, MA

Eddy, Norman Cooley (†)---ME 4, CM 88---Pomfret School, Stowe Sch (Eng)---Yale '42, Union Theological Seminary---New Britain, CT

Edelhauser, Theodore Joseph---IB 60--- ---Casc School of Applied Science---Warrenville Station, OH

Edwards, Charles Pastene---ME 26---Milton Acad., Vose Edward Devotion---Bowdoin '41---Milton, MA

Edwards, Charles William, Major---ME 24---Noble & Greenough---Princeton '36---Santa Paula, CA

Edwards, Lee---ME 7---Miami Military Acad.---Univ. of Washington, Univ. of California '44, Univ. of Michigan---San Francisco, CA

Edwards, Richard---ME 11, ME 16, FFC---Deefield Acad, Riverdale---Princeton '39, Harvard---Rye, NY

Eggleton, William Lawrence Brere, III---IB 5---Germantown H.S.---Philadelphia Museum Sch of Ind. Art---Germantown, PA

Eisaman, Elmer Eugene (†)---CM 92, IB 60---T--- --- ---Elwood, IN

Eisemann, Albert, II---CM 93--- ---Harvard---Cambridge, MA

Elberfeld, Donald Neil (†)---FR 4--- ---Princeton---Short Hills, NJ

Elberfeld, Richard Bradford---IB 2, CM 91---T---Pomeroy H.S.---Miami Univ. '44---Pomeroy, OH

Ellinwood, John Cole---CM 88--- ---Univ. of Arizona---Tucson, AZ

Elliott, Paul Carthage, Jr.---IB 36--- --- ---Plandome, NY

Ellis, Frederick Eugene (†)---IB 40--- ---Reed College, Harvard---Portland, OR

Ellsworth, Dawson (†)---CM 76--- --- ---Milwaukee, WI

Elmslie, William Gray---ME 16, FFC---Cheltenham (Eng)---Cambridge (England)---Washington, DC

Elsner, Robert Wellington---ME 32.---Weymouth H.S.---Brown '44, Univ. of New Hampshire---South Weymouth, MA

Elwell, Jack Kittrell---ME 13, FFC---Alton H.S.--- ---Alton, IL

Elwood, Robert Bailey---ME 16---Gilette Grove, Napier Consolidated---Iowa State '35, Harvard---Ames, IA

Emerson, Edward, Jr.---IB 57--- --- ---Greenwich, CT

Emery, David Amos (†)---ME 16---Abraham Lincoln H.S.---Haverford '42---Des Moines, IA

Emlen, Benjamin---CM 100, IB 59---T--- --- ---Philadelphia, PA

Emmert, Allen Rogers, Jr.---CM 75--- ---Univ. of Virginia---Martinsburg, WV

Emmert, Frank Scott---CM 56---Woodberry Forest--- ---Martinsburg, WV

Engelleiter, Carl William---CM 99, IB 59---T--- --- ---Erie, PA

Erhart, Charles Frederick Huntington---SSU 67, CM 87--- ---Yale---New York, NY

Erikson, Walter Henry Cleveland---CM 44---Palmer H.S.---Springfield College '46---Palmer, MA

Ernest, Edward August, Jr.---CM 97--- ---Dartmouth, Univ. of Wisconsin---Wild Rose, WI

Eschweiler, Alexander Chadbourne, III---ME 32, CM 95---Hill, Milwaukee U. Sch---Amherst '44---Milwaukee, WI

Eshleman, Benjamin Franklin, II---CM 43---St James---Haverford '35---Gladwyne, PA

Esten, Thomas Stretton---ME 1, FFC---Huntington Prep---Boston Museum School---Stoughton, MA

Estes, Newton Collier---CM 93, IB 60---T--- --- ---Dedham, MA

Ethridge, Mark Foster, Jr. (†)---IB 1, FR 4---Exeter---Princeton '46---Prospect, KY

Ettari, Laurence Kern---CM 100, IB 59---T--- --- ---New Rochelle, NY

Evans, John Marshall, Jr.---CM 94, IB 60---T--- ---Univ. of California---Oakland, CA

Evans, Paul Carlyle---CM 96, IB 60---T--- ---St. John's---Syracuse, NY

Everett, Francis Dewey, Jr.---ME 27, CM 93---St Mark's---Harvard '45---Rye, NY

Eyed, John Abrabam---ME 13---Tech H.S.---Univ. of Southern California '42, Columbia---Indianapolis, IN

Fagan, Charles C. (±)---ME 11---Seattle H.S.------Seattle, WA

Fair, James Hollyday Stone, Jr.---ME 4---Somerset Hills, Choate, Hun---Univ. of Pennsylvania---Far Hills, NJ

Faith, Willard Boynton---CM 92, IB 59---T--- --- ---Yonkers, NY

Falk, Russell Harry---IB 45--- --- ---Milwaukee, WI

Fallow, Richard Everett---ME 16---William Hall H.S.---Amherst '42---West Hartford, CT

Farnham, Charles Wells, Jr.---CM 43---St Paul's Acad Country Day--- ---St. Paul, MN

Farr*, James Hallan---ME 32, FFC---Charleston H.S.--- ---Memphis, TN

Farrell, Joseph Lawrence---CM 97, IB 59---T--- --- ---Pequannock, NJ

Farrelly, William Linton---ME 37, IB 58---T---St Louis Univ. H.S.---St. Louis Univ.---Allenton, MO

Faulstich, Arthur Alois---ME 1---Cleveland H.S., Amer. Sch of Corres.--- ---St. Louis, MO

Fawcett, Charles Fernley (†)---FR 4--- ---Corcoran Art School, George Washington Univ.---Beverly Hills, CA

Fay, Grafton---ME 8, ME 16---Milton Acad, Lenox Sch---Massachusetts Advertising Univ.---Westwood, MA

Fearnley, John Karl Schiott, Lieutenant---IB 1---Ashville, Hill---Yale '36---Southport, CT

Feddeman, Frederick August---IB 2, CM 91---T---Chester H.S.---Washington & Lee '40, Jefferson Medical College---Chester, PA

Feeney, Charles Francis---CM 49---Belleville H.S.---Cumberland Univ. (Tenn)---Belleville, NJ

Feeney, Samuel Aloysius, Jr.---CM 94, IB 59---T--- --- ---Newark, NJ

Fenhagen, Frank Weston---CM 41---Rectory, St. Andrew's---Univ. of North Carolina, '45 Univ. of Paris (France)---Baltimore, MD

Fenn, Norman Dingman (†), Captain---IB 1---Berea H.S.---Springfield '43---Berea, KY

Fenton, Edward Berkeley---ME 11, ME 16---Boy's H.S. (Brooklyn NY)---Amherst '37---New Hope, PA

Fenton, Powel---SSU 3, FR 40--- --- ---Paris, France

Fenwick, Henry Robertson (†)---FR 4--- ---Princeton---Glyndon, MD

Ferguson, John Becker---IB 13---State College H.S.---Penn State '37---State College, PA

Ferguson, Lee Fernald---CM 49---Terrace Park Union H.S.---Miami Univ. '46---Terrace Park, OH

Ferguson, Robert Weeks---IB 9---New Bedford H.S.--- ---Cumberland Island, GA

Ferrante, Homer Alfred---CM 70, CM 102--- --- ---New York, NY

Ferrier, Robert Charles---IB 54--- ---Clemson, Tarkio---Clemson, SC

Ferris, Rock---ME 25, FFC---Phillips Andover---Princeton '25---Easton, MD

Fichera, Charles John---IB 57--- --- ---Boston, MA

Fiedler, Harry William, Jr.---CM 90--- --- ---Scarsdale, NY

Field, Carlos Manning († §), Lieutenant---ME 1, CM 86---Brooklyn Friends---Pace Institute---Brooklyn, NY

Field, Richard (†)---IB 1, IB 55---Cheshire Acad.---Columbia---Waterbury, CT

Fiero, Erwin Agnew---ME 13---Episcopal Acad.---Univ. of Pennsylvania '19---Ardmore, PA

Finkenstaedt, Frederick Birney---CM 52, FR 8---St. Albans---Princeton '42, Yale (Law)---Washington, DC

Finney, Benjamin F., Jr.---KENYA---Porter Mil. Acad, Woodberry Forrest Sch.---Univ. of Virginia---New York, NY

Fischer, Karl William---IB 57--- --- ---Wauwatosa, WI

Fish, Douglas MacFarland---CM 41---Mercersburg Academy---Wooster '46---Erie, PA

Fisher, David Walden---CM 90--- --- ---Hackensack, NJ

Fisher, Edwin Henry---CM 93, IB 59---T--- ---Yale---Hackensack, NJ

Fisher, Henry Granville---IB 59--- --- ---Bourne, MA

Fisher, John Van Ness---ME 1---N. Shore Day School---Harvard '42---Winnetka, IL

Fisher, Paul Richardson---CM 81--- ---Wooster---Brooklyn, NY

Fisher, Richard Carter Gilliams---IB 18---Simon Gratz H.S.---Franciscan Fathers of California---Philadelphia, PA

Fisk, Albert Atterbury---ME 18---Pawling---Harvard '42---Des Moines, IA

Fitter, Edgar Alvon, Jr. (†)---CM 41---Greenwich H.S.---Bucknell '46---Old Greenwich, CT

Fitzgerald---Bush, Frank Shepherd---IB 47--- --- ---Opa Locka, FL

Fitzpatrick, Jeremiah Joseph---CM 97, IB 59---T--- ---Boston College---Roslindale, MA

Flanagan, Allen---ME 28---Harrison H.S.---Trinity '41---Harrison, NY

Flesch, Clifford Allen---IB 54--- --- ---Wauwatosa, WI

Flowers, Thomas Ayres---1st AAS--- --- ---Johnson City, NY

Foerster, Robert Jay---IB 45--- ---Univ. of Nebraska---Niobrara, NE

Fogg, Joseph Graham, Jr. (†)---ME 32, FFC, CM 94---Univ Sch, Exeter---Princeton '41---Cleveland, OH

Folds, George Robinson---FR 40---1---Hotchkiss---Yale '27---Lake Forest, IL

Foley, Andrew John (†)---ME 32--- ---Amherst---Brookline, MA

Follansbee, Mitchell Davis, Jr.---ME 4, FFC---Phillips Exeter---Harvard '29---Chicago, IL

Foote, Francis Wayland---CM 43---Montclair H.S.--- ---Upper Montclair, NJ

Forbes, Gordon Buchan, Second Lieutenant---ME 38, CM 98---Englewood---Yale (Fine Arts)---Englewood, NJ

Ford, Benjamin Pierson (†, §), Aspirant---ME 32, FR 8, IB 60---T--- ---Princeton---Sparta, NJ

Ford, David Kingsley---CM 47---Univ. Sch.---Lehigh, Worcester Polytechnic---Shaker Heights, OH

Forman, Ian Falconer---IB 1---Danvers H.S.---Brown '46---Danvers, MA

Forte, John Henry---CM 52---Exeter---Harvard '46---Waban, MA

Foster, Arthur Paisley---SSU 17, ME 8---a--- ---Univ. of Chicago---Detroit Lakes, MI

Foster, Francis Arthur (son)---FR 40---2, Syria FF--- ---Black Mountain College---Cass Lake, MN

Foster, Frederick Mountford, Jr. (†)---FR 4--- ---Kenyon---Titusville, NJ

Foster, James McDougal (son)---ME 1, FFC---Detroit Lakes H.S.---Univ. of Minnesota---Detroit Lakes, MI

Foulds, Ralph Huntington (†)---CM 41, FR 4---Scarsdale H.S., Loomis---Univ. of Pennsylvania---Scarsdale, NY

Fowler, Raymond Percival---TMU 184, ME 26, FFC---Manlius---Cornell '14, Colgate '15, Univ. of Buffalo (Law)---Buffalo, NY

Fowler, Royal Hamilton, Jr.---ME 37---Taft---Yale '35, Columbia '37, Ecole Libre de Science Politique (France)---West Cornwall, CT

Fowler, Seymour Knox---IB 1--- ---Ridley (Canada)---Lansing, MI

France, Harold Boyd (†)---ME 37, FR 1---Winter Park H.S.---Rollins '42, Univ. of Mexico---Winter Park, FL

Francis, James Beswick---IB 32--- ---Univ. of Pennsylvania---Wynnewood, PA

Frank, Joseph---ME 2---Francis W Parker, Harvard '39---Chicago, IL

Frazer, Robert Glendinning (†, §)---CM 49---Eaglebrook--- ---Chestnut Hill, PA

Frazier, Richard William---CM 41---John Burroughs---Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts---St. Louis, MO

Frederickson, Roy Howard---CM 86--- ---Lehigh---Hillside, NJ

Freligh, Earl Morton, Jr.---CM 41---St. Albans--- ---Phoebus, VA

French, John Irwin---CM 97, IB 59---T--- ---Norwich Univ.---Stratford, CT

Fritzsche, Alfred, II---CM 97, IB 59---T--- ---Dartmouth---Darien, CT

From, Joseph---CM 40--- ---Northwestern, Univ. of Chicago---Mishawaka, IN

Frontera, Amthey James---CM 90--- --- ---Wesleyville, PA

Frost, Francis Daniel, III---IB 13---South Pasadena H.S.---Univ. of California, Univ. of Arizona '44---San Marino, CA

Fruchey, Donald Russell, Jr.---IB 1---Napoleon H.S.---Wittenberg '46, Cleveland School of Art---Napoleon, OH

Fruytier, Nicholas---FR 40---1--- --- --- ---Holland

Fugitt, Warren Graves (†, §), Aspirant---ME 32, FR 1---Valley Forge Mil---Princeton '45---Kenmore, NY

Fuller, Horace William (†)---FR 40---1---Milton Acad---Harvard '30---Milton, MA

Fuller, Moffitt McRae---CM 45---Raleigh H.S.--- ---Raleigh, NC

Fuller, Walter Dean, Jr. (†, §), Aspirant---CM 41, FR 3T---Episcopal Acad, Park Lodge (Pau, France)---Yale '45---Bryn Mawr, PA

Fuller, Warren Graham (†)---ME 26, CM 93---Ecole Nouvelle la Chataigneraie (Swtz), Mac Jannet (France)---Princeton, Univ. of Illinois '42---Urbana, IL

Fulmer, John Kenneth---IB 34--- --- ---Morristown, PA

Furbush, Duane Thomas Kaye---IB 59--- ---Adrian, St. John's---Palmyra, MI

Gadarian, Harold Lance---CM 86, IB 60---T--- ---Oakland Military Institute---New York, NY

Galatti, Stephen (†), , Director General---SSU 3, NY HQ---St. Mark's---Harvard---New York, NY

Gallagher, Paul Joseph---CM 88--- --- ---Erie, PA

Gallant, William Daniel---CM 96, IB 60---T--- ---Univ. of Connecticut---Hazardville, CT

Gambrill, Cyrus, Jr.---IB 42--- ---Cornell, Drexel Institute of Technology---Frederick, MD

Gannon, Don Hollister---ME 26---Pullman H.S.---Washington State, Univ. of Virginia (Law)---Yakima, WA

Gannon, Gaius Goddard, Jr.---CM 92, IB 60---T--- ---Univ. of Pennsylvania---Houston, TX

Garland*, Laurence Swift, Jr. (†)---CM 62---Hotchkiss---Yale '41---Saco, ME

Garrett, Richard Gordon---IB 57--- ---Princeton---Dallas, TX

Garry, Martin Thomas---CM 100, IB 59---T--- --- ---Brooklyn, NY

Gartz, Frederick Crane---CM 100, IB 59---T--- ---Univ. of Wisconsin---Chicago, IL

Garvey, David Floyd---IB 12, CM 95---T---Beaumont H.S.--- ---St. Louis, MO

Gaukroger, Robert Bruce---ME 5---Queen Anne H.S.---Univ. of Washington '33---Seattle, WA

Gault, Philip Clinton---CM 89--- ---Univ. of Wisconsin, Washburn Law---Topeka, KS

Gay, Clarence Willis---IB 54--- --- ---Essex, CT

Gaynor, Joseph Frederick, Jr.---FR 40---2, ME 1--- St John's Prep--- ---Bridgeport, CT

Geary, William John---CM 96, IB 60---T--- --- ---Carteret, NJ

Geer, Andrew Clare, Captain---ME 1---Crookston H.S.---Univ. of Minnesota '30---Tiburon, CA

Gellatly, John Hanson---ME 83--- --- ---Pittsburgh, PA

Gemmell, Colin Roy---CM 92, IB 60---T--- --- ---Orange, CT

Gerhardt, James Edward (†)---ME 32, FFC, FR 8---St James, Clark---Univ. of Virginia '43---Bethlehem, PA

Gerrity, James Henry---ME 16---Milford H.S.--- ---Milford, CT

Gibson, Donald---ME 4--- ---Stanford '35---'37, Univ. of Washington '40---'41---Grass Valley, CA

Gierasch, Nicholas Stefan Walter---CM 100, IB 59---T--- --- ---Greenfield, MA

Gifford, Don Creighton---ME 21, FFC---Nott Terrace H.S.---Principia '40, Harvard Grad Sch---Schenectady, NY

Gilbert, Craig Phillip---CM 93--- ---Harvard---Woodmere, NY

Gilbert, Monroe Allen---CM 93, IB 59---T--- ---Univ. of Michigan---Williamsville, NY

Gilbert, Percival, Jr. (†), Captain---ME 16, IB 12---St. George's, Southboro H.S.--- ---Southboro, MA

Gilbert, Robinson Tyler---CM 88--- --- ---South Glastonbury, CT

Gildehaus, Paul Emmett---IB 60--- ---Univ. of Virginia, Washington Univ.---Charlottesville, VA

Gilkey, Robert McCall, Jr.---CM 47---Culver Mil Acad.---Swarthmore '44, Columbia, Univ. of Paris (France)---Greenville, PA

Gilliam, Neil McDowell (†), Captain---ME 2, FFC, IB---T---Episc Prep, Woodrow Wilson H.S.--- ---Washington, DC

Gillis, Don Allen (†), Aspirant---ME 5, FR 4---Entiat H.S.---Univ. of Washington---Seattle, WA

Gilmore, Harold Dodson---ME 4---Univ. H.S.---Univ. of Minnesota, Julliard Institute---St. Paul, MN

Gilmore, Scott---ME 1---Greenwich H.S.--- ---Greenwich, CT

Gilroy, William Francis, II---CM 99, IB 59---T--- ---Lehigh---Bronxville, NY

Girard, Robert Arthur---IB 46--- --- ---Chicago, IL

Glasser, Robert Edwin (†)---CM 79--- --- ---Chicago, IL

Glenn, Clifford T.---ME 32, FFC---Kirby City--- ---Kirby, MT

Glenn, John Forsyth Cobb---IB 57--- ---Univ. of Virginia---Ivy Depot, VA

Glenn, Peter Cooper Tiemann (pow)---ME 1---Clarksdale H.S.---Dartmouth '41---Clarksdale, MS

Glick, Jerome---CM 86--- ---Washington Univ., Washington & Lee---Richmond Heights, MO

Glynn, Francis Xavier---IB 59--- --- ---Waban, MA

Goddard, George Augustine---ME 13---Talor, Wasookeag--- ---St. Louis, MO

Goff, Hamilton, Lieutenant---ME 4, CM 86, IB 59---T---Choate---Yale '45---Northfield, CT

Goldberg, Peter Edwin---ME 16---West Valley H.S.---Univ. of Washington '42---Seattle, WA

Golden, Milton M.---IB 2---East Tech H.S.---Ohio Northern Law '42---Beverly Hills, CA

Goodwillie, Walter Mahlon, Jr.---CM 90, IB 60---T--- ---Univ. of Wisconsin---Milwaukee, WI

Goodwin, John Gravatt, Second Lieutenant---ME 1---Episcopal H.S.---Univ. of Virginia '43---Petersburg, VA

Gordon, Crawford---ME 39, IB 59---Belmont Hill---Harvard '39---South Lincoln, MA

Gordon, David Crockett---IB 57--- ---Princeton---Valley Cottage, NY

Gordon, James Howell, Jr.---CM 92, IB 59---T--- --- ---Washington, DC

Gordon, William J.---ME 26---Fessenden, Berkshire---Univ. of Pennsylvania '41---Littleton, NH

Gorman, Albert, Jr.---ME 32---Christchurch, Avon Mil, St. James---Trinity '41---Baltimore, MD

Gosline, William Alonzo, III---ME 1---Phillips Andover---Harvard '38---Perrysburg, OH

Gosovich, Rafael Noel---IB 57--- ---Univ. of Arizona---Johnstown, PA

Gotshall, Roy Jordan---CM 81--- ---Dartmouth, Middlebury---Lansdown, PA

Gow, Walter Robert---IB 53--- ---Illinois Institute of Technology---Chicago, IL

Grace, David Harlan---IB 58--- ---Univ. of Connecticut---South Coventry, CT

Grainger, John Norbury---CM 93, IB 59---T--- ---Univ. of Nebraska---Lincoln, NE

Grancy, Patrick Clifford, Jr.---CM 92, IB 60---T--- --- ---Mt. Hope, WV

Grant, Laurel Mitchell---CM 80--- ---Univ. of Wisconsin---East Troy, WI

Graves*, Dean White (†)---ME 12, FFC---Robinson H.S.---Univ. of Illinois '42---Robinson, IL

Graves, Clifford Charles---CM 90--- --- ---Winthrop, MA

Gray, Eric---IB 60--- ---Harvard---Hudson, OH

Gredler, Gilbert Rugg---CM 99, IB 59---T--- ---Univ. of New Hampshire---Norton, MA

Green, David Lloyd---IB 45--- ---Ohio State Univ.---Miami, FL

Green, Julius Cicero, Jr.---IB 55--- ---Univ. of North Carolina---Thomasville, NC

Green, Richard Tlomas---IB 57--- ---Boston College---Weston, MA

Green, Terence Edward---CM 90--- --- ---Lakewood, OH

Greene, John Francis---CM 75--- --- ---Dorchester, MA

Greenough*, Thomas Olney (†), Captain (zz)---ME 2, FFC, FR 1---Phillips Andover---Amherst '33, Cambridge (England)---Proffit, VA

Greiner, James Alfred---CM 83--- --- ---Los Angeles, CA

Grey, Robert Allen---IB 2, FR 8---Beverly H.S.---Dartmouth '46, Harvard (Education)---Beverly, MA

Grieb, Harry Theodore---ME 1---Friends Penn Charter---Univ. of Pennsylvania '14---Germantown, PA

Griffin, George Theodore---IB 54--- --- ---Scarsdale, NY

Griffin, Gerald Joseph (†), Lieutenant---ME 26, IB 60---St. Mary's H.S.---Loras---New York, NY

Griffis*, John Robert---IB 42--- --- ---Buffalo, NY

Griffiths, Miller Nevin---ME 4---Peking H.S. (China)---Univ. of Virginia '42---Seattle, WA

Grinde, Gordon Arthur---ME 19---Mt Horeb H.S.--- ---Mount Horeb, WI

Grinde, Warren James---ME 19---Mt Horeb H.S.---Luther College, Univ. of Wisconsin '43---Mount Horeb, WI

Groblewski, Harry John---ME 4---Phillips Andover---Yale '40---Plymouth, PA

Grove, Bert Edward (†)---ME 4---Lindblom H.S.---Northwestern '38, Univ. of Chicago---Chicago, IL

Grumman, George Sterling---CM 41---Avon Old Frams---Univ. of Virginia, Yale (Divinity) '43---New Haven, CT

Gubelman, Ronald Oscar (±)---ME 11---St Paul's, Morristown---M.I.T. '22---Whitehouse, NJ

Gudder, Robert Brown---ME 28---Hillsboro H.S.---Univ. of Illinois '34---Hillsboro, IL

Guenther, Jacob Jarden, Jr. (†)---ME 18, FFC, CM 92---Episcopal Acad.---Haverford '42---Paoli, PA

Guilloz, Jacques Macon---IB 54--- --- ---Stonington, CT

Gulick, John---ME 37---Fountain Valley---Harvard '46---Edgartown, MA

Gurney, Charles Ramon---IB 57--- ---Stanford, Univ. of California, Santa Barbara College---Santa Barbara, CA

Guttman, Leonard Irving---IB 57--- ---Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute, Syracuse Univ., New York Law School---New York, NY

Guyer, Arthur Gray---CM 93, IB 59---T--- ---Dartmouth---Hanover, NH

Habein, Richard Franklin---IB 18---Hill---Univ. of Minnesota---Rochester, MN

Hackett, Walter Charles---CM 41, IB 55---East Hampton H.S.---William & Mary '44---East Hampton, NY

Haeger, Edward Frank---CM 88--- ---Valparaiso Univ., Milwaukee State Teachers College---Milwaukee, WI

Haffner, Howard Young---CM 92--- ---Princeton---Charlottesville, VA

Hagen*, Paul Julius---IB 60, 1st AAS--- --- ---New York, NY

Hale, Thomas (†)---CM 47, CM 97---Dedham Country Day--- ---Dedham, MA

Hall, Merle Edward (†)---CM 45---Evanston Coll. Inst.---Cornell (Iowa) '44, Northwestern (Theological)---Ottawa, IL

Hall, Michael Garibaldi (son)---IB 34--- ---Princeton---Princeton, NJ

Hall, William Sloane, Jr---1st AAS--- --- ---Marshall's Creek, PA

Halle, Roger (†)---CM 44, IB 54---Westminster---Univ. of Virginia '40, Princeton '42---New Canaan, CT

Haller, David Alexander, Jr.---IB 54--- ---Williams, Univ. of Rochester---Rochester, NY

Halloran, Edward Boone---CM 92, IB 60---T--- ---Univ. of California---Fort Thomas, KY

Hallowell, Francis Jackson---CM 45---Noble & Greenough--- ---Newport, RI

Hallowell, Morris Longstreth, III---IB 1---Middlesex---Harvard '43---Concord, MA

Hamilton, Donald Newton---CM 45---Castle Heights Mil Acad--- ---Cleveland Heights, OH

Hamilton, Richard Truitt (†, §)---IB 16, CM 92---T---Shady Side Acad---Haverford '45---Carnegie, PA

Hamlin, Francis Peabody---FR 40---1---Milton, Groton, Deerfield--- ---New York, NY

Hammond, Eugene Ralph, Lieutenant---ME 16, CM 92---Browne Nichols---Stanford '43---Denver, CO

Hammond, John Kerr (†), Lieutenant---ME 2, FFC---Scarsdale H.S.---New York Univ. '38---Scarsdale, NY

Hanks, Raymond Justus (son)---ME 4---Western Reserve Acad.---Univ. of Chicago '42---Cleveland, OH

Hanna, Carl Finch---CM 90--- --- ---Plymouth, MI

Hannah, William Theodore Carrington (†)---ME 26, FFC, FR 1---Nutsschool (Holland)---Yale '45---New Canaan, CT

Hannan, Donald Jeremiah, Jr.---IB 41--- ---Univ. of Pennsylvania---Drexel Hill, PA

Hansen, Robert William---ME 32, FFC---Seattle H.S.---St. Martins---Seattle, WA

Harby, Williain---IB 57--- ---Massachusetts Institute of Technology---Scarsdale, NY

Harding, Lester William, Jr.---ME 5, IB---T---Lenox, Winchester H.S., Wentworth Inst.--- ---Portsmouth, NH

Harjes, John Frederick (±)---FR 40---1---Wiscerford (Eng), Radley (Eng).---Cambridge (England)---New York, NY

Harkness, John Cheesman (†, §)---CM 41---Milton---Harvard '38, Harvard Archit. '41---Providence, RI

Harmon, Hoyt Henry, Jr.---CM 93, IB 59---T--- ---Hamilton---Albany, NY

Harmon, John Jason, Captain---ME 13, CM 92---St Georges (Eng), Trinity---Princeton '42---New York, NY

Harned, Lewis Boyer---CM 41---Wisconsin H.S.---Univ. of Wisconsin '46---Madison, WI

Harr, Almer Theophil---IB 59--- --- ---Algona, LA

Harrington, Richard Edward, Jr.---CM 79--- --- ---Chicago, IL

Harrington, Robert Patrick---CM 52, FR 8---Springfield H.S.---Univ. of Vermont '44---Springfield, VT

Harris, Carl Webster (†)---FR 4--- ---Lowell Textile Institute, Amos Tuck---Concord, NH

Harris, Stanley David---ME 19, FFC---Roosevelt H.S.---Univ. of Washington---New York, NY

Hart, William Osborne---ME 26---Chicago Missions---St. Olaf---Baraboo, WI

Hartpence, Arnold---ME 14---Huntington---Acadia Univ. '43---New York, NY

Harty, Donald Joseph (†)---ME 32---Bennett H.S.---Dartmouth '42---Buffalo, NY

Harvey, Charles Randolph---CM 42, CM 92---Radnor H.S.---Haverford '45---St. Davids, PA

Harward, Rufus Franklin, Jr.---CM 75--- ---Univ. of North Carolina, Yale (Law)---Richmond, VA

Haskell, William Hartman---CM 86--- ---Harvard---Boston, MA

Hastings, Merrill George, Jr. (†)---CM 86, IB 59---T------Bowdoin---Wellesley, MA

Hastings, Wendell Morse (†)---FR 40---1---Phillips Exeter---Harvard '35---Cambridge, MA

Hately, Jonathan Hyde---ME 4---Santa Barbara School---Yale '43---Memphis, TN

Hatfield, Henry Howard---IB 53--- --- ---Poughkeepsie, NY

Hatfield, William Reid---ME 13---Hickory H.S.---Lenoir Rhyne, U.S. Military Academy---Hickory, NC

Hause, Benton Arlington---CM 81--- --- ---Martinsburg, WV

Hauserman, Frank Britt---CM 41---Rocky River H.S.---Bowdoin, Adelbert Western Reserve '44, Univ. of Michigan---Rocky River, OH

Hauserman, Ray Archer, Jr. (†)---IB 1---Rocky River H.S.---Washington and Jefferson '43---Rocky River, OH

Hawkes, John Clendennin Burne, Jr.---CM 88--- ---Harvard---New York, NY

Hawley, Dudley Allen, Jr.---IB 57--- ---Williams---Shaker Heights, OH

Hay, Edward Ayers---IB 54--- ---Harvard---Zanesville, OH

Hayes, David Morris---Syria FF---St. Augustine---St. Ignatius Univ.---San Diego, CA

Hayes, Walter Marvin---IB 36--- --- ---Oklahoma City, OK

Hazard , Gibson DeKalb (†)---CM 81--- --- ---Tucson, AZ

Headley, Robert Leigh, Jr.---ME 4---Mercersburg---Dartmouth '43---Wayne, PA

Heath, David DeVol (†)---IB 1---Germantown Friends---Harvard '43---Philadelphia, PA

Heffenger, Arthur Cowton---CM 96, IB 60---T--- --- ---Sherborn, MA

Heidewald, William Murray---ME 1---Long Beach Jr. College---Univ. of California '42---Long Beach, CA

Heisler, Bruce Lowrie---IB 21---Ravenna City H.S.---Ohio Wesleyan---Ravenna, OH

Heisler, Ivan Charles Francis---ME 4, FFC--- ---Univ. of Chicago '41, Stanford (Medical)---Chicago, IL

Helfrich, Joseph Bowen, Jr. (†)---CM 43---Pleasantville H.S.--- ---Pleasantville, NY

Hemenway, August Lawrence---ME 36---Milton---Harvard '45---Milton, MA

Henderson, Andrew, Jr.---IB 42--- ---Michigan College of Mining---Detroit, MI

Henderson, Bruce Gilette---IB 18---Kenmore H.S.---Cornell '45---Kenmore, NY

Henderson, Carl Philip---ME 34---Blair Acad.---Allegheny---Jamestown, NY

Henderson, Patrick Chester---CM 92, IB 59---T--- ---St. Mary's College, Univ. of Arizona---Phoenix, AZ

Hendrick, David Stewart, III---ME 4, FFC---Friends Acad, Tabor, Kinyon's Com. SCh.--- ---New Bedford, MA

Hendrickson, John Hamil---CM 75--- ---Princeton---Lawrenceville, NJ

Hendryx, Shirley Wilson, Jr.---IB 5---Shortridge H.S.---Univ. of Indiana, Butler '46---Indianapolis, IN

Hennesey, Harold Mayer---ME 4, FFC---Nott Terrace H.S.--- ---Schenectady, NY

Henry, Allen Francis---IB 54--- ---Yale---Rosemont, PA

Henry, Charles Eugene---CM 54---Bainbridge H.S.---Hiram College '46---Geauga Lake, OH

Henry, Charles Wolcott, Jr.---IB 54--- ---Princeton---Mariemont, OH

Henshaw, Thomas Joseph---CM 86--- --- ---Narberth, PA

Hensley, Benjamin Robert---IB 36--- ---Great Falls Commercial College---Plains, MT

Herald, Frank James---ME 32---Chicago H.S.--- ---Chicago, IL

Herbert, Paul Bennett---ME 2---Los Gatos Union H.S.---San Francisco State '40---Piedmont, CA

Herbert, Robert Wallace---IB 1, CM 88---T---Columbia H.S., Loomis Inst.--- ---Maplewood, NJ

Herschel, Wallace Heckman---ME 2---Univ. of Chic. H.S.---Univ. of Chicago '41---Chicago, IL

Hersey, E. Freeman---ME 1---Mt. Hermon---Brown '38, Columbia (Medical)---Boston, MA

Heschke, Elroy Carl---CM 63---Boy's Tech H.S.--- ---West Allis, WI

Hess, Frank Torrence, Jr.---CM 79--- ---Univ. of Michigan---Westlake, OH

Heuss, Louis Adolph---CM 64---Knoxville Mil. Acad., Medford H.S.--- ---West Medford, MA

Hibner, Lyman Theodore---IB 43--- --- ---Detroit, MI

Hicks, Edwin Forrest---CM 86, IB 59---T--- ---Wisconsin School of Music---Madison, WI

Higby*, Russell Gilman, Jr.---CM 56---Stockton H.S.---College of the Pacific---Stockton, CA

Hill*, Lovering---SSU 3, FR 40---HQ---Middlesex---Harvard---Paris, France

Hill, Albert Donald---IB 2---Roxbury Latin, Cramwell Prep, Newton H.S.--- ---Newtonville, MA

Hill, David Fentress---CM 85--- --- ---San Francisco, CA

Hill, Jack Lindhorst---ME 32---Nokomis H.S.---James Millikan Univ., Univ. of Missouri '42---Nokomis, IL

Hill, James Renwick---ME 28, FFC---Univ. H.S.---Univ. of Chicago '41---Chicago, IL

Hill, Robert Edwin---1st AAS--- --- ---Pittsfield, NH

Hillery*, Leo Edward (†)---CM 44, IB 60---T---Boonton H.S.---Univ. of Pittsburgh '26---Boonton, NJ

Hillman, Edwin Henry---ME 2---De La Salle H.S.--- ---Chicago, IL

Hilton, Eugene Douglas---CM 52--- ---Springfield College---Springfield, MA

Himmel, John Hugo---ME 16---Lafayette H.S.---Univ. of Illinois, Syracuse '39---Buffalo, NY

Hinch, John Stanley---IB 31--- --- ---Danforth, ME

Hinman, Hazen Beecher, Jr.---ME 16---Rome Free Acad.---Dartmouth '39---Rome, NY

Hinrichs, Dunbar Maury (†), Major---TMU 526, ME 16, FR 4---Montclair Acad.---Cornell '17, Yale Grad Sch. '41---Essex, CT

Hinton, Reginald James---IB 38--- ---St. Mary's College (England)---Slinger, WI

Hirschberg, William Roberts---ME 2, FFC---Choate---Brown '44---Greenwich, CT

Hoagg, James Dufferin---CM 56---Dwight H.S., Cheshire--- ---Scarsdale, NY

Hoban, Fairfield Wallace---IB 57--- ---Columbia, Harvard---New York, NY

Hobbs, John Newlin (†), Lieutenant---ME 4, CM 79---Noble & Greenough---Trinity '43---Chestnut Hill, MA

Hobbs, Samuel Langmaid---ME 2---Milton Academy--- ---Boston, MA

Hobson, Richard Curry---ME 16, FFC---Evanston H.S.---Northwestern '45, Harvard---Evanston, IL

Hocutt, Aaron Lee---CM 90--- ---Atlantic Christian, Crozier Theological Seminary---Wilmington, NC

Hodel, John Charles (†)---ME 4, FFC, CM 53, FR 3---T---Mercersburg Acad.---Dartmouth---New York, NY

Hodgdon, David, Lieutenant---ME 13, CM 90---Tabor---Harvard '42---Greenwood, MA

Hoeing, Frederick Walbridge (†), Lieutenant---Colonel (zz)---ME 1, CM 69---East H.S.---Amherst '29, Harvard---Rochester, NY

Hoffman*, William Roger---ME 1--- ---Placer Junior College---Oakland, CA

Hoffman, Edward Reinhold, Jr.---CM 92--- --- ---Milwaukee, WI

Hoffman, Johns Janney, Jr.---IB 18---St Paul's (Balt.)--- ---Baltimore, MD

Hoffman, Joseph William---CM 74, IB 59---T--- ---Ohio Wesleyan, Ohio State---Delaware, OH

Hoffman, William Bussey (†)---FR 4--- ---Duke, Columbia---Scarsdale, NY

Holden, Mark Albert---CM 96--- ---Rutgers---Long Branch, NJ

Hollett, Lloyd---ME 32--- ---Earlham, North Park, Lewis Institute '35---Chicago, IL

Holmes, Donald---IB 18---Meadow Brook, St Paul's, Belmost Hill---Harvard '42---Wayland, MA

Holmes, Neil---ME 4---Marshalltown H.S.--- ---Chicago, IL

Holton, George Edward (†)---ME 23---Oakland H.S., Episcopal H.S., Pond Sch Cruise---Hobart '44---Bethlehem, PA

Hood, Glenn Cameron---ME 32---Nashua H.S., US Inf Sch--- ---Nashua, NH

Hooton, William Jacob, Jr. (†)---ME 36, FR 4---New Carlisle H.S.---Northwestern '44---New Carlisle, IN

Hope, Quentin Manning (†)---ME 37, FR 1---Am. H.S. (Paris, France)---Wesleyan, Harvard---Cambridge, MA

Hopkins, Kendal Cole---ME 13---Friends Select---Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts---New York, NY

Hopkins, Richard Stockton Bullitt---ME 37, CM 99, IB 59---T---St Andrews---Univ. of Pennsylvania---Philadelphia, PA

Hopkins, Waring Carrington---ME 16---Episcopal Acad.---Duke, Universities of Pennsylvania '41 and Paris (France)---Merion, PA

Hopper, Harry Fox, Jr.---ME 15---Catalina Is.---Dartmouth '43---Pasadena, CA

Horn, Peter---CM 90, IB 60---T--- --- ---North Adams, MA

Horner, Archibald Howard, Second Lieutenant---CM 41, FFC---Long Branch H.S.---Columbia---Westfield, NJ

Horner, Maurice L., III---IB 43--- --- ---Detroit, MI

Horton, Charles Henry (†)---IB 1, CM 89---T---St. Johnsbury H.S.---Norwich '39---St Johnsbury, VT

Horton, John Phillips (†)---ME 18--- ---Princeton---Far Hills, NJ

Hoskins, Francis Theodore---ME 32, FFC---Lakewood H.S.---Univ. of Pennsylvania---Lancaster, PA

Hosner, Donald Claire---IB 54--- ---Univ. of Washington---Bothell, WA

Howard, Arthur Lincoln---CM 43---South Kent---Oberlin '46, Trinity---Mamaroneck, NY

Howe, Arthur, Jr. (†), Major---ME 2---Hotchkiss, Rugby (Eng).---Yale '43, Oxford (England)---West Orange, NJ

Howe, Frederick Herbel---IB 17--- ---Washington Univ., Sewanee---St. Louis, MO

Howes, Kenneth, Jr.---ME 37---Milton---Harvard '46---Chestnut Hill, MA

Hoyt, Lydig, Captain---CM 47---a, FFC---Groton---Yale '06---Staatsburg, NY

Hoyt, Walter Stiles---ME 36---Fay---Yale '27---Stamford, CT

Hoyt, William Graves---ME 2--- --- ---Montclair, NJ

Huber, Charles Henry, Jr., Lieutenant---ME 37---Gettysburg Acad.---Mount St. Mary '34---Ocala, FL

Huber, Thomas Willing---ME 37---Haverford, Montgomery---Penn College---Haverford, PA

Hughes, James Carlisle---CM 80--- ---Purdue---Detroit, MI

Huidekoper, Peter Galloway---IB 58--- --- ---Washington, DC

Hume, David Beckwith---ME 1---Red Bluff Union H.S.---Univ. of California '43---Redding, CA

Humphrey, Robert Walker, Captain---ME 28, CM 92, IB 48---T---Rectory, Kent---Princeton '39---Ridgewood, NJ

Humphreys*, Harry Allen---IB 17---Atlantic City H.S.--- ---Atlantic City, NJ

Hundley, Larkin---ME 4, FFC---Episcopal H.S.---Georgetown '26---Monticello, FL

Hunt, Dennis David (†, §), Lieutenant---ME 38---Lee H.S.--- ---Tucson, AZ

Hunt, Richard McMasters---IB 57--- ---Yale---Pittsburgh, PA

Hunter, George Richard, Jr.---CM 67--- ---Univ. of Illinois---Shaker Heights, OH

Huntington, John Higginson---ME 16---Penn Charter, Phillips Exeter---Harvard '40---Boston, MA

Hurd, Charles Russell---ME 4---St George's, Hun School--- ---Chestertown, MD

Hursey, George Herman---CM 87--- --- ---South Gate, CA

Husted, John Grinnel Wetmore, Jr.---CM 92, IB 60---T--- ---Yale---Bedford Hills, NY

Huston, Walter Atwood---IB 58--- ---Coyne Electrical School---Lisbon Falls, MA

Hutchinson, Bertrand (†)---FR 40---1---Chillon (Switz)---Oxford (England)---Tunbridge Wells, Eng

Hyatt, Dave---ME 2---Corona H.S.---Northwestern '39---Cleveland, OH

Ingraham, Louis Gordon---ME 31, CM 94--- ---Univ. of Virginia---Rome, NY

Ives, Chauncey Bradley (†), Major---ME 1, IB---T---Groton---Yale '28, Harvard (Law) '31---Brewster, NY

Ives, Chauncey, II (†)---ME 37, CM 99---Brooks, Perkiomen---Trinity '43---Southampton, NY

Jackson, Charles Harvey, Jr.---CM 92--- --- ---Baltimore, MD

Jackson, Peter Huntington---FR 40---2/1---St George's---St. John's---Annapolis, MD

Jacobs*, Samuel Keller---ME 16---Woodmere Acad.---Bowdoin '38---Woodmere, NY

Jacobsen, Eric, Lieutenant---CM 57---Boy's Latin---Johns Hopkins '22---Baltimore, MD

Jaffe, Leon---ME 32---a--- --- ---Johannesburg, S. Africa

James*, Daniel (†, §)---IB 16---Exeter, Pomfret--- ---Dublin, NH

James, John Sumner Runnells (†)---FR 40---1---Fountain Valley---Harvard, Massachusetts Institute of Technology---Cambridge, MA

Janeway, Theodore Walser, Jr.---IB 18---Pingry---Milligan---Buffalo, NY

Janswick, William Edward, Jr---CM 41--- ---New York Univ., Purdue, Univ. of South Carolina, Columbia---New York, NY

Jarrell, Porter Cornelius---ME 16, FFC---Newton H.S.---Middlebury '40---Newtonville, MA

Jarvis, William Rice, Jr.---ME 33, IB 31---Shady Side Acad.---Williams '39, Harvard (Law)---New York, NY

Jaulus, Paul, Jr.---IB 55--- --- ---New York, NY

Jefferys, Charles Norman (†), Captain---Syria FF, FFC, IB 1---Richmond Hill H.S.--- ---Williston Park, NY

Jeffress, Arthur Tilden, Captain (zz)---ME 16---Harrow (Eng).---Cambridge (England) '26---New York, NY

Jenkins, Cyrus Felix, , Second Lieutenant---ME 2, FFC---Somerset Hills, Morristown---Univ. of Virginia '44---Montclair, NJ

Jenkins, Gove Scotten, Lieutenant---CM 86--- ---Goldey Business College---Elkton, MD

Jenkins, Newell Owen (†)---ME 16, CM 92--- Taft, Freiburg---Music---Yale (Music) '41---New Haven, CT

Jillson, Charles Eugene---IB 43--- --- ---Dalton, NE

Johansen, Joseph Stanley---ME 32---Nichoals Senn---Univ. of Illinois '40---Chicago, IL

John, George William---CM 92, IB 60---T--- ---Univ. of Wisconsin---Milwaukee, WI

Johnson, Alfred Grima (†)---FR 40---1, ME 16, FFC---Downside(Eng)---Harvard '41---New York, NY

Johnson, Charles Earl, Jr. (†)---CM 45, FR 6---Woodberry Forest---Univ. of North Carolina '43, Univ. of Paris (France)---Raleigh, NC

Johnson, Daniel Mead---ME 32, FFC, IB---T---Tenn Mil Inst.---Johns Hopkins '36---Evansville, IN

Johnson, Edward Pierce (son)---IB 58--- ---Harvard, Simpson College---Longmeadow, MA

Johnson, Merrill Howard---ME 9, FFC---Cleveland H.S.--- ---Seattle, WA

Johnson, Philip Albert (†)---FR 1--- ---Brown---Walpole, MA

Johnson, Robert Elliott---IB 55--- ---Univ. of Texas---Dallas, TX

Johnston, Don Porter, Jr.---FR 40--- ---Wake Forest, Princeton---Wake Forest, NC

Johnston, James Houston Eccleston---ME 16---Pikesville, McDonogh, St Andrews---Trinity '44---Eccleston, MD

Johnston, Robert Wicliffe, Lieutenant---ME 1---University H.S.---Univ. of Virginia---Lexington, KY

Johnston, William Edmund---CM 92, IB 59---T--- ---Colgate---Croton---on---Hudson, NY

Jones, Brendan Michael---CM 81--- ---St. Enda's College (Ireland)---Long Island City, NY

Jones, Charles William---IB 59--- --- ---Wrentham, MA

Jones, David Clinton---ME 37, CM 99---Litchfield, Berkshire---Princeton '46---Elizabeth, NJ

Jones, Edgar Laroy---ME 6---Hebron Acad.---Dartmouth '37, Columbia '38---Concord, NH

Jones, Harry Victor Randolph---ME 37--- ---Classical Junior College---Boston, MA

Jones, Henry McNevin---ME 26, CM 93---St. Mark's---Harvard '45---Annandale---on---Hudson, NY

Jones, Robert Carroll---CM 91--- ---Rockhurst College, Univ. of Missouri---Kansas City, MO

Kahlo, William Carroll---ME 2---Monterey Univ. H.S.--- ---Los Angeles, CA

Kallman, Herbert Marvin---IB 49--- --- ---Lombard, IL

Kane, Norman Harold, Jr.---CM 92, IB 59---T--- ---State Teachers College, Univ. of Pennsylvania---Edgemont, PA

Kaufman, Julian John---CM 47---Binghamton Central H.S.--- ---Binghamton, NY

Kaufmann, John William---IB 36--- --- ---Hempstead, NY

Kay, Samuel Simon, Jr.---CM 92, IB 59---T--- --- ---Galveston, TX

Kaynor, Richard Smith---ME 4---Hotchkiss, Berkshire---Yale '42---Waterbury, CT

Keatinge, Kenneth George, Second Lieutenant---ME 4---Oakland H.S.---Univ. of California, Oxford (England)---Berkeley, CA

Keen, Ian Walter---CM 47, IB 60---T---Rondebosch Boys H.S.---Springfield '44---Capetown, S. Africa

Keenan, Joseph Anthony, Jr.---CM 49---a---St Joseph's Prep---Massachusetts Institute of Technology---Cairo, Egypt; Philadelphia, PA

Kehoe, Joseph Murray---CM 81--- --- ---West Pittston, PA

Keller, Chandler Young (†), Lieutenant---ME 26, CM 93---Deerfield---Williams '40, Yale (Law)---Liberty, NY

Keller, Thomas Edgell---CM 88--- ---Pittsburgh Business Academy---Kingston, PA

Kelley, Byron Richard---IB 3---Bethlehem H.S.---Lehigh '38, Yale '40---Bethlehem, PA

Kelley, Edmund Richards Tweedy (†)---FR 4--- ---Princeton---Darien, CT

Kelley, Phelps Cotton---CM 94, IB 60---T--- --- ---Lake Forest, IL

Kellogg, William Poole---IB 11---Staples H.S.--- ---Westport, CT

Kelly, Benedict George---IB 54--- ---St. Lawrence Univ.---Long Lake, NY

Kelly, Edward Patrick---CM 41---Visitation BVM--- ---Atlantic City, NJ

Kelly, Lloyd---CM 74--- ---Northern Montana College, Universities of Southern California and Illinois---Havre, MT

Kendall, Bruce Douglass---CM 92--- ---Coalinga Junior College, San Jose State College---Hanford, CA

Kendall, Richard Slade---CM 44---Tenn Mil. Inst.--- ---South Portland, ME

Kennedy, Edwin Paul, Jr.---IB 1---University School---Univ. of Pennsylvania '45---East Cleveland, OH

Kennedy, Horton Parmelee---TMU 526, FR 40--- ---Dartmouth---Paris, France

Kennedy, Robert Edgar (†)---CM 75--- --- ---Bridgeport, CT

Kent, George Gordon---CM 86--- ---Bowdoin---Litchfield, CT

Kent, Richard Walter---CM 88--- --- ---Cincinnati, OH

Kepler, James Harris---IB 57--- --- ---Frederick, MD

Kerbey, McFall, Jr.---CM 86--- ---Washington & Lee, Colorado Univ.---Washington, DC

Kern, Fred, Jr.---IB 15---Pittsfield Commercial HS---Univ. of Illinois '46---Pittsfield, IL

Kerr, George Bigger (†)---FR 4--- ---Washington & Lee---Parsippany, NJ

Kersting, Edwin J.---IB 8---McGuffrey H.S.---Miami Univ., Transylvania College---Oxford, OH

Key, William Shaffer, Jr---CM 78--- ---Virginia Military Institute, Univ. of Oklahoma---Oklahoma City, OK

Keyser, Carlton Jerome---ME 1---Schoharie--- ---Scoharie, NY

Kiesling, Irving Henry, Jr.---IB 1---Nashwauk H.S.---Dartmouth '42---Coleraine, MN

Kimball, Paul Jefferson---ME 16---Vermont Acad.---Nichols Junior College---Melrose, MA

Kincade, James Richard---IB 3---Gloucester H.S.--- ---Gloucester, MA

King, Bayard LeRoy---ME 25---St Bernard's, Fay---Harvard '44---Newport, RI

King, Donald Stewart (zz)---ME 13, FFC--- ---Princeton---New York, NY

King, George Barr (†)---CM 62---Kellogg H.S., Lewis & Clark H.S.---Univ. of California '40---Washington, DC

King*, George Farquhar James (pow, §) Lieutenant---Colonel---FR 40---1, ME 1, CM 53---a---Wellesley House (Eng)---Cambridge (England)---New York, NY

King, Irving Ray---CM 92, IB 59---T--- --- ---Richmond, VA

King, William Kelly---1st AAS--- --- ---Dalton, GA

King, Willis Larimer, III---ME 28, FFC---Taft---Univ. of Virginia '43---New York, NY

Kingsley, Thayer Mallory---IB 1, FR 8---Tabor Acad.--- ---North Stamford, CT

Kinscherf, Carl Raymond---CM 97, IB 59---T--- ---Colgate---Boonton, NJ

Kinsolving, Lucien Lee (son)---ME 23, FFC, CM 92---St. Bernard's, Pomfret---Harvard '45---New York, NY

Kintner, William Boardman---IB 43--- ---Swarthmore---Burlington, VT

Kirkaldy, James Everett---ME 14, CM 55---Clifton H.S.---New Jersey State Teachers---Clifton, NJ

Knee, Maurice Lonergan---ME 37---Wilkinsburg H.S.---Pittsburgh M. S., Citadel---Wilkinsburg, PA

Knight, Royal Webster---CM 56---Choate, Tower---Univ. of Virginia '42---Hope, RI

Knowlton, George William, IV---CM 43, CM 92---Brooks, Westminster--- ---Worcester, MA

Knowlton, Martin Perry (†)---Syria FF---Phillips H.S.---Birmingham Southern---Birmingham, AL

Knuepfer, Jack Tarrant---ME 4, FFC---Oak Park H.S.---Carleton, Chicago---River Forest, IL

Knuepfer, Russell Norman---ME 4, IB 6---No. Park Jr. College, Ray School, Schurz Evening Col.--- ---Chicago, IL

Kocienki, John Raymoud---CM 92, IB 59---T--- --- ---Buffalo, NY

Koehler, Emmett Rudolph---CM 100, IB 59---T--- ---Wesleyan---Clarksboro, NJ

Koenig, Edward Charles, Jr. (†)---ME 16, FFC--- ---Amherst---Eden, NY

Kohnstamm, Robert Bissell---CM 52---Univ. School---Kenyon '43---Lakewood, OH

Kornbrodt, Louis Theodore---IB 1---Hill Mil. Acad.---Puget Sound Naval Academy '39---Portland, OR

Kraft, Warren Arthur, Lieutenant---ME 28---Eastern H.S.--- ---Detroit, MI

Kramer, Harold---CM 86--- --- ---San Francisco, CA

Kraus, Eugene Richard, Jr.---ME 16---Manlius--- ---New York, NY

Kreis, Follman William---CM 41---Indianapolis H.S.---Univ. of Kentucky, Dallas Aviation School---Indianapolis, IN

Krusi, LeRoy Hindes (†, son, §)---ME 1, FFC, IB 6---San Diego Army & Navy Military Acad, Menlo School for Boys---Univ. of California, California School of Fine Arts---Alameda, CA

Kuehn, William Sherman---ME 1---Northwestern Military, Boeing--- ---Fond---du---Lac, WI

Kulak, Stanley Blazei---ME 1, FFC--- ---Alliance Junior College---Salem, MA

Kulik, John---CM 90--- --- ---Camillus, NY

Kunkel, Norman Clyde---IB 5, CM 92---T---Yakima H.S.---Univ. of Washington---Yakima, WA

Kurtz, Alfred Joseph, Jr.---IB 16---Carmel H.S.--- ---Carmel, NY

Kyle, Kim---CM 86, IB 60---T--- ---Bowdoin---Wareham, MA

Kyle, Leland Clark---ME 1--- ---Wesleyan---Belleville, NJ

Ladd, George Alden---IB 1---Burlington H.S., Deerfield---Dartmouth '41, Haverford '42---Burlington, VT

Laden, Norman (†, §)---ME 32, FR 8, IB 60---T---Central H.S.---Univ. of Minnesota '44---Duluth, MN

Laflamme, Charles Robert---CM 48---Manchester H.S., St Petersburh H.S.---Dartmouth '37, Univ. of New Hampshire '38---Manchester, NH

LaFountain, Manton Harry---CM 99, IB 59---T--- --- ---Woodstock, VT

Laiser*, George Harry, Second Lieutenant---ME 2---Mexico City private schools--- ---Boston, MA

Lally, Robert Charles---IB 59--- --- ---Greenwich, CT

Lamberton, Hugh Stirling (†)---ME 32---Germantown H.S.---Univ. of Penn. Accts & Fin.---Philadelphia, PA

Lampard, William Dyre---ME 4---Cleveland H.S.---Millsaps, Univ. of Chicago '36, Columbia, Iowa (Graduate)---Cleveland, MS

Lampert, John Richard---CM 86, IB 59---T--- ---Yale---St. Paul, MN

Lamprell, William Wasson (†), Second Lieutenant---ME 38, CM 86, IB 59---T---Hammond H.S., Baltimore City---Univ. of Maine '45---Baltimore, MD

Landy, George Philip---CM 97--- ---Melbourne Univ. (Australia)---Mamaroneck, NY

Lane, John William---ME 29---Regional H.S.---Univ. of Tennessee---Springfield, NJ

Lane, Louis Fairchild---CM 100, IB 59---T--- --- ---Binghamton, NY

Langnebs, Ernie Jewell---CM 90--- --- ---Louisville, KY

Lannom, Edward Hicks, Jr.---CM 93, IB 59---T--- ---Cornell---Obion, TN

Larner, Henry---ME 16---Albany Acad.---Harvard '37---Albany, NY

Larrowe, Charles Patrick, Lieutenant---ME 16---Columbia Prep.---Univ. of Washington '41---Portland, OR

Lashmet, Harry Thomas, Jr.---CM 86--- --- ---Chicago, IL

Latham, Edward---Syria FF---Mercersburg Acad.---Princeton '23---New York, NY

Latham, J. Richard (†)---ME 1, IB 1, FR 4---St. George's--- ---Greenwich, CT

Latshaw, Clayton Albert---IB 43--- --- ---Spring City, PA

Latta, Philip Julian---CM 88, IB 60---T--- ---Wake Forest---Atlanta, GA

Lavenhar, Arthur Josef---ME 4---Plainfield H.S.---Union '36---Dunellen, NJ

Laverack, John Woodward---ME 4---Solebury---Harvard '37---Brookline, MA

Lawrence, Myron Brockway (†)---FR 4--- ---Lewis & Clark College, Grinnell---Portland, OR

Leahey, Arthur Lee---CM 88--- --- ---Anniston, AL

Leas, Frederick Curwen---CM 96, IB 60---T--- --- ---Wayne, PA

LeBoutillier, Edward Howell---ME 11, ME 16---Haverford, Westminster, Pierce Business--- ---Malvern, PA

LeCouteur*, Edward James---CM 97, IB 59---T--- ---Notre Dame---South Bend, IN

Lee, James Tyson---CM 81--- --- ---Frederick, MD

Leeds, William Bateman---KENYA---Montclair Acad, Rosey School (Switz.), Eton (Eng.)--- ---New York, NY

Lefferts, Charles Farnham (†)---CM 41, IB 59---Pomfret---Williams '45---Alexandria, VA

Lefferts, Dunham Barney---CM 41---Milton, Thatcher---Harvard '45---Farmington, CT

Leflar, Hugh Niles---CM 92, IB 60---T--- --- ---Sacramento, CA

Lehds, Martin---ME 4---New Lots H.S.--- ---Savannah, GA

Leimbach, Jack Cogan---IB 38--- --- ---Baltimore, MD

Leinbach, John DeLong---ME 26, FFC---W. Phil. H.S., Mercersburg---Amherst '35---Bethlehem, PA

Leins, Gustave Robert---CM 90--- ---Pennsylvania Military College---Philadelphia, PA

Leister, Everett Carlton---ME 1---Medina H.S.---Miami Univ.---Medina, OH

Lenzi, Paul Anthony---ME 26---Christian Brothers---Southwestern, Univ. of Tennessee Sch of Pharmacy---Memphis, TN

Leonard, George Paul---IB 1---Louisville H.S.---Univ. of Louisville '44---Louisville, KY

Leonard, John William, Jr.---CM 88--- ---Massachusetts Institute of Technology---Leesville, LA

Lepard, Harold John---CM 94--- ---Univ. of Michigan---Ann Arbor, MI

Lester, George Bacon (†)---ME 1---Harrow (Eng).---Cambridge (England), Grenoble (France), Harvard (Law)---Washington, DC

Lester, John Ashby, Jr.---ME 34, IB 53---Wyndcroft Fellowship Sch (Switz), Hill---Haverford '37 , Harvard '39---Doylestown, PA

LeSure, Harvey Kent, Jr.---ME 20, FFC---Flushing H.S., Bayside H.S.---Dartmouth '24---Bayside, NY

Lewis, Burnham Macy---CM 86--- ---Harvard---Weston, MA

Lewis, Donald Warner---ME 35, FFC---Seattle H.S.---Univ. of Washington '46---Seattle, WA

Lewis, Roscoe Valentine---ME 1---Mt. Hermon---Dartmouth '41---Roslyn, NY

Lewis, Windsor---FR 40--- ---Brown---Peekskill, NY

Libber, Edward Barney---ME 2---Brookline H.S.---Franklin Union School of Pharmacy '35---Brookline, MA

Lichtensteiger, Frank Peter Frederick (†)---CM 52---Charter House (Eng.)---Nichols College '43---New York, NY

Light, Emmett Ellsworth---CM 86--- ---Univ. of Maryland---Springfield, MA

Lilly, Vincent---IB 16---Mt. Hermon--- ---Ridgewood, NJ

Lindmiller, Robert Phillip---CM 92, IB 59---T--- ---Case, Ohio State---Cleveland, OH

Lindsay, John---CM 86--- --- ---Southboro, MA

Lindsay, Robert James Forsythe---ME 32, FFC---Southold Acad., Southold H.S.---Syracuse, Cambridge (England), Harvard---Southampton, NY

Linfield, Harold Gardner---ME 5---Westport H.S.---Univ. of Illinois '31---Kansas City, MO

Lippincott, Brantley---CM 41, CM 101, IB 59---T---Episcopal Acad.---Univ. of Pennsylvania '45---Haverford, PA

Lippincott, Donald Fithian, Jr.---ME 18--- ---Univ. of Pennsylvania---Haverford, PA

Lippincott, Horace Mather, Jr.---CM 58---Westown Friends---Haverford '43, Univ. of Pennsylvania---Chestnut Hill, PA

Lippincott, Joseph Wharton, Jr.---CM 54, FR 8---T---St. Paul's---Princeton '37---New York, NY

Lipsky, Charles (†)---CM 91--- ---New York Univ.---Great Neck, NY

Litchfield, Philip Axel (†)---CM 63---Romford---Hamilton, Iowa State---Katonah, NY

Littauer, Kalman John---CM 40---Union Hill H.S.---New York Univ., New Jersey Law, New Jersey State Teachers, Columbia---Union City, NJ

Little, Archibald, jr---CM 75--- --- ---St. Augustine, ---FL

Little, Arthur West, Jr.---Syria FF--- ---Princeton---New York, NY

Livermore, John Russell, Jr.---CM 92--- --- ---Dexter, MI

Lloyd*, Finley Hall, Jr.---ME 26---St. Paul's---Princeton '24---Pittsburgh, PA

Lloyd, William Bedford---CM 53---Deerfield---Amherst '45---Greens Farms, CT

Lloyd, William Reed---CM 97, IB 59---T--- ---Univ. of Oregon, Univ. of Arizona---Winnetka, IL

Locke, Ellis Carlton---ME 1---University H.S.--- ---Oakland, CA

Lockhart, John Stanley---IB 44--- --- ---Detroit, MI

Loizeaux, Charles Edward, Jr.---ME 38---Wardlaw, Woodberry Forest---Yale---Plainfield, NJ

Long*, Chester Elliot---IB 16, CM 91---T---Hutchinson H.S.--- ---New Orleans, LA

Long, Malcolm Eliot---ME 36---Pontiac H.S.---Univ. of Mich '40, Univ. of Mich Law '43, , Institut des Hautes Etudes internationales (Paris)---Pontiac, MI

Long, Perrin Hamilton, Jr. (son)---CM 105, IB 59---T--- --- ---Baltimore, MD

Longnecker, Herbert Hostetter---CM 47---Lancaster H.S.---Temple---Christiana, PA

Lord, Wilfrid Henry (†)---ME 32, FFC---Seattle H.S.--- ---Seattle, WA

Loughman, Frederick James---IB 49--- --- ---White Plains, NY

Love, Warner Edwards (†)---ME 37---Admiral Farragut Acad.---Swarthmore '44---Moorestown, NJ

Lovegrove*, James William A.---FR 40---HQ---Lycée Français---New York Univ. '17---Bayshore, NY

Lovejoy, Albert Russell---ME 1---Gardner H.S.---Emerson, Columbia Gr Sch---Gardner, MA

Lovelace, Walter Beresford---ME 37---Evanston H.S.---Univ. of Colorado '40, Northwestern '42---Evanston, IL

Lovell, Merrill Staniford---IB 33--- --- ---Manhasset, NY

Lovett, John Marshall---CM 92, IB 60---T--- ---State Univ. of Iowa---Lynn, MA

Lukens, Lewis Nelson, III---IB 58--- ---Princeton---Chestnut Hill, PA

Lund, John Worth---ME 16---Riis (Oslo, Norway), Greenwich H.S., Loomis---Williams '41---Riverside, CT

Lusk, Alexander---CM 99, IB 59---T--- --- ---Roselle, NJ

Lutman, Donald Leo---IB 1, IB 55---Struthers H.S.---Antioch---Struthers, OH

Lyle, William Edwin---ME 16, CM 86, IB 60---T---Deerfield Acad.---Princeton '41---Buffalo, NY

Lynch, James Burr, Jr.---ME 1---Arnold Prep---Harvard '41---Pittsburgh, PA

Lynch, Robert Joseph---CM 92, IB 60---T--- --- ---Milwaukee, WI

Lyon, George Cecil---ME 8, ME 16, IB 54---Avon Old Farms---Univ. of Virginia '38, Yale (Fine Arts) .41---Essex, CT

MacArthur, John Roderick (†)---FR 2--- ---Rollins---Chicago, IL

MacBean, Norman Dean, Jr.---CM 92, IB 60---T--- ---Univ. of Pennsylvania---St. Davids, PA

MacClennan, Paul Huyck---IB 57--- ---Syracuse---Catskill, NY

MacDonald, Charles Rowley---ME 15---Litchfield, Mamaroneck H.S.---Colgate '43---Bedford, NY

MacDonald, Norman Macleod---CM 90--- ---Massachusetts Institute of Technology---Mattapan, MA

MacDonald, Raymond Charles---IB 1---Linwood H.S.---Colgate---Linwood, PA

MacGill, James, Lieutenant---ME 1, IB---T---Donaldson Prep---Johns Hopkins '34, Univ. of Maryland (Law) '39---Simpsonville, MD

Machlin, Sheldon Merritt---ME 4--- ---New York Univ., Bethany, New York School of Fine and Applied Arts---New York, NY

Mack, Egil, Jr---ME 4---Garfield H.S.---Univ. of Washington '42---Seattle, WA

Mackay, Alden Thorndike---IB 13---Flintridge Prep---Univ. of California '44---Berkeley, CA

MacKenna, William Jay, Jr.---CM 79--- ---Univ. of Georgia---Smyrna, GA

MacKenzie, James William---CM 93, IB 59---T--- ---Univ. of Michigan---Dearborn, MI

Mackey, John Patrick (†), Lieutenant---CM 81, IB 59---T--- ---Holy Cross, Georgetown---Cumberland, MD

MacLeod, Cameron, Jr.---CM 96, IB 60---T--- --- ---Berwyn, PA

MacLeod, Shelton---ME 32, CM 97---Middletown H.S.---Wesleyan '43---Haddam, CT

MacNeill, Roderick Malcolm---CM 86--- --- ---Southboro, MA

Madeira, Nicholas, Jr.---ME 11, ME 16---Belmont Hill, St. Albans---Harvard '43---Greenway, VA

Madsen, Keith Knox, Lieutenant---IB 15---Belmond H.S.---Univ. of Minnesota '40, Harvard MBA '42---Minneapolis, MN

Madsen, William---ME 16, FFC---American School (Amnilla)---Harvard, Cambridge (England), Stanford '42---Hayward, CA

Mallory, William Whitney---IB 31--- ---Bowdoin---New York, NY

Maloney, Gerald Bruce---ME 1---Dormont H.S.---Univ. of Pittsburgh---San Francisco, CA

Maloney, John Thomas, Jr.---IB 1---Calumet H.S.--- ---Chicago, IL

Manis, William Arthur---IB 58--- ---Univ. of Indiana---Hattiesburg, MS

Manley, Joseph Alden---CM 53---Williston---Bard College---Brattleboro, VT

Mann, Richard---CM 53---Taft---Yale '47---Staten Island, NY

Mannen, Dwight Newell, Second Lieutenant---ME 26---Waltonville Com. H.S.---Monmouth '40---Waltonville, IN

Manning, William Keith---ME 38---Univ. H.S., San Rafael Mil. Acad.---Northwestern '45---Glencoe, IL

Marcille, Amos Cyril---IB 53--- --- ---Springfield, MA

Margrave, Clay---IB 43--- --- ---Hazard, KY

Markewich, Robert---CM 88--- ---Harvard---New York, NY

Marler, Frank McKinley, Lieutenant---CM 44---Boise H.S.---Univ. of Idaho '26---Caldwell, OH

Mars, James Frederick---ME 4---O'Dea H.S.---St. Martins---Seattle, WA

Marsh*, George Robinson---ME 28, FFC---Webb, Landon H.S.---Univ. of Florida '38---Swarthmore, PA

Marsh, William Lawrence, Lieutenant---Colonel---ME 2, IB 23---Hoosac School---U.S. Naval Academy '19---New York, NY

Marshall, Thomas Lees (†)---ME 32---New Trier H.S., Taft---Yale '44---Winnetka, IL

Marshall, Benjamin Howard, Jr.---IB 36--- --- ---Winnetka, IL

Marshall, Robert Willard---IB 16---Sherrill H.S.---Univ. of Illinois '45---Sherrill, NY

Martin, Alan Roland, Jr. (†)---IB 35--- ---Bowdoin---Rye, NY

Martin, Charles Palmeter (†)---CM 50, FR 3---T---Clear Lake H.S.---Univ. of Iowa, George Washington Univ.---Clear Lake, IA

Martin, Edward Guy---CM 94, IB 59---T--- ---New Castle Business College---New Castle, PA

Martin, John Lenoir---ME 5---Va. Military Inst.---Birmingham, Southern, Worcester Polytechnic Institute '43---Birmingham, AL

Martin, Justus Carlile, Jr.---CM 100, IB 59---T--- ---Univ. of North Carolina---Atlanta, GA

Martin, Paul Buxton (†)---CM 90--- ---West Virginia Univ.---Martinsburg, WV

Martin, Robert Thomas, III---IB 12---Lower Merion H.S.--- ---Merion, PA

Martin, Winslow---ME 17, ME 30---Moses Brown---Dartmouth '44---Providence, RI

Martin, Winthrop Garfield, Jr.---ME 35, FFC, FR 8, IB 60---T---Adelphi Acad.---Univ. of Wisconsin---Brooklyn, NY

Martineau, Stanley Frederick---CM 92--- --- ---New York, NY

Marvin, Richard Turner---ME 16---Kimball Union---Bard College '44---Chestnut Hill, MA

Marx, Leo Alvin, Captain---ME 1, CM 43---St. Patrick's School---Great Lakes School of Metallurgy---Wyandotte, MI

Maryatt, Allan Douglas---IB 58--- ---Univ. of Washington---Seattle, WA

Masback, Edwin Robert, Jr.---ME 37---Phillips Andover---Yale '40 (Sheffield Sc)---New York, NY

Mason, David Woodrow---ME 10---Mamaroneck H.S.---Columbia '39---Larchmont, NY

Mason, Samuel, III (†)---CM 93, IB 59T--- ---Haverford---Darlington, MD

Massey, George Eric (†)---ME 23, CM 93---Davis H.S.---Columbia '42, Harvard---Mt. Vernon, NY

Matheny, James Mathew---CM 93, IB 60---T--- ---Bluefield College---Bluefield, WV

Matheson, Frederick Grabam---CM 94, IB 59---T--- ---Princeton, Univ. of Pennsylvania, Clark---Narberth, PA

Mathewson, Rufus---IB 42--- --- ---Buffalo, NY

Matthew*, Allan Ronald---IB 20---Berkeley H.S.---Univ. of California '40---Berkeley, CA

Maule, Quentin Froebel (†)---CM 92, IB 59---T--- ---Oklahoma Agricultural & Mechanical, Universities of Oklahoma, Chicago and Paris (France)---Sand Springs, OK

Maxim, Bradley Clarence---ME 30---Lindsay Inst. (Canada)---Bowdoin '45---Dover---Foxcroft, ME

Mayer, Philip Emil Moulton (†)---FR 3--- ---Harvard, National Univ. of Mexico, New York Univ., Columbia---New York, NY

Mayfield, Frank McConnell, Jr.---IB 4, FR 8---Hill School---Yale '45---Clayton, MO

Mayhall, David Norris---IB 1---Cleveland H.S.--- ---Cleveland, MS

Mayhew, Howard Clifford, Jr.---CM 96, IB 60---T--- ---Univ. of Pennsylvania---Merchantville, NJ

Maynard, Edwin Post, III---CM 92, IB 60---T--- --- ---Brooklyn, NY

McBride, Donald King---IB 58--- ---Univ. of Washington---Seattle, WA

McCabe, Norman Howard---CM 88--- ---Yale---Morris Plains, NJ

McCandlish, George Edward (†)---ME 21, FFC---Lincoln---Swarthmore, Univ. of Washington, Harvard---Seattle, WA

McCauley, Charles Taylor---CM 41---Ithaca H.S., Casquadilla---Stragers Business College---Glenn Mills, PA

McClintock, Rodman---CM 93--- ---Massachusetts Institute of Technology---Pittsburgh, PA

McCollester, Duncan Lee---IB 43--- ---Harvard---New York, NY

McCombs, James---IB 55--- ---Drake---Des Moines, IA

McCord, James Hamilton, III---CM 79--- ---Univ. of Missouri---St. Joseph, MO

McCormack*, Frederick Clark---IB 21---St. Paul's---Princeton '22---Brooklandville, MD

McCray, Porter Alexander---CM 93, IB 60---T--- ---Virginia Military Institute, Yale---Staunton, VA

McCrea, James Alexander, Jr---CM 41---St. Paul's---Yale '22---New York, NY

McCreary, Donald Sprague---CM 93, IB 59---T--- --- ---Cleveland Heights, OH

McCrum, Robert Wells---ME 12---Saranac Lake H.S.---Amherst '43---Saranac Lake, NY

McCulloch, Robert Hathorn---CM 43---North Shore Country Day---Denison '46---Evanston, IL

McDonald, Harry Joseph---ME 23, FFC---St. Mary's Parochial, Oswego H.S.--- ---Oswego, NY

McElwain, Alexander (†, pow, §)---FR 40---1, ME 1, FFC---Milton, Exeter---Harvard '21---Boston, MA

McEwen, James Henry, Jr. (†)---FR 4--- ---Princeton---Burlington, NC

McFeely, Charles Albert, Jr.---ME 33---Shady Side Acad.---Wesleyan '45---Pittsburgh, PA

McGinley, James King---CM 97, IB 59---T--- --- ---Palm Beach, FL

McGraw, Phillips---CM 92--- --- ---Detroit, MI

McGuire, Charles Robinson---CM 77--- ---Case School of Applied Science, Haverford---Shaker Heights, OH

McGuire, Thomas Bert, Jr.---ME 27---Lawrence Smith, Newman---Columbia---New York, NY

McGuire, William Clark---ME 2---Hingham H.S.--- ---Hingham, MA

McInnis, Stephen Hugh---CM 54, IB 59---Lawrence H.S.--- ---Woods Hole, MA

McKay, GeorgeFrederick (†)---IB 1---Country Day---Williams '40---St. Louis, MO

McKee, Frederick Wick---CM 92, IB 60---T--- --- ---New Castle, PA

McKenna, Paul Michael---IB 39--- --- ---Crestmont, NY

McKinley, Rowland Paul, Jr.---CM 41---Andover---Princeton '46---Paoli, PA

McKinnon, Russel Albert---CM 86--- --- ---Everett, MA

McLarty, William Keith---ME 1---Sacramento Jr. Coll.---Univ. of California '43---Berkeley, CA

McLaughlin, Frank Allious---IB 57--- --- ---New Haven, CT

McLouth, Charles DeWitt---CM 54---Oil City H.S.---Bryant & Stratton College---Oil City, PA

McMaster, John---IB 55--- ---Syracuse---Scarsdale, NY

McMeekan, Wayne James, Second Lieutenant---ME 2---Bloomingdale H.S.---Western State Teachers College '35---New York, NY

McMichael, Thomas Richard---CM 97, IB 59---T--- --- ---Youngstown, OH

McMillen, Robert Trafford---CM 92, IB 60---T--- ---Dickinson---Camp Hill, PA

McMullen, Jay Latimer---ME 20, FFC---Roxboro Jr. H.S., Univ. Prep---Dartmouth '44---Cleveland, OH

McNabb, Stuart Lachlan---CM 82--- ---Lehigh---Grosse Ile, MI

McNamee, Gordon Eyman---CM 93, IB 60---T--- --- ---Darlington, MD

McNeal, Arnold Lincoln---1st AAS--- --- ---Chester, PA

McPheeters, Thomas S., Jr.---IB 19---St. Louis Country Day---Princeton '33---Ladue, MO

McVoy, Eugene Joseph---ME 16, IB 53---Le Rosey (Switz), Asheville, Choate---Princeton---Winnetka, IL

Meador, Charles Leon---IB 59--- ---Texas Scientific & Mechanic, Texas Technical, Metropolitan Business---Dallas, TX

Medill, George Cook, Captain---ME 37---Dupont H.S., York Coll. Inst.--- ---York, PA

Meeker, John Royce---ME 1, FFC, CM 86, IB 60---T---Pomfret---Harvard '21---New York, NY

Mehl, Walter Francis---CM 94--- ---Washington and St. Louis Universities---St. Louis, MO

Meierstein, George Wentz---CM 44---Central H.S.---Iowa State '44---Sioux City, IA

Melanson, William Joseph---ME 37---Gloucester H.S.--- ---Magnolia, MA

Melcher, Joel---ME 32---Appleby (Canada)--- ---Detroit, MI

Meleney, William Phelps---ME 33, CM 94, IB 59---T---Duncan Prep, Packard Comm.---Univ. of the South---New York, NY

Melitz, Peter Walton (†)---CM 86, IB 59---T--- --- ---Seattle, WA

Mendleson, Jerry, II (†)---FR 4--- ---Univ. of Virginia---Scarsdale, NY

Merriam, Joseph Chapman, Jr---IB 22---Phillips Exeter---Harvard---Framingham, MA

Merrill, William Fessenden, Lieutenant---ME 4, FFC, CM 99---Phillips Andover---Amherst '31---Amherst, MA

Merris, Herbert Asa---CM 79--- --- ---Pasadena, CA

Messerschmidt, Lowell Joseph---CM 41---East H.S.---North Central '40, Univ. of Wisconsin '42---Madison, WI

Messinger, Clifford Frederick---CM 47---Country Day, Hill--- ---Milwaukee, WI

Metcalf, Houghton Pierce, Jr. (pow), Lieutenant---ME 1, CM 86---St Paul's, Milton---Harvard '41, Cornell---Providence, RI

Meuse, Ralph Franklin---CM 92, IB 59---T--- --- ---Bath, ME

Meyers, Edward Raymond---CM 86, IB 60---T--- ---American International---Springfield, MA

Michaels, James Walker---IB 1---Culver Military Acad.---Harvard '42---Buffalo, NY

Michelman, Maurice Zalman---CM 92, IB 59---T--- --- ---Springfield, MA

Michelson, Robert Benjamin---ME 26---Lexington H.S.--- ---Lexington, MA

Mickey, Thomas Edward---IB 9---Poplar Bluff H.S., Columbia Mil. Acad.--- ---Poplar Bluff, MO

Middleton, John---FR 40---x--- St. Paul's---Yale '37---Louisville, KY

Middleton, William John---CM 56---North Jackson H.S.---Ohio State '39, '40 (MA)---Columbus, OH

Milan, Frederick Arthur---IB 43--- ---Vermont Junior College---Barre, MA

Miller, Albert Studley (†)---FR 4--- ---Denison---Cambridge, MA

Miller, Charles Sanford---ME 4---Pingry, Berkshire---Princeton '44---Cranford, NJ

Miller, David Critcherson---ME 32--- ---Antioch---Akron, OH

Miller, Gerald---IB 9---Kinnelon--- ---Butler, NJ

Miller, John Frederick---CM 75, IB 55---T--- ---Univ. of Minnesota, Univ. of Washington---Cumberland, WI

Miller, Joseph Albert---IB 3---Pittsburgh H.S.--- ---Pittsburgh, PA

Miller, Oscar Clark, Jr.---ME 22---East Orange H.S., Swedish Inst. Physical Therapy--- ---Westwood, NJ

Miller, Robert William---IB 1---Scarsdale H.S.---Nichols Junior College---Scarsdale, NY

Miller, William John---ME 1---East Evening H.S.---Niagara Univ.---Rochester, NY

Miller, Frederick Hawkins---IB 47--- --- ---Montclair, NJ

Milne, Caleb Jones, IV---ME 16, FFC---Germantown Acad.---Univ. of Pennsylvania---Woodstock, NY

Mitchell, Dayton Thomas, II (†)---CM 68--- ---Univ. of Louisville---Louisville, KY

Mitchell, Raymond McKim († §), Major---ME 39--- ---Wesleyan, Boston Univ. (Law)---Fairhaven, MA

Mitchell, William Walter (pow)---ME 1---Hanford Union H.S.--- ---San Francisco, CA

Moeller, Henry Lloyd, Jr.---CM 71--- ---New York Univ.---Brooklyn, NY

Moen, Bernard Harvey---ME 4---Stockton Jr. College---Univ. of California---West Los Angeles, CA

Moffatt*, Arthur Roy---ME 16---Friends Acad.---Dartmouth '41---Syosset, NY

Moffett, Donald Romaine, Jr.---ME 34---Bronxville H.S.--- ---Bronxville, NY

Moffly, Charles Knox---ME 26---Harvard Mil., Phillips Exeter---Hamilton '30, Ecole de Science Politique (France)---New York, NY

Mohan, John Thomas---CM 92, IB 59---T--- --- ---Baltimore, MD

Mohn, William Harbster---CM 41---Wyoming H.S., Blair---Haverford '46---Robesonia, PA

Mohrin, Anders Ossian---CM 44---Washington H.S.--- ---Washington, DC

Molloy, Harold Thomas (†), Captain---CM 90, FR 3---T--- ---U.S. Military Academy---Palo Alto, CA

Momsen, Richard Paul, Jr.---ME 4, FFC---Milwaukee Country Day---Dartmouth---Cross River, NY

Montgomery, Robert (†)---FR 40---2/1---Pawling--- ---Beverly Hills, CA

Moon, Gardner---CM 93, IB 59---T--- --- ---Chicago, IL

Moor, Daniel Weston---IB 6, IB 53---Pacific Union Prep.---Atlantic Union College, Tufts---Springfield, VT

Moore, James Carney, Jr.---ME 4, CM 47---Horace Mann, Staunton Mil. Acad.---Duke '36---Hopatcong, NJ

Moore, Leonard Durward---IB 60--- ---Washington Univ.---East St. Louis, IL

Moore, Peter Van Cortlandt (†)---FR 40---1, ME 37, FR 3---T---Millbrook, Gordonstown (Scotland)---Exeter (England), Columbia---New York, NY

Moore, Robert Douglas, Jr---CM 41---Nichols, Hotchkiss, Westminster---Yale '41---Wilmington, DE

Moore, Robert Joseph---CM 49, FR 6---Friends Academy---Williams '38, Univ. of Munich (Germany), Ecole Libre des Sciences Politiques (France)---Washington, DC

Moore, Thomas LeVal---IB 54--- ---Parsons School of Design---Phoenix, AZ

Moore, Walter Arthur, Jr.---ME 32, FR 8, IB 60---T---Lakeside Country Day---Pomona, Univ. of Washington '40---Sulphur Springs, TX

Moore, William John, Second Lieutenant---ME 1, FFC, IB 12---Univ. of Detroit H.S., Detroit Bus.--- ---Grosse Pointe, MI

Moors, Jack Dion---ME 2--- --- ---Pabokee, FL

Mopps, Joe Garner---CM 100, IB 59---T--- --- ---Detroit, MI

Moran, Michael Vincent (†), Lieutenant---ME 28, CM 94---St Joseph's H.S.--- ---Edgewater, NJ

Morgan, Laurence Willcomb---FR 40---1---Brooks, Noble & Greenough, Charles River---Harvard---Boston, MA

Morley, Christopher, Jr.---ME 2---De Witt Clinton H.S.---Cornell '38---Roslyn Heights, NY

Morrill, DeWitt Crawford---IB 7---East Grand Rapids H.S., Eastern H.S.---Williams, Univ. of Michigan '45---Malden, MA

Morris*, William Conover---CM 100--- --- ---Chicago, IL

Morris, James Edgar (†)---ME 41, FR 4---Phillips Acad, Greenwich H.S.--- ---Old Greenwich, CT

Morris, Joseph Paul, Jr.---ME 37, CM 99---Friends Select---Haverford '45---Ardmore, PA

Morris, Tom Oliver---ME 2---John H. Buchtel H.S.---Pomona '43---Carlsbad, CA

Morris, William Dana---IB 57--- ---San Antonio Junior College---San Antonio, TX

Morrisey, James Thomas (±)---ME 11---Boston English H.S.--- ---Boston, MA

Morrow, Lewis Bond, Jr.---IB 57--- --- ---Hernando, MS

Morton, Frank Michael---FR 40---x---Montclair Acad.---Princeton---Upper Montclair, NJ

Mott, Walter Holt---IB 54--- --- ---Larchmont, NY

Motz, Arnold, Lieutenant---ME 22---Washington H.S.--- ---Portland, OR

Mount, John Shepherd---CM 66---Princeton H.S., Hun---Princeton '46---Princeton, NJ

Moyle, Kent Burdette---IB 57--- --- ---Darien, CT

Moyle, Norman William---ME 4---Hill Military Acad.--- ---Seattle, WA

Muehl, John Frederick (±)---IB 3---Royal Oak H.S.---Univ. of Michigan---Birmingham, MI

Muir, Edward Lee---CM 44---South Park H.S.---Univ. of Buffalo '23---Buffalo, NY

Muir, Peter Upton, , Chef de Section, Captain---FR 40---1, Syria FF---Lawrenceville---Univ. of Virginia---Waterford, VA

Muller, Ralph Patrick, Jr.---ME 2, FFC---Curtis H.S.--- ---Staten Island, NY

Munce, Thomas Edward, Jr., Captain---ME 16---Harrisburg Acad.---Dickinson '39, Harvard '40---Harrisburg, PA

Munger, George Howard, Jr.---ME 30--- ---Univ. of Wisconsin '42---Madison, WI

Munger, Ralph S.---FR 40---1---Hill---Williams '26---Watertown, CT

Munger, Stephen Ingham, IV (†, son)---CM 61---Choate---Yale '46---Dallas, TX

Munro, James Campbell---CM 71--- --- ---Waban, MA

Munroe, Edmund Glover---IB 31--- --- ---Marblehead, MA

Munschauer, Charles Victor---ME 19---St Mark's, Bennett H.S.---Univ. of Buffalo, Kenyon, Cornell '40---Buffalo, NY

Murphy, Christopher Stephen Peter---IB 57--- --- ---Dorchester, MA

Murphy, Duncan Bassett, Jr. (†)---ME 4, CM 79---Hartford H.S.---Williams '43---Hartford, CT

Murphy, Gerald Riley---IB 36--- ---De Paul Univ.---Chicago, IL

Murphy Louis James---ME 37---Holy Cross H.S.---Univ. of Detroit '31---Detroit, MI

Murphy, Robert Keith---ME 1---Sacramento Jr. Coll.---Univ. of California '43, Stanford (Medical)---Berkeley, CA

Murphy*, Truman Mambert---ME 1--- ---Colgate, Rochester, NY

Murphy, Walter Phillip, Jr.---CM 86--- --- ---Wilmette, IL

Murray, Allyn James---ME 26---Somerville H.S.--- ---Cambridge, MA

Murray, Charles---ME 2, FFC--- --- ---Port Washington, NY

Murray, Francis James (†), Lieutenant---ME 24, CM 92---Univ. of Detroit H.S.--- ---Detroit, MI

Muth, Harold Francis, Jr.---CM 98--- --- ---St. Albans, NY

Myers, Frederick Bagley, Lieutenant---ME 16, CM 54---Ariz. Desert, Belmont Hill, Avon Old Farms---Harvard '42---Westwood, MA

Myers, Grant Burrows, Jr., Second Lieutenant---ME 4--- ---Univ. of Washington---Seattle, WA

Myron, Melvyn Ross---IB 18---Port Huron H.S.---Virginia Military Institute, Univ. of Michigan '43---Port Huron, MI

Nadeau*, Oliver John---ME 32, FFC, CM 53, FR 8---Northern H.S., Woodward & Clairmount--- ---Detroit, MI

Nalle, Beauveau Borie (son)---IB 59--- --- ---Whitemarsh, PA

Nash, Richard Elliot---IB 1---Tabor Acad.--- ---South Norwalk, CT

Nash, Richard Thomas---CM 99, IB 59---T--- ---Rochester Institute of Technology---Rochester, NY

Nason, Alexis Painter---ME 19---Choate---Amherst '43---New Haven, CT

Nasser, Elias Antoun---FR 40---x---Alexander Hamilton H.S.---New York Univ.---New York, NY

Nathanson, Edward---CM 86--- --- ---New York, NY

Nattinger, John Alexander---ME 9---Port Angeles H.S.---Univ. of Washington '43---Seattle, WA

Neal, Charles Conger---IB 42--- ---Wisconsin and Missouri Schools of Mines---Mineral Point, WI

Neal, Miron Williams---IB 55--- ---Univ. of Michigan, Stanford---Oscoda, MI

Neeson John Vincent---CM 90--- ---Johns Hopkins---Ruxton, MD

Nelligan, John William---FR 40---x---St. Regis H.S.---Fordham---New York, NY

Nelson, Philip Grosbeck---ME 13---Poly Prep---Princeton '35---New York, NY

Nelson, Richard George---IB 58--- ---Colgate---Spring City, PA

Nelson, Richard Williarn---CM 60---Washington Park H.S.---Univ. of Wisconsin '46---Racine, WI

Nelson, Robert W. (±)---ME 11---Weatherwax H.S., Aberdeen--- ---Seattle, WA

Nemecek, Robert Buddy---CM 88--- --- ---Chicago, IL

Nettleton, John Edward, Major---ME 1--- ---Wesleyan Univ., Babson Institute '38---Cheshire, CT

Neville---Willing, Donald---ME 26---Manchester (Eng.)---Owens College (England)---New York, NY

Newbery, Thomas---IB 25--- --- ---Brooklyn, NY

Newman, Andrew Joseph, Jr.---IB 54--- ---Dartmouth---Philadelphia, PA

Newton, James---Eliot---ME 36---Friend, Poly Prep---Harvard '41---Brooklyn, NY

Newton, Kenneth Clare---IB 14---Sarasota H.S., Crystal H.S.--- ---Crystal, MI

Nichol, Charles Monroe---ME 15---Indiana H.S.---Indiana State Teachers---Indiana, PA

Nichols, George Roseman, III---IB 53--- ---Yale---Chicago, IL

Nichols, Norman Maxwell (±)---CM 43---South H.S.--- ---Youngstown, OH

Nichols, Thomas Ball, Jr.---CM 90, IB 59---T--- ---Center---Bardstown, KY

Nichols, Wendell Lloyd---ME 1---Brooks, Dartmouth H.S.---Harvard '42---Brookline, MA

Nicholson, John Montgomery, Jr.---IB 1---Maury H.S.--- ---Virginia Beach, VA

Nickerson, William Gifford---FR 40---1---LeRosey (Switz)---Harvard---Dedham, MA

Nicoll, Benjamin---IB 55--- ---Princeton---New York, NY

Nierenberg, Jay Louis (†)---ME 15---Olney H.S.---Williams '42---Larchmont, NY

Noble, Duncan---CM 86--- ---Univ. of Michigan---Ann Arbor, MI

Nodine, Wright Anderson (†)---CM 45, FR 6---Upper Darby H.S.---Univ. of Pennsylvania '43---Westgate Hills, Upper Derby, PA

Noel, Henry Martyn, Jr.---IB 1, CM 88---T---College de Thonon (France), New Hampton---Harvard ''44---East Andover, NH

Nomer, Howell Fitch---ME 37---Shady Side Acad., Friends Acad.---Williams, Rutgers '45, Williams '46, Locust Valley, NY

North*, John Edward---CM 91--- ---Eastern Nazarene---Jerome, PA

Norton*, Richard (†)---ME 37, FR 4---Salisbury, Norfolk---Williams '46---New York, NY

Norton, John Liggett---IB 36--- ---Univ. of Texas---Fort Worth, TX

Noyes, Newbold, Jr.---ME 32---St. Albans, St. Paul's---Yale '41---Washington, DC

Null, Harold Miller---IB 1---Chestnut Hill Acad.---Univ. of Pennsylvania '39---Devon, PA

Oakley, Henry Downing---IB 37--- ---Syracuse---Schenectady, NY

Oates, William Eugene---ME 32, FFC---Episcopal H.S.---Princeton '27---Memphis, TN

O'Connell, James William---CM 54---Hyde Park H.S.---La Salle Univ. '39---Chicago, IL

O'Donnell, John Columbus, Jr.---IB 17--- --- ---Washington, DC

Ofner*, William Emil---ME 4---Ethical Culture---Univ. of Pennsylvania '41---New York, NY

Ogden, Alfred Trecartin, Second Lieutenant---ME 1---Phillips Andover---Yale '03---Kinderhook, NY

Ogden, John Trecartin, Captain---ME 1---Phillips Andover, La Villa (Switz)---Yale '14---New York, NY

Ogden, Robert Bruce---IB 17---Prestonia Cons., Greenbrier Mi. Acad.---Purdue '46---Louisville, KY

Ogle, Alfred McArtney, Jr.---ME 1, FFC, IB 24---Ecole Nouvelle (Lausanne, Switz).---Harvard, Lausanne (Switzerland)---Indianapolis, IN

O'Keefe, William Thomas (†)---CM 41, FR 4---St. Joseph's Cathedral Sch, St. Thomas Seminary--- ---Windsor, CT

Oldani, Terrence---ME 32, FFC--- ---Ripon, Univ. of Wisconsin---Kenosha, WI

Olden, Walter Hart, Second Lieutenant---ME 4---Princeton H.S.---Amherst '36---South River, NJ

O'Leary, Julian Prouty---ME 4, FFC---Fairhaven H.S., Tabor Academy---Massachusetts Institute of Technology (special courses)---Marion, MA

Olesen, Oscar Ernest---ME 10, CM 55, IB 54---T---Lynbrook H.S.---Duke '38, Univ. of Paris (France)---Lynbrook, NY

Olmsted, Ashley Williams, Captain---IB 1---Nichls, Hotchkiss---Yale '38---Buffalo, NY

O'Meara, Henry Francis, Jr---CM 53, FR 8---Washington Irving H.S., Hackley---New York State College for Teachers---Tarrytown, NY

Omer, Robert Allen---IB 1, IB 54--- ---Univ. of Louisville '43---Louisville, KY

O'Neill, Charles Thomas, Lieutenant---ME 13---Brooklyn Prep---St. John's '40---Great Neck, NY

O'Neill, Robert Henry---CM 97--- ---Univ. of Wisconsin---Delavan, WI

Orcutt, David Allan---ME 37---New School for Social Research---Univ. of Michigan---Wyandotte, MI

O'Rourke, Robert Earle---CM 43---Western Mil. Acad.---Univ. of Missouri '32, Washington Univ. '33---New York, NY

Orth, William Tuttle---IB 28--- ---Univ. of North Carolina---New York, NY

Orton, Julian Robert, Jr. (†)---ME 1, CM 76---Lawrencville---Univ. of Chicago---Cincinnati, OH

Ostenso, Richard Stephen---IB 13---Ladysmith H.S.---Univ. of Wisconsin '44---Ladysmith, WI

Ostermann, Warren Robert---ME 32---La Grange H.S.---Univ. of Wisconsin---La Grange Park, IL

O'Sullivan, Joseph DeWitt---CM 81--- ---Univ. of Virginia---Rumson, NJ

Paddock, Ralph Everett, Captain---ME 29, IB 58---Roselle Park H.S.---Colgate '39---Nutley, NJ

Paine, George Eustis, Jr. (son)---ME 2---St Mark's, Le Rosey (Switz), Cheshire Acad.--- ---New York, NY

Paine, Louis Gerard, Lieutenant---ME 26---Fessenden, Morristown Acad., Noble & Greenough---Harvard '28---Brookline, MA

Palmer, Robert Neilson---ME 1------Commercial Illustration School---Manhasset, NY

Pannes, Hilgard (†)---ME 16, FFC---Manhasset H.S.---Univ. of Chicago---Chicago, IL

Parker, Alexander---ME 16, CM 92---Munich (Ger), Tabor, Felsted (Eng.)---Massachusetts Institute of Technology '44---Marblehead Neck, MA

Parker, Emerson MacNeill---CM 41, FR 9---Mountain Lakes H.S.---Univ. of Connecticut '46---Saugatuck, CT

Parker, Harold Lewis---CM 86, IB 60---T--- --- ---Webb City, MO

Parker, Hugh, Lieutenant---IB 1---Wittelsbacher (Germany), Tabor, Felsted (Eng).---Trinity ( Cambridge, Eng) '40, Massachusetts Institute of Technology---Marblehead Neck, MA

Parker, John MacRea, Jr.---IB 54--- ---Yale, Cornell---Cleveland Heights, OH

Parkhurst, John Wilder---IB 12---Vermont Acad.--- ---Winchester, MA

Parkhurst, Henry Williams, Jr.---IB 42--- ---Brown---Berwyn, PA

Parkhurst, Oscar Biebinger---IB 59--- --- ---Clayton, MO

Parks, Elton, Jr.---IB 60, 1st AAS--- ---Yale---New York, NY

Parks, James Lewis, III---ME 32---Univ. H.S.---Univ. of Missouri '42---Columbia, MO

Parmelee, Donald Latt---IB 58--- ---Cornell---Syracuse, NY

Parries, Sidmore---CM 97, IB 59---T--- ---City College of New York---New York, NY

Parsell, Alfred Peter, Jr.---CM 92, IB 59---T--- ---Syracuse and (Graduate Schools) NY Univ., Cornell---Auburn, NY

Parson, Artley Beeber, II---IB 17---Belmont Hill, Bluehill H.S.---Bowdoin '46---Waltham, MA

Parson, Kenneth Barnitz Gilbert, Jr.---FR 40---2--- ---Harvard---Weston, MA

Partrick, Theodore Hall---FR 7, IB 60---T--- ---Univ. of North Carolina, Brown---Raleigh, NC

Patno, Raymond Arthur---1st AAS--- ---Cornell---Malone, NY

Patrick, Howard Hill, Jr.---CM 96, IB 60---T--- --- ---Jersey City, NJ

Patrick, John R., Captain---ME 19, IB---T--- ---Columbia (Ext.)---New York, NY

Pattullo, Edward Lionel---ME 2---Muskegon H.S.---Northwestern '45---Muskegon, MI

Paulson, Richard Edward (†), Major---ME 4, IB 7---Ames H.S.---Univ. of Georgia '35---Ames, IA

Payne, Bertram Couch, Major---ME 4, CM 53---McDonogh---Babson Institute---Charleston, WV

Payne, Forrest Edward---IB 43--- ---Benjamin Franklin Univ.---Silver Spring, MD

Payne, Thomas (†)---CM 47---Andover, Millbrook---Yale '45---New York, NY

Peabody, John Watts Russell (†)---ME 1---St. Paul's, Berkshire--- ---New York, NY

Peabody, Joseph Haven---ME 16---Malcolm Gordon, St. Paul's---Trinity '44---Westport, CT

Pearmain, Pierce---CM 99, IB 59---T--- --- ---Cambridge, MA

Pearmain, William Robert, , Lieutenant---ME 16---Avon Old Farms---Harvard '40---Boston, MA

Pearson, Justin---ME 32---George---Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts---Huntingdon Valley, PA

Peattie, Roderick Elia---IB 57--- ---Harvard, Univ. of Wisconsin, Ohio State Univ., Stanford---Columbus, OH

Peck, Lyman Stannard, Jr.---CM 56---Lower Moreland H.S.--- ---Huntingdon Valley, PA

Peltz, Henry Stevenson (son)---IB 58--- ---Harvard---New York, NY

Peluso, Joseph John---CM 96--- ---Dayton Univ.---Birmingham, MI

Pemberton, John deJarnette, Jr. (†), Captain---ME 1, IB---T, IB 53---Rochester H.S.---Swarthmore '40, Harvard (Law) '43---Rochester, MN

Penn, Irving---CM 92, IB 59---T--- ---Pennsylvania School of Industrial Art---New York, NY

Perella, Peter William---IB 43--- --- ---Boston, MA

Perkins, Charles Elliott, Jr. (pow, §), Lieutenant---ME 16, CM 87---St. Paul's, Avon Old Farms---Harvard '40, Virginia Polytechnic Institute '42---Blacksburg, VA

Perkins, George Walbridge, Jr.---IB 43--- ---George Washington Univ.---Cold Spring, NY

Perkins, Russell---FR 40---HQ, CM 41---St. Mark's---Harvard---Pomfret, CT

Perry, George Wendell---ME 32---Evanston Twp H.S.---Duke, Northwestern '42, Harvard---Wilmette, IL

Perry, William Haggin, Major---ME 5, CM 93, IB 48---T, CM---T, St. George's---Yale---Cobbam, VA

Peters, Norman Addison---IB 1---Northern H.S.--- ---Detroit, MI

Peterson, Timothy Edwin, Jr.---IB 31--- ---Univ. of Arizona---Phoenix, AZ

Pfau, George Harold, Jr.---CM 94--- ---Yale---Waukesha, WI

Pfeiler, William Adam---ME 4---Sheboygan H.S.---Univ. of Michigan '42---Sheboygan, WI

Phayer*, Clifford William---IB 40--- --- ---Granite City, IL

Phelps, Marshall Corbett---ME 11, ME 19---Hotchkiss---Yale '35---Wilkes Barre, PA

Phillips, William Wightman, Major---ME 32, IB 61---Friends, Hotchkiss---Yale '33---Lake City, FL

Pickelsimer, John Matthew (±)---CM 60---Augusta Mil. Acad.--- ---Charleston, WV

Pickens, Curtis Eugene---IB 9---Charleston H.S.--- ---Charleston, WV

Pierce, Charles Ingals, Captain---ME 26---St. Mark's---Princeton '37, Yale (Law)---New York, NY

Pierce, Henry Lillie, Second Lieutenant---ME 4, IB 13, CM 97---T---Milton, Benshimol's Schools---Harvard '33---Milton, MA

Pierce, Norman, Lieutenant---ME 16---Milton---Inst. Sillig (Switzerland)---Milton, MA

Pierce, Richard deZeng, Jr.---CM 100, IB 59---T--- --- ---Boston, MA

Pierce, Roger, Jr.---ME 4--- ---Harvard---Milton, MA

Pierrepont, Rutherford Stuyvesant, Jr. († )---CM 86--- ---Princeton---Far Hills, NJ

Pillsbury, Frederick Watters---ME 26---Fessenden, Milton---Harvard---Milton, MA

Pitkin, Edward Hayden---IB 55--- ---Kenyon---Guilford, CT

Plass, Vernon Francis---CM 52--- ---Tennessee State Teachers College---Memphis, TN

Plimpton, Stephen Wardwell---CM 47---Fay, St. George's--- ---Boston, MA

Plitt, Fred William---CM 88--- --- ---West Haven, CT

Podret, Jack Ivan---IB 1---Poughkeepsie H.S., Riverdale Country Day---Brown '39, Union Law '42---Poughkeepsie, NY

Poettgen, Francis Henry---CM 55---a---Belleville Twp H.S., Cathedral H.S.--- ---Belleville, IL

Pollard, Walter Weir, III---IB 57--- --- ---Hagerstown, MD

Poole, Ralph Hutchinson, Jr. (†)---CM 90--- ---Princeton---Geneva, NY

Posselius, Frank Alphonse, Jr.---CM 76--- ---Sacred Heart Seminary---Detroit, MI

Postlethwaite, Frederick Russell--- --- ---Yale---Huntingdon, PA

Potter*, Alan Downing Key (son)---ME 41---St. Andrews (Eng), St. George's (Eng), Scaford (Eng), Redding Ridge---Yale '45---Portland, ME

Potter, David Hays---ME 3--- ---Swarthmore---Greenwich, CT

Potter, Jeffrey Brackett---IB 38--- --- ---New York, NY

Potter, Philip Childs, Jr.---CM 94, IB 60---T--- ---Harvard---New York, NY

Powel, Howard Hare---SSU 2, FR 40--- ---Harvard---Antibes, France

Powell, Charles Beach---ME 16---Kingswood, Westminster---Union '45---West Hartford, CT

Powell, John Lynn---IB 60--- ---Duke---Arkansas City, KS

Powell, Reginald St. Clair---IB 46--- --- ---Richmond, VA

Powers, John Harvey---ME 32, FFC---Westminster---Univ. of Virginia '42---Old Greenwich, CT

Powers, William Augustin---ME 4, FFC---N.Y. Military Acad.---Yale '39---Jamaica, NY

Powning, William Percival (†)---ME 32, FFC, FR 8---New Haven H.S.---Yale '42---New Haven, CT

Pratt, Charles, Jr. († §)---CM 88--- ---Yale---Glen Cove, NY

Preble, Vernon William---ME 26---Hebron Acad, Lowell H.S.--- ---Lowell, MA

Preston, Francis Eugene---ME 26, IB 53---Valley Forge Mil, Salamanca H.S.---Syracuse, Columbia---Salamanca, NY

Prince, Allan Bixby---CM 43---Mt. Herman---Rutgers '46---Highland Park, New Brunswick, NJ

Prince, Frederick H., III---FR 40---2---Fay, Le Rosay (Switz), Groton--- ---Westbury, NY

Prince, William Stevens---CM 88, IB 60---T--- ---Princeton, Univ. of California---Bend, OR

Printup, Lawrence Daniel (†)---CM 96, IB 59---T--- --- ---Memphis, TN

Proctor, Kenneth Arnold---ME 30---Branham & Hughes Mil. Acad.---Ohio Wesleyan '37---St. Louis, MO

Pruniski, John Edward, Jr.---ME 27---Little Rock Jr. Coll.---Univ. of Missouri---North Little Rock, AR

Pulis*, Victor Keith---IB 60, 1st AAS--- ---Phoenix Junior College---Phoenix, AZ

Pulliam, James Christopber---ME 28---Columbia Mil.---Peabody, Univ. of Tennessee---Memphis, TN

Pummell, Harold James, Jr.---CM 94--- --- ---Dorchester, MA

Puntil, Joseph Edward---IB 1---Wells H.S.---Carroll '45---Chicago, IL

Purnell, Lewis Morgan---ME 39---Georgetown H.S.---Penn State, Johns Hopkins '43---Georgetown, DE

Pynchon, Joseph Henry, Jr.---CM 97--- ---IB 59---T---Newton Highlands, MA

Quale, Frederick Elvendore---ME 2---Milwaukie Union H.S.---Univ. of Oregon '41---Milwaukie, OR

Quandt, Russell Jerome---IB 12, CM 97---T---Chapman Tech. H.S.---Yale '43---New London, CT

Quigley, Karl Ernest---FR 40---1--- ---Univ. of Alabama, Pomona, Temple, Univ. of California (Los Angeles)---Hollywood, CA

Quinn, John Maurice---CM 94, IB 60---T--- ---Villanova---Erie, PA

Radcliffe, James Edward---IB 54--- --- ---West Allis, WI

Ragle, Richard Harrison---ME 4, FFC---Phillips Exeter---Williams '45---Boston, MA

Railsback, George Howard---ME 26---Asheville---Lafayette '40---Moline, IL

Rakestraw, Edward Hyde---ME 41---Haverford, Andover---Amherst '28---Haverford, PA

Randall, Alexander, Jr.---CM 41---Gilman Country---Johns Hopkins '45---Baltimore, MD

Randall, William Osborne---ME 2---Belmont Hill---Harvard---Boston, MA

Ransdell, Charles Anthony (†)---FR 4--- ---Rollins---Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

Ransom*, Andrew H.---FR 40---2/1, Syria FF---Roxbury---Yale '34---Albany, NY

Raphael, Bernard Malcolm---CM 48---Dilworwth H.S.--- ---Stamford, CT

Rapp, Donald Wesley---IB 42--- --- ---Hatboro, PA

Rath, Frederick Louis, Jr.---ME 4---Manual Training H.S.---Dartmouth '34, Harvard '36---Brooklyn, NY

Rawdon, William Hopkins (†)---IB 40--- ---State Univ. of Iowa---San Francisco, CA

Raworth, William McCutchen, Jr.---IB 59--- ---Univ. of Texas---Vicksburg, MS

Ray, Gene Monte---CM 92--- ---College of the Pacific, Univ. of California---Oakland, CA

Raymond, Thomas Owen---IB 43--- ---Bridgewater State Teachers College---Chathamport, MA

Rea, Henry Oliver, Jr.---CM 49---Culver Military Acad.---Dartmouth '46---Sewickley, PA

Read, Barclay Mitchell---CM 100, IB 59---T--- ---Columbia---New Rochelle, NY

Rector, Charles Morrow (†), Lieutenant---ME 32, CM 94, IB 60---T---Brevard Jr. College---Brevard '40---Marshall, NC

Redmond, Henry Smallwood---CM 44---St. Mark's---Princeton '27---Hillsdale, NY

Reeve, Charles Harold, Jr.---CM 68--- ---Rutgers---New Brunswick, NJ

Regester, Edmund---ME 19---Lafayette H.S., Nichols Prep--- ---Buffalo, NY

Rehm, Kenneth Edward---CM 86--- --- ---San Francisco, CA

Reinhardsen, Herbert Coho---ME 29---George---Swarthmore '45---Mt. Vernon, NY

Reis, John Louis (†)---CM 69--- ---Univ. of Cincinnati---Cincinnati, OH

Reiser, Louis Anthony---CM 92, IB 60---T--- ---Notre Dame---Johnstown, PA

Rellinger, Charles Albert---ME 32, FR 8---Kenmore H.S.---Syracuse '45---Kenmore, NY

Rennie, Donald Wesley---IB 57--- ---Reed College---Seattle, WA

Reppert, James Eccles (†)---IB 1---Hill---Princeton '43---Upper Montclair, NJ

Revard, James Franklin---IB 40--- ---Univ. of California---Santa Rosa, CA

Reynolds, Clarence James, II---CM 47---Arlington HS., Richmond H.S.--- ---Kew Gardens, NY

Reynolds, Henry Bradley---ME 16---William Hall H.S.---Morse---West Hartford, CT

Reynolds, John Francis, III (son)---ME 37---Moses Brown---Yale '45---Derby, CT

Reynolds, Joseph Edward---ME 2--- --- ---Roselle Park, NJ

Ricca, Joseph Eugene---IB 40--- ---Armour Institute of Technology, Colorado School of Mines---Cleveland, OH

Rich, Francis Neilson (†)---FR 40---2/1---Trinity, Kent---Harvard '29---New York, NY

Rich, Stanley---IB 57--- ---Harvard, Columbia (journalism)---New York, NY

Rich, William Alexander (son)---ME 28, CM 94, IB 60---T---Kent---Harvard '44---Staten Island, NY

Richley, Rodney Roland---IB 16---Withrow H.S., YMCA College of Commerce--- ---Cincinnati, OH

Richmond, Carleton Rubira, Jr., Captain---ME 16---Milton---Harvard '38---Milton, MA

Richmond, Dana Charles, Second Lieutenant---ME 16, CM 80--- ---Boston Univ.---Boston, MA

Richmond, Ralph Sumner (†), Colonel---SSU 15---30, FR 40---HQ, ME 1, CM 40---a--- Noble & Greenough---Harvard '07---Milton, MA

Richmond, Robert Kenneth---IB 43--- ---Norwich Univ., Lowell Institute---Cambridge, MA

Riege, John Hicks---CM 56---Classical H.S., Andover---Wesleyan '44, Yale (Law)---Madison, CT

Riegelman, William Irving---ME 3, FFC--- ---Dartmouth, Columbia (Law)---New York, NY

Riel, George Arthur, Jr.---ME 32, IB 27---Riverside Hill Acad.--- ---Corina, CA

Ries, Jack Emil---IB 42--- --- ---Pittsburgh, PA

Riesenfeld, William Adam---IB 59--- ---Yale---New York, NY

Rieser, Charles Maxmillian---ME 4---Chatham H.S.---Amherst '39---Chatham, NJ

Riford, Lloyd Stephen, Jr---CM 41, FR 8---Exeter---Princeton---Auburn, NY

Riker, Robert Adrian---CM 86--- --- ---Rumson, NJ

Riley, Horace Burt---IB 57--- --- ---Stockbridge, MA

Riney, Thane Albert---ME 1---Santa Monica Jr. Coll.---Univ. of California---Los Angeles, CA

Riotte, Robert Clifford, Second Lieutenant---CM 41--- ---Dartmouth '26, Amos Tuck Sch. '27, Julliard Sch of Music---East Orange, NJ

Ripley, Everett Daniels, Lieutenant---IB 1, IB 53---Westminster---Wesleyan---New York, NY

Ritchie, Charles Lothrop, Jr. (†)---ME 38, CM 90, IB 59---T---Penn Chater, St. George's---Yale '45---Chestnut Hill, PA

Ritchie, David Alexander---ME 37---Governor Dummer--- ---Winchester, MA

Ritter, Richard Edward, Captain---ME 24, CM 94---Miami Jacobs Bus.---American Academy of Dramatic Art---Troy, OH

Roach, Alexander Joseph---IB 2---Our Lady of the Rosary H.S.---Detroit Bus. Univ. '29---Detroit, MI

Robb, Kenneth Jobert---ME 1--- ---Syracuse '32---Syracuse, NY

Robbins, Keith---ME 1---Pasadena Jr. Coll.---Univ. of California '44---Pasadena, CA

Roberts, Howard Henry---IB 57--- ---Princeton---Bala Cymwyd, PA

Roberts, John Tate---IB 57--- --- ---Utica, NY

Roberts, Walter Garland (†), Aspirant---CM 44, FR 4---Culver Mil. Acad.---Yale '36---Newark, NJ

Robinson, Eugene Earl---ME 1---Shortridge H.S.---Butler Univ.---Indianapolis, IN

Robinson, James Aris---IB 1---Beacon H.S.---Georgia Tech '44---Stamford, CT

Robinson, Robert Allen---IB 3---Lincoln H.S.---Drake '43---Des Moines, IA

Rock, Albert George---ME 13, CM 92---St James, Newark Acad.---Harvard, Yale (Drama) '42---Newark, NJ

Rock, Eli (†)---FR 4--- ---Univ. of Rochester, Yale (Law)---Rochester, NY

Rodd, William Herron, II---CM 74--- ---Pennsylvania State College---Pittsburgh, PA

Rodgers, Curtis Charles---ME 4---Arnold, Harris---Yale '36---Highland Park, IL

Rodgers, Paul Cochran, Jr.---ME 32, FR 8---Loomis---Harvard '42---Glendale, OH

Rodgers, Robert Henry---CM 92, IB 59---T--- ---Stanford---Capitola, CA

Roe*, Alexander Vinton---NY HQ--- --- ---New York, NY

Roeder, Larry Winter---ME 1---Culver Military Acad, Gradwohl Medical Lab. Sch.---Missouri Univ.---St. Louis, MO

Rogers, Fielding Gant, Jr.---IB 57--- ---Univ. of Kentucky---Paris, KY

Rogers, Frederick Van Dusen---ME 37---Fay---Harvard '42---Minneapolis, MN

Rogers, Samuel Alexander---ME 7---Overbrooks H.S.---Philadelphia College of Pharmacy & Science '35---Philadelphia, PA

Rollert*, Judson Herman---ME 4---Morgan Park Mil. Acad.---Colorado State, Northwestern '42---Evanston, IL

Rollins, Walter Autry---CM 92--- ---Southern Methodist---Dallas, TX

Romberger, Henry Alfred, Jr.---IB 1---Episcopla Acad.---Bowdoin '35---Philadelphia, PA

Romig, Edgar Dutcher---ME 13---Collegiate---Princeton '42---New York, NY

Roosevelt*, Dirck---CM 100--- ---Haverford, Oxford (England)---New York, NY

Rorison, Harmon Chadbourn---CM 54, FR 8---T---Tileston H.S., Jefferson Prep.---Univ. of Virginia '16, Univ. of Georgia (Law) '17---Wilmington, NC

Rosenquest, Arthur Penrhyn---IB 56--- ---Worcester Polytechnic---Rye, NY

Ross, Henry Beates---CM 45---Kings Coll. Sch.---Kings College (Canada) '27, Dalhousie '29, Princeton '33---Princeton, NJ

Rothenberg, Michael Bruce---IB 55--- ---Princeton, Harvard---Brookline, MA

Rothermel, Walter Albert---FR 40---2---Harrow (Eng.)--- ---Reading, PA

Rottenburg, Julius---IB 1---Boys H.S.--- ---New York, NY

Rowan, Stephen Hamilton---CM 40---Stone House (Eng), Stowe (Eng), St. Mark's---Williams '46---Washington, DC

Rowe, Charles Duncan---ME 21, FFC---Bossey H.S.---Evansville, Harvard---Evansville, IN

Royal, Stokes---ME 2, IB 6---So. Cal. Military Acad., John Burroughs, Calif. Nautical---Univ. of California (Los Angeles), Univ. of Southern California---Van Nuys, CA

Rubel, August Alexander---SSU 631, ME 32, FFC---St George's---Harvard '23---Piru, CA

Rubel, Charles, Jr---IB 52--- ---Princeton---Washington, DC

Ruhm, George Bernard, Jr.---ME 32, FFC---Utica H.S., St. Francis de Sales--- ---New Hartford, NY

Rumsey, Bronson Case, Captain---ME 4---Fay, St. Mark's---Yale '02---Cody, WY

Ruppert, Karl---IB 2, CM 91---T---Phoenix H.S.---Univ. of Arizona '20, George Washington Univ. '24, Harvard '28---Cambridge, MA

Russ, Glen William---ME 1---Groveton H.S.---Northwestern, Syracuse '28---San Antonio, TX

Russell, Albert Clark---ME 16, FFC---Oak Park H.S., Hewitt Business--- ---Skokie, IL

Russell, Francis Murray---CM 53---Univ. H.S.---Ohio State, Kenyon---Columbus, OH

Russell, Harry Reed---CM 49--- ---Harvard---Cincinnati, OH

Rutledge, William Orville---CM 92, IB 59---T--- ---Univ. of Alabama, Howard College---Haleyville, AL

Saber, Clifford Otto (†)---ME 16---Riverdale--- ---New York, NY

Sabin, Charles Hamilton---ME 36---St. Mark's, Evans---Williams '25---Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

Safford, Charles Louis---FR 40---2---Fessenden---Williams '30---Lowell, MA

Salinas, James Pedro (†)---FR 4--- ---St. Jolm's---Baltimore, MD

Salter, Willard Cutler---IB 54--- ---Bowdoin---Glen Ridge, NJ

Sample, Paul Vincent, Jr.---IB 11---Univ. of Michigan H.S.--- ---Ann Arbor, MI

Sanders, David Tilden---IB 1---Highland Park H.S., Lake Forest Acad.---Northwestern '44---Highland Park, IL

Sanders*, Laurence Collier (pow, §)---ME 1, IB---T, IB 53---Corinth H.S.---Mississippi State Engineering---Corinth, MS

Sanders, Roswell---SSU 4, FR 40---HQ---Dummer Acad.--- ---Cagnes, A.M., France

Sanders, Sol Witner---CM 97, IB 59---T--- ---Univ. of Missouri---Franklin, NC

Sanderson, Francis Thayer---ME 37, CM 100, IB 59---T---Monroe H.S.---Cornell '43---Brighton, NY

Sargent, Lombard Williams---IB 60--- --- ---Weston, MA

Sargent, Norman C.---ME 9---Cleveland H.S.---Seattle---Seattle, WA

Satter, Ralph Caleb---CM 79--- --- ---Pittsburgh, PA

Satterthwait, Charles S., Jr. (†)---ME 13, CM 90---Lake Mohawk, Moses Brown---Cornell '45---Reading, PA

Savage, Alvin Darryl---ME 4---Queen Anne H.S.--- ---Seattle, WA

Sawbill, Robert Arthur---IB 57--- ---Lehigh---Highlands, NJ

Sawyer, Thomas Mitchell, Jr.---IB 11, CM 95---T---Hillsdale H.S., Hill School---Kenyon '39---Hillsdale, MI

Sayen, William Henry, IV---ME 4---Phillips Exeter---Princeton '43---Princeton, NJ

Schadler, John Allen---IB 57--- ---Univ. of Cincinnati---Covington, KY

Scherman, Eugene Sykes---ME 13---Phillips Exeter, Darien H.S.---Univ. of Virginia '42---Greenwich, CT

Schick, Thomas---CM 52---N. Canton H.S.---Univ. of Michigan '45---North Canton, OH

Schicker, Joseph Nicholas († §)---CM 92--- --- ---Rochester, NY

Schieffer, John Frank---CM 86--- ---Furman---Baldwin, NY

Schirmer*, Robert---FR 7--- ---Princeton---Princeton, NJ

Schley, Grant Barney, III---CM 40---Somerset Hills, Malcolm Gordon, St. Paul's---Yale '45---Sewickley, PA

Schneider, Benjamin Harry---IB 9---Cincinnati H.S.--- ---Cincinnati, OH

Schnitger, Edward Warren---IB 42--- ---Pratt Institute---Bellerose, NY

Schoettle, Marc Clarkson---CM 101, IB 59---T--- ---Univ. of Pennsylvania---Philadelphia, PA

Schorger, John Rodger---CM 41---Middlesex---Univ. of Wisconsin '46, Harvard (Summer)---Madison, WI

Schorger, William Davison---ME 16---Middlesex---Harvard '44---Madison, WI

Schreier, Konrad Foeste, Jr.---IB 54--- ---Univ. of Illinois, Harvard---Highland Park, IL

Schroth, Raymond Augustus---ME 20---Wyoming Sem.---Dartmouth '43---Brooklyn, NY

Schubert, Carl George---ME 2---Soldan H.S.--- ---Chicago, IL

Schubert, Kenneth Melling---IB 14---Brooklyn Tech H.S., Ft. Hamilton H.S.---Bowdoin '47---Brooklyn, NY

Schull, John Allen---CM 84--- --- ---Milwaukee, WI

Schupp, Russell Maynard---CM 92, IB 59---T--- --- ---Willoughby, OH

Schwab, Lawrence von Post---FR 40---1--- ---Univ. of Arizona---Tucson, AZ

Schwab, William Carson---ME 4, IB 10---Pomfret---Yale '41---Tucson, AZ

Schwartz, William Craig---ME 32, , FFC---John Harris H.S.---Johns Hopkins '45---Harrisburg, PA

Schwarzmuller, Clifford William---ME 2---Bordentown Mil. Inst., Army Ext. Sch., NY State Police--- ---Jamaica, NY

Scott, Frederick Wendell---IB 16---Central Comm & Tech H.S.---Rutgers---Newark, NJ

Scott, George Drake, Jr.---CM 41---Andover--- ---East Hampton, NY

Scott, Hugh, Jr.---ME 4, FFC---Fountain Valley---Yale '44---St. Louis, MO

Scott, James Hamilton, II---CM 41, FR 8---Academy H.S.---Allegheny '46---Erie, PA

Scott, Jerome Fentress---CM 81--- ---Univ. of Minnesota, Harvard---Minneapolis, MN

Scott, Leslie Nelson---ME 32---Fall Creek, Ithaca H.S.---Cornell '39---Ithaca, NY

Scott, Robert Gordon---CM 81--- ---Colorado State College of Education, Peabody Library School---Fort Morgan, CO

Scudder, Rogers Vaughn---ME 32---St Louis Country Day, Los Alamos Ranch---Harvard '34---St. Louis, MO

Scully, Michael John---CM 92, IB 60---T--- ---Harvard---Lincoln, IL

Searles, Harrison Lambert---ME 4, IB 4---Oyster Bay H.S.---Columbia---Oyster Bay, NY

Sears, George Albury (†)---CM 87, CM 100--- ---Cornell---New York, NY

Sears, Winslow Warren---CM 43---Country Day--- ---Chestnut Hill, MA

Selz, Henry Oldfield (†)---ME 37, FR 3---Francis Parker, Latin---Northwestern '45, Harvard---Evanston, IL

Semple, Lorenzo, III († §)---ME 2, FFC---Brooks, Bedford---Rippowam---Yale---Mt. Kisco, NY

Sewall, Lex Noyes---IB 58--- --- ---Oneida, NY

Sewall, Oscar Crosby---Syria FF---Phillips Exeter---Brasnose, Oxford (Eng)---Dublin, NH

Seward, Schuyler Loomis---CM 71--- ---Union College, Amherst---Rochester, NY

Sewell, John Nicholas---IB 57--- --- ---Hingham, MA

Sewing, John Edward---CM 94, IB 60---T--- ---Washington Univ.---St. Louis, MO

Shaffer, Chester Norwood---TMU 397, ME 26---Sommerville H.S.---Dartmouth '19---Lexington, MA

Shands, Cartter Bond---IB 17---Wooster School--- ---South Orange, NJ

Shapiro, Charles G.---IB 58--- ---New York Univ.---Brooklyn, NY

Sharp, James Willard (†)---FR 4--- ---St---John's---Freeland, MD

Shaw, Henry McKay, Jr.---ME 34---Great Neck H.S.---Hobart '44---Great Neck, NY

Shaw, Hugh Paul---IB 54--- ---Harvard, Boston Univ. (Law)---Winthrop, MA

Shea, John Michael---CM 92--- ---St. Anthony's Apostolic College---Chicago, IL

Sheafer, William Lesley, II---IB 57--- ---Williams---Pottsville, PA

Shearman, William Griffin (†)---ME 32, FFC, CM 59, FR 3---T---Jamestown H.S., Westminster---Univ. of Virginia '44---Jamestown, NY

Sheehan, Frederick Lorraine---1st AAS--- --- ---Elmira, NY

Shefloe, Oliver Eugene---CM 92, IB 60---T--- --- ---Milwaukee, WI

Shepard, Richard Cleveland (†)---FR 1--- ---Michigan State, Univ. of Buffalo---Kenmore, NY

Shepard, Thomas Winthrop---IB 20---Weston H.S., Cambridge Prep.---Harvard---Weston, MA

Sheppard, Gordon Lee---IB 39--- ---Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Institute---Detroit, MI

Sheridan, Andrew William---CM 92, IB 60---T--- --- ---St. Joseph, MO

Sheridan, Philip Henry---IB 1---Kemper Mil.---Ohio State '38---Columbus, OH

Sherman, Howard Jay (†)---CM 88, FR 3---T---B--- ---Northwestern---Chicago, IL

Shethar, Norman (†)---CM 53---Providence Country Day---Princeton '46---Little Compton, RI

Shevelove, Burton George---ME 28--- ---Brown, Yale---South Orange, NJ

Shoaff, John Earl---CM 100, IB 59---T--- --- ---Birmingham, MI

Shoemaker, William Mercer (±)---ME 11---Hotchkiss, Asheville--- ---Wilkes---Barre, PA

Shoneman, Charles---ME 1---Woodmere Acad.---Temple---New York, NY

Shoup, Alonzo David, Jr.---ME 32---Oak Park H.S.---Northwestern '39, Princeton (Graduate)---New York, NY

Sieber, Edward Hazard---ME 16---Kirkwood H.S.---Wabash, Yale '41---Kirkwood, MO

Silverman, Harold---CM 92--- --- ---Providence, RI

Simmons, Robert Clifford---IB 1---Portland H.S.---Univ. of Oregon '42---Portland, OR

Simon, Ernest Saul---ME 32---Washington H.S., Morris Greet Dramatic--- ---Washington, DC

Simonds, Henry Francis---IB 11---Beacon---on---Hudson Seminary, St. John's Seminary---Morse Business College---Hartford, CT

Simonson, David Ficke---ME 4---Lake Forest Acad.---Amherst '45---Rock Island, NY

Simpson, Friench, Jr. (†), Lieutenant---CM 86, IB 59---T--- ---Harvard---Los Angeles, CA

Simpson, Robert---IB 1---Mamaroneck H.S.---Wesleyan '43, Princeton---Larchmont, NY

Simpson, William (†), Lieutenant---ME 4, CM 76, FR 3---T---D---St. Paul's---Harvard '34---Locust Valley, NY

Sinclair, John Knox---IB 16---Princeton Country Day, Deefield---Princeton '44---Williamstown, MA

Sinclair, Richard Craig---CM 88--- ---Marquette---Milwaukee, WI

Siren, Richard Vance---IB 57--- ---Kansas City Junior College---Kansas City, MO

Sivcho, Stephen Michael---ME 28---Central Catholic H.S.---Univ. of Alabama, '42Villanova, Mublenberg---Hokendaugua, PA

Skalak, Howard Edward---IB 57--- --- ---Omaha, NE

Skalski, Bernard Stanley---ME 37---Aspinwall H.S.--- ---Aspinwall, PA

Skillings, Robert Fraser---CM 41---Middlebury H.S.---Oberlin '44---Middlebury, VT

Slater, Thomas Melville, Jr.---IB 38--- ---Geneva College---Upper Montclair, NJ

Sleeth, Boyd---CM 84--- ---Cornell, New York Univ.---Pittsburgh, PA

Sloane, Mark Wellington---ME 26---Cleveland Inst. of Music---Yale '23, Cambridge (Eng)---Brooklyn, NY

Sloane, Peter Edison (†)---ME 32---Montclair Acad, Phillips Exeter---Yale '44---West Orange, NJ

Small, Robert Granville---CM 99, IB 59T--- ---Univ. of Maine---Brookline, MA

Small, Robert Howard---1st AAS--- ---Univ. of New Hampshire---Plymouth, NE

Smith, Archibald Knisely---CM 83--- ---Williams---Harrisburg, PA

Smith, Arthur Carroll---CM 92--- ---Ohio State Univ.---Farmington, MI

Smith, Bulkeley, Jr. (†)---ME 16, FFC, FR 1---Lenox---Yale '44---Hamden, CT

Smith, Carter---IB 57--- ---Yale---Pittsburgh, PA

Smith, Charles James---CM 90--- ---William Jewell College---Du Quoin, IL

Smith, Dinwiddie---IB 9---Brooks---Harvard '39---Morristown, NJ

Smith, Donald Rhoderic---CM 90--- --- ---Westfield, NJ

Smith, Drayton Mellor (†)---ME 36, CM 99, IB 59---T---Germantown, Friends---Haverford '45---Germantown, PA

Smith*, Francis Mitchel---IB 5---Fay, St. Mark's, Pawling--- ---Warwick Neck, RI

Smith, Gayle Lee (†)---IB 1, FR 4---Graymont H.S.---Illinois Wesleyan '45---Graymont, IL

Smith, Gayle Stanley (†)---ME 16, FFC---Woodrow Wilson H.S.---Univ. of Chicago '44---Crete, IL

Smith, George Ferguson---ME 32---Tabor, New Preparatory--- ---Ogunquit, ME

Smith, Glenn Lee---ME 28---Everett H.S.---Univ. of Washington '43---Tacoma, WA

Smith, Harvey Leonard---CM 92, IB 59---T--- ---Oklahoma Agricultural & Mechanical---Milwaukee, WI

Smith, James Lynn---IB 36--- --- ---Brooklyn, NY

Smith, John Henry, Jr.---IB 57--- ---Fredyffrin---Easttown New School of Music---Malvern, PA

Smith, John Howell---CM 89, IB 59---T--- ---Lafayette, Brown---Easton, PA

Smith, Joseph Norman (†)---IB 35--- --- ---Brooklyn, NY

Smith, LeClair (†), Lieutenant---FR 40------1 , Syria FF, FFC---Millbrook---Cornell---NY, NY

Smith, Leonard Eugene---IB 53--- ---Yale---New York, NY

Smith, Lindsay Gordon---ME 22, CM 94---Dolgeville H.S.---Syracuse---Syracuse, NY

Smith, Mason---ME 37---Deerfield Acad.--- ---Bronxville, NY

Smith, Mason Parr---ME 37---DeVeaux, Lockport H.S.---Univ. of Pennsylvania '45---Lockport, NY

Smith, Richard Stanley---ME 32---Miami Edison H.S.--- ---Northbrook, IL

Smith, Thomas Aloysius---ME 16---Loomis Inst.---Trinity '44---Hartford, CT

Smith, Wesley Hugh---IB 59--- --- ---Racine, WI

Smith, William Tucker---IB 4---New Britain H.S.---Hillyer Junior College---New Britain, CT

Smyth, Robert Lee---IB 21---Boy's Latin---Johns Hopkins---Baltimore, MD

Snead, Charles Scott (†), Major---ME 13, CM 44---a---Montclair H.S., Pomfret---Yale '31---St. Louis, MO

Snyder, Robert Bowmar---IB 57--- --- ---Newton Centre, MA

Snyder, Thomas Stevenson (†)---CM 69, IB 60---T--- ---Hamilton, Univ. of Minnesota (Business College)---Minneapolis, MN

Snyder, William Neil---ME 9---Central Point H.S.---S. Oregon State '39---Medford, OR

Sokol, Sam---CM 98--- ---Milwaukee State Teachers---Milwaukee, WI

Somers, Donald McLean---ME 28---Kew Forest, Westminster---Yale '43---Middleburg, NY

Spallone, Daniel Andrew Francis---IB 3, CM 91---T---Crosby H.S.---Univ. of Connecticut '43---Waterbury, CT

Spavin, Edward Maxwell, Jr., Captain---ME 4, IB 9---Reading H.S.--- ---Reading, MA

Spencer, Davis---IB 1---Millbrook---Princeton '45---Erie, PA

Spencer, Edmund Joseph---CM 53, IB 55---Teaneck H.S.---Rutgers '35, Harvard---West Englewood, NJ

Sprague, David Ware---IB 42--- ---Univ. of Buffalo---Buffalo, NY

Spurlock, Harry Homer, Jr. (±)---ME 1---Palo Alto H.S.---Stanford '43---St. Joseph, MO

Squire, Charles Bela---ME 37, IB 57---Lincoln---Univ. of Connecticut---Clinton, CT

Squires, Walter Rutherford, Jr.---CM 92, IB 59---T--- --- ---Suffern, NY

Stacy, George Palmer, II---CM 53---Woodberry Forest---St. John's, Univ. of Virginia '46---Charleston, WV

Stamm, John Joseph---IB 22---Oak Park & River Twp H.S.---Texas A. & M., Iowa State---Oak Park, IL

Stanton, James Robert---ME 13---Ramsey H.S.---Univ. of Virginia '42---Hoboken, NJ

Staples, Frederick Clifton, Jr.---IB 12---Fay, St. Mark's---Grove City College---Southboro, MA

Starkey, Myron Bywater---IB 55--- ---Long Beach City College---Long Beach, CA

Steckler, Edward Louis, Jr.---IB 57--- ---Princeton---New York, NY

Stehlin, Charles (†)---FR 40---1---Hun--- ---New York, NY

Stein, Robert Andrew---ME 4---E. Orange H.S.---Rutgers '41---East Orange, NJ

Stephens, Kenneth Picard---ME 20---Mt. Herman, Dwight---Univ. of Virginia '44---Douglaston, NY

Stepp, James Virgil---CM 94, IB 59---T--- ---Virginia Polytechnic Institute---Roda, VA

Stetson, David Forbes (†)---FR 40---1---St. George's, Le Rosey (Switz), Bellerive (Switz)--- ---Boston, MA

Stevens, Jess LeRoy---CM 49---Moragon Park, Kiski--- ---Sunnyvale, CA

Stewart, Antonio Yznaga---ME 16, CM 59---Penn Charter--- ---Bryn Mawr, PA

Stewart, Charles Owen (†), Second Lieutenant---ME 32, FFC---Fanchon Marco Dramatic---Nadine College of Advertising---East St. Louis, MO

Stewart, David Michael---IB 53--- --- ---New York, NY

Stewart, Peter Minnock---IB 1, IB 45---Roxbury Latin, Rockhurst Acad.---Univ. of Virginia '45---Kansas City, MO

Stillman, Edgar, Jr.---ME 5---Milton, Westminster---Cornell '42---New York, NY

Stillman, George McNair (†)---FR 4--- ---Yale, Univ. of Minnesota---Minneapolis, MN

Stix, Tom---ME 1---Walnut Hiolls H.S.---Yale '38, Yale Law "41---Cincinnati, OH

Stockly, John Galt---ME 1---St. Andrew's, Foxwood--- ---New York, NY

Stockton, Richard Sterling, Lieutenant---ME 26, FFC---Woodbury H.S.---Philadelphia Museum of Art---Bryn Mawr, PA

Stoddard, John Caswell---CM 56---St. Paul's, Pomfret---Princeton '36---Garden City, NY

Stone, King---FR 40---2---Lawrenceville, Valley Forge Mil.--- ---Warrenton, VA

Stoner, John Cordon---CM 91--- --- ---Detroit, MI

Stott, Paul Richard---IB 9---Newark H.S.---Haverford '44---Newark, NY

Stoughton, Oscar Brady, III---IB 60--- ---Wagner Luther Memorial College---New York, NY

Stratton, Arthur M. P. (†)---ME 1, FFC---Tome---Bowdoin '35, Columbia '41---Charleston, SC

Strauss, Morton Barry---ME 32, FR 8---Blair Acad, Straubenmuller Tex. H.S.---Dartmouth '44---New York, NY

Stromer, Robert Andrew---CM 92--- --- ---Madison, WI

Stryker, John Field---CM 92, IB 60---T--- ---Carleton College---St. Paul, MN

Stuart, John Walker---CM 100, IB 59---T--- ---Harvard, Haverford---Loudonville, NY

Stucke, Alden Frederick---ME 26---Watertown H.S., Lexington H.S.--- ---Lexington, MA

Stump, William---ME 32, FR 8---St. James--- ---Edgewood, MD

Stumpf, Alexander Travis (†)---CM 74--- ---Princeton---Hempstead, NY

Stumpp, George Everitt Martin, III (†)---ME 20---Peddie---Colgate, Bard, Muhlenberg---New York, NY

Sturm, Justin McCarthy---IB 4--- --- ---Westport, CT

Stutz, George Frederick (†)---CM 43, FR 8---Milne H.S.---Union '46, Colgate---Albany, NY

Stuyvesant*, Alan Rutherford (pow, §), Captain---FR 40---x , Syria FF, FFC---Fay, Ecole de l'Ile de France, Duvigneau de l'Anneau---Princeton---Allamuchy, NJ

Stuyvesant, Lewis Rutherford (†)---FR 40---x , Syria FF---Fay, Ecole de l'Ile de France---Princeton, Allamuchy, NJ

Sullivan, Edward James---ME 4---Dodson Private School--- ---Kansas City, MO

Sullivan, Martin Henry, III---CM 100, IB 59---T--- --- ---New Bedford, MA

Sullivan, Robert Joseph Banigan (†)---ME 1---Portsmouth Priory, St. Louis Univ. H.S.---Princeton '40, Georgetown Sch of Foreign Svc. '41---St. Louis, MO

Sullivan, Robert Vincent---CM 91--- ---Univ. of Missouri---Kansas City, MO

Summerville, David Scobell---CM 93, IB 59---T--- ---Cornell---Scarsdale, NY

Sweetnam, William James---IB 9---Brookline Newton H.S.---Boston Univ. '44---Newton Highlands, MA

Sweetser, John Anderson, Jr.---IB 1---Noble & Greenough, New Prep--- ---Brookline, MA

Swensson, Hilding---ME 4, IB 11---Manasquan H.S.---Univ. of Chicago '42---Manasquan, NJ

Swofford, Hugh Wynne---CM 88--- ---Universitv of Wisconsin---Milwaukee, WI

Taber, William Richard---IB 17---Holy Name, Holy Family H.S.---Cornell '42---Auburn, NY

Tankoos, Samuel Joseph, Jr. (†)---CM 64---La Salle Mil. Acad---Massachusetts Institute of Technology '43---New York, NY

Tanner, Edward Everett, III (†, §)---ME 37, FR 3---T---Evanston H.S.---Art Institute of Chicago---Chicago, IL

Tasker, Everett Howard---IB 42--- ---Boston Univ.---Charlestown, MA

Tatro, Raymond Oscar---ME 24---Springfield H.S. of Commerce--- ---Arlington, MA

Tausig, Herman, Jr.---ME 2--- ---Cornell, Kenyon '43---Harrisburg, PA

Taussig, William Murray---ME 4---Belmont Hill, Thatcher Sch (Cal)---Harvard, Haverford '44---Belmont, MA

Taylor, Frederick Coover---ME 2---William Penn H.S., St. James Prep---Univ. of Virginia '44---Harrisburg, PA

Taylor, Greer McClellan, Jr.---ME 19---Terrill Prep---Univ. of Texas '38, Harvard (Law) '41---Dallas, TX

Taylor, Harry William, Jr.---ME 37---Univ. of Detroit H.S.---Notre Dame, Georgetown '37---Bloomfield, MI

Taylor, Howard Randall---IB 51--- ---Yale---Englewood, NJ

Taylor, Reginald Bishop (†), Lieutenant---CM 90--- ---Yale---Williamsville, NY

Taylor, Romeyn---CM 86, IB 59---T--- ---Harvard---Concord, MA

Temkovitz, Raymond George---CM 94, IB 59---T--- --- ---Cleveland, OH

Tener, George Evans (†), Lieutenant---ME 6, CM 86---Hotchkiss---Yale '40---Pittsburgh, PA

Terrell, Howard Spencer (†)---ME 2, CM 93---Phillips Exeter---Yale '33---New York, NY

Tevis, Richard Lee---ME 1---Santa Barbara---Univ. of California '43---Carmel, CA

Thaw*, William, IV---CM 92--- --- ---Southampton, NY

Thaxton, William Luther, Jr.---CM 99, IB 59---T--- ---Dartmouth---Houston, TX

Thibault, Lewis Rodman---CM 43---Hun--- ---Syracuse, NY

Thomas, Evan Welling, II, Second Lieutenant---ME 1---Kent---Princeton '42---New York, NY

Thomas, William Stewart---ME 7---Kent, Phillips Exeter---Univ. of Arizona, New York Univ.---Oyster Bay, NY

Thompson, Ardus Clair---CM 90--- ---Princeton, Harvard---Franklin, PA

Thompson, Norman Williams---ME 1---Bellows Falls H.S.---Univ. of Vermont '41---Bellows Falls, VT

Thompson, Richard Havlee, Jr.---CM 90--- ---Dartmouth---Buffalo, NY

Thomsen, Robert, Captain---ME 26--- Friends---American Academv of Dramatic Arts---Baltimore, MD

Thomson, Donald Gardner---IB 53--- ---Swarthmore, Univ. of Iowa---East Orange, NJ

Thorburn, Robert Dean---IB 58--- ---Ohio State---Akron, OH

Thoresen, Jon (†)---FR 40---1--- ---Univ. of Oslo---Oslo, Norway

Thorn, William Henry---ME 37---Riverdale, Choate---Yale '45---Bronxville, NY

Thorndike, Augustus, III---ME 5---Milton, Phillips Andover---Harvard '41---Chestnut Hill, MA

Thorp, Ronald Martin---CM 69--- ---Univ. of Minnesota, Frank Wiggins Trade School---Inglewood, CA

Throop, William McIntosh---Syria FF---Mt. Vernon H.S.---New York Univ.---Mt. Vernon, NY

Tichenor, George Oscar (†) (zz)---ME 1, FFC---Columbia H.S., Clarence H. White Sch of Photog.--- ---Maplewood, NJ

Tiernan, William John---CM 88--- ---Fordham---Brooklvn, NY

Tierney, James Joseph---IB 9---Morgan Park Mil. Acad.---YMCA College, Univ. of Illinois '45---Hinsdale, IL

Tilghman, William Slocum (†)---CM 49, FR 6---Kent---Yale '45---Lawrence, NY

Tilton, Henry Stephen (son)---ME 32, FFC, CM 94, IB 60---T---Laconia H.S.---Colby '43---Laconia, NH

Tinal, John Robert---IB 40--- --- ---Whitaker, PA

Titus, Donald Cecil---CM 49---Chester H.S.---Western Reserve '45, Cornell---Chesterland, OH

Tome, Charles Barrington---ME 45---W. Nottingham Acad.---Washington & Lee '46---Wilmington, DE

Tompkins, William Irving---CM 45--- ---Siena College---Watervliet, NY

Toms, Lawrence (†)---CM 41---Tamalpais, Andover--- ---Carpinteria, CA

Torland, Torleif Claypool---ME 2---Shawnigan Lake Prep. (Canada)---Univ. of Oslo (Norway) '36, Univ. of Washington '37---Edmonds, WA

Totman, William Axel---CM 88--- --- ---Erie, PA

Townsend, Robert Theodore---CM 84--- ---Univ. of California---Billings, MT

Townsend, William Stone, II---CM 74--- --- ---Towson, MD

Tracy, Donald Stanley---CM 86--- ---Rutgers, Pennsylvania Military, Univ. of Pennsylvania---Allenhurst, NJ

Trainor, Harold William---CM 44---Milwaukee H.S.--- ---Milwaukee, WI

Tremblay, Eugene James---CM 94, IB 59---T--- --- ---Fairfield, CT

Trimble, David Wills---CM 100, IB 59---T--- ---Rutgers---Maplewood, NJ

Tripp, Richard Carlton---IB 32--- ---Wesleyan---Sioux City, IA

Trowbridge, Gardiner, II---CM 81--- --- ---Noroton, CT

Troxell, John Pealer---CM 89, IB 60---T--- --- ---Narberth, PA

Truesdale, Albert Edward---CM 96, IB 60---T--- ---Univ. of Alabama---Manchester, NH

Truitt, Samuel Stokes (†)---ME 36---Germantown Acad.---Princeton '29---Mt. Airy, PA

Tscherfinger, Robert Edwin---CM 91--- --- ---Ardmore, PA

Tuckerman, Bayard, Jr.---ME 16---St. Mark's---Harvard '11---Boston, MA

Tuffree, Charles Polhemus---CM 100, IB 59---T--- ---Loyola Univ.---Placentia, CA

Turk, Richard Henry---ME 2---Glen Ullin H.S.---Univ. of Portland---Portland, OR

Turner, Edward Montague---IB 9---Evander Childs H.S.---Columbia---New York, NY

Turner, John LeBaron---IB 1---Brooks---Harvard '44---Norwalk, CT

Turner, Keith Roy---CM 85--- ---Univ. of California---Berkeley, CA

Turney, Edward Burns---IB 9---Aquinas Inst, Army Ordinance Sch.--- ---Rochester, NY

Tyler*, Roger Calverley---MF 2---Phillips Exeter---Harvard '45---Weston, MA

Uhl, Ulysses Sam---CM 87--- --- ---San Antonio, TX

Uhle, Carl Edmund---CM 88--- --- ---Cleveland Heights, OH

Uihlein, David Vogel---CM 97--- ---Univ. of Wisconsin---Milwaukee, WI

Ullman, James Ramsey, Lieutenant---ME 9---Phillips Andover---Princeton '29---New York, NY

Ullman, Paul F---FR 40---HQ---Dummer Acad., Lycée St. Louis--- ---Paris, France

Ungerman, Kenneth Armistead---ME 1---Phillips Andover, Bronxville H.S.--- ---Oyster Bay, NY

Upson, John Field, Lieutenant---CM 72--- ---Univ. of Nebraska, Univ. of Arizona---Lincoln, NE

Van Bomel, Robert Allison---CM 57---Pawling---Lafayette '43---New York, NY

Van Cleef, William Reed Thompson---ME 16---Choate, Westminster, Evans--- ---New Haven, CT

Van der Molen, Herman (±)---ME 16---Chi Christian H.S.---Univ. of Chicago '36---Oak Hill, IL

Van der Poel, Augustus---FR 40---HQ--- ---Yale '13---Ruxton, MD

Van der Vliet, Pieter Stuyvesant, Captain---ME 16, IB---T---Davis H.S.---New York Univ. '45---New York, NY

Van Every, Richard Arnold---CM 90--- ---Harvard---Charlotte, NC

Vance, William Robert---ME 2---Fresno H.S.---Univ. of California '43, Rochester (Medical)---Fresno, CA

Vandervoort, Henry J.---FR 40---1--- --- --- ---Holland

Vasilew, Eugene---ME 32---Evander Childs H.S.---New York Univ. '42---New York, NY

Vaughan, Clark Alvord---CM 63---Wilbraham Acad.---Harvard '47, Haverford---Auburndale, MA

Vaughan, James Blair---IB 1---High School--- ---New York, NY

Venze, Martin Phillip---ME 32, FFC---Baltimore H.S.---Baltimore City---Baltimore, MD

Viall, David Colson († §)---CM 79--- --- ---Milwaukee, WI

Vickers, John Harmon---CM 90--- ---Harvard---Charlotte, NC

Vivian, Richard Clement, Lieutenant---IB 28--- ---Princeton---Plainfield, NJ

Vogt, Donald Raymond---IB 57--- --- ---Syracuse, NY

Vollrath, Jacob John, Jr.---ME 8, ME 16---Sheboygan H.S.---Univ. of Wisconsin '41---Sheboygan, WI

Von Glatz, Richard Anthony (†)---IB 43--- ---Columbia---Shawnee---on---Delaware, PA

Voorhis, Sheldon Sprague---CM 92, IB 59---T--- ---Dartmouth---Augusta, GA

Vos, Richard Fred---ME 4---Holdingsford H.S.---St. John's Univ. '35---'36---Vancouver, WA

Wackernagel, Frederick William, Jr.---ME 37---Lancaster Boys' H.S., Franklin & Marshall---Muhlenberg, Franklin & Marshall, Wittenberg '35---Lancaster, PA

Wade, Jeptha Homer, III---IB 57--- ---Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard---Cleveland, OH

Wadsworth, Robert Wallace---CM 92--- ---Univ. of Minnesota---Minneapolis, MN

Wagner, Henry Milton (†)---CM 41---Friends---Univ. of Wisconsin '45---Ruxton, MD

Wait*, Harry Gregory (pow, §)---FR 40---1, ME 1, CM 50, FR 3---T---Horace Mann, Hamilton Inst.---Syracuse '24, Cornell '25---Shelburne Falls, VT

Wakefield, Willard Chester---CM 86, IB 60---T--- --- ---Dorchester, MA

Waldner, Ernest Hendricks, Jr., Lieutenant---ME 1---Cheshire Acad.---Franklin & Marshall---Hamden, CT

Waldron, John Wesley, Jr.---IB 54--- ---Dickinson---Teaneck, NJ

Walker, Fred Morris---IB 59--- --- ---Hillside, NJ

Walker, George William---CM 64---Streatham (Eng.)--- ---Buffalo, NY

Walker, James Elliot Cabot---CM 99, IB 59---T--- --- ---Westchester, PA

Walker, Samuel Sloan, Jr. (son)---FR 8--- ---Yale---New York, NY

Walker, Willard Brewer (son)---CM 94, IB 59---T--- ---Harvard---Hingham, MA

Wall, Richard John---CM 41---St. John's---Toledo Univ., Univ. of Michigan '22---Toledo, OH

Wallace, William Henry, Jr. (†), Assistant Director General---SSU 4---28, FR 40---HQ , NY HQ---Betts Acad---Columbia '03---New York, NY

Wallace, William Robert (†)---ME 16, FR 4---Seattle H.S.---Univ. of Washington '42---Seattle, WA

Waller, Richard Cooke (†)---CM 54---Morganfield H.S., Wallace Prep---Vanderbilt '14, Yale (Law) '16---Evansville, IN

Walrath, Gill Fleming---IB 58--- ---Univ. of Toledo, Ohio State---Toledo, OH

Walser, Guy Oliver, Jr.---IB 58--- ---St. John's---Sayville, NY

Walter, Norman Nicholas---IB 55--- ---Temple---Hartsville, PA

Warden, William Burnand (†)---ME 2, FFC, CM 91---St. George's, Laguna Blanca--- ---Villa Nova, PA

Waring, Joseph Frederick---ME 19---Gov. Dummer Acad.---Yale '23, Magdalene (Cambridge, England), Univ. of Wisconsin '32---New Hope, PA

Warren, Charles Reynolds---ME 2---Deerfield Acad---Yale '35---Omaha, NE

Warren, George Henry---NY HQ--- --- ---New York, NY

Warren, Peter Beach (†)---ME 32, FR 4---Summit H.S., Lawrenceville---Williams '45, Princeton---Princeton, NJ

Warrington, John Wesley, Captain---ME 32, IB 59---T---Franklin, St. Mark's---Yale '36, Cambridge (England), Harvard (Law) '40---Cincinnati, OH

Washburn, William Eugene---ME 32, CM 97, IB 59---T---Fairview H.S.---St. Bonaventure '45---Cleveland, OH

Waterbury, Robert Louis---IB 5---Washington H.S.---Ohio State '45---Bellefontaine, OH

Waterman, Shelden Ward---CM 75, IB 60---T--- ---Univ. of Kansas---Kansas City, MO

Waters, Melvin Earl---CM 92, IB 60---T--- --- ---Lancaster, TX

Watson, Arthur Chase---TMU 184, CM 47---New Bedford H.S.---Harvard '19---Cambridge, MA

Watson, James B.---ME 1---Pasadena Jr. Coll.---Univ. of California '43---Berkeley, CA

Watson, John Fletcher---ME 33---Trinity---Columbia '33---Larchmont, NY

Watson, William Deering, Jr. (†)---CM 43---St. Joseph Prep---Georgetown '34---Haverford, PA

Watts, Erwin Hoy (†)---FR 40---1---St. Paul's--- ---New York, NY

Weaver, Dennis Aloysius (†)---ME 16, FR 4---Sayre H.S.---Penn State '39---Houston, TX

Weaver, William Ake---IB 59--- ---Bucknell---Newtown Square, PA

Weaver, William Fense---ME 37---Nativity, McDonogh---Princeton '45---Glen Echo, VA

Webber, Roger Babson---CM 88--- --- ---Wellesley Hills, MA

Webber, Thomas Edward, III---CM 88--- ---Georgia Tech, Purdue, Texarkana College, Univ. of Arkansas---Texarkana, AR

Webster, Douglas (±)---CM---51---Sequoia Unon H.S.---Princeton '42---Menlo Park, CA

Weekes, Charles Alexander---FR 40---1---Fay, St. Paul's, Browning--- ---Oyster Bay, NY

Wehrenberg, Ralph Waldo---CM 92, IB 60---T--- --- ---Springfield, IL

Weimer, George Leland---CM 92, IB 59---T--- --- ---Detroit, MI

Weisberg, Howard---ME 16---Nichols---Univ. of Michigan '41---Buffalo, NY

Weld, Henry Gameau (son)---IB 60--- ---Westminster---St. Louis, MO

Welgos, Stanley Laurence---IB 42--- ---Wentworth and Lowell Textile Institutes---Lowell, MA

Wellborn, John Dent---Syria FF---Woodberry Forest---Univ. of Georgia---Atlanta, GA

Welles, Edward O'Malley---ME 16--- ---Yale---Scranton, PA

Wells, Frank Peavey---IB 47--- --- ---Excelsior, MN

Wells, Howard Meyers, Jr. (†)---ME 37---Western Reserve Acad.---Princeton '45---East Cleveland, OH

Wenstrom, Richard Thomas---IB 54--- ---Indiana Teachers College---Mattapoisett, MA

West, Arthur Peabody---ME 32, FFC---Walnut Hills H.S.---Univ. of Cincinnati '36, Kenyon '38, Univ. of Wisconsin '39 and Chicago '41---Madison, WI

Wetmore, William Thomson---ME 26, FFC---St. Mark's---Harvard '30---New York, NY

Wharton*, Philip---CM 86--- ---Harvard---New York, NY

Wharton, Augustus Harold---ME 32---Niagara H.S.--- ---Niagara Falls, NY

Wheeler, Arthur Ledlie († §)---CM 90--- ---Princeton, Temple---Wynnewood, PA

Wheeler, Frederick Robinson---ME 26---Concord H.S.---Antioch '43---Concord, MA

Wheeler, William Harper---CM 76--- ---Haverford---Wayzata, MN

Whipple, David Doty---CM 58---Medina H.S.---Dartmouth '46---Medina, NY

White, Charles Irvin---CM 93--- ---Univ. of Miami---Miami, FL

White, Edward William, Jr.---IB 55--- ---Univ. of Illinois---Chicago, IL

White, Hugh Carleton, Jr.---ME 25---Cranbrook---Univ. of Virginia---Detroit, MI

White, James Stephen, Jr.---CM 88--- ---Woodbury College, Univ. of California---Los Angeles, CA

White, Leslie Van Rensselaer---CM 47---Newton H.S.---Harvard '40---Newton, MA

White, Samuel Merwin---IB 7---Moses Brown, St. Mark's--- ---Warwick Neck, RI

White, Thomas Newby, Jr., Lieutenant---ME 4---Westtown Boarding---Univ. of Virginia '36, Univ. of Munich---Franklin, VA

White*, Victor G.---SSU 1, NY HQ--- --- ---New York, NY

White, William Thomas---ME 5, IB 4---St. Francis H.S.--- ---Seattle, WA

Whitehead, Robert Labatt Ward---ME 10, CM 55, IB 54---T---Trinity Coll. Sch (Canada), Lower Canada Coll.---Lower Canada College---New York, NY

Whitehead, William Alexander (†)---CM 46, FR 6---New Hanover H.S., Haverford Prep---Columbia '30, Mozarteum (Austria), Grand Central Sch of Art, N.Y. Sch of Theatre---Wilmington, NC

Whitehouse, Arthur Townsend---CM 86--- ---Santa Monica City College---Westmoreland, NH

Whiteside, John Burgess---ME 4, IB 5---E. Orange H.S.---Univ. of Washington '41---Califon, NJ

Whiting, Francis Brooke, II---ME 35, FFC---Tome---Univ. of Virginia '41---Cumberland, MD

Whitlatch, James Buckley---ME 37---Dwight Morrow H.S.---Univ. of Virginia '44---Charlottesville, VA

Whitman, William, IV---IB 58--- --- ---Cambridge, MA

Whorrall, Richard Emil---CM 96, IB 60---T--- --- ---Manlius, NY

Whyte, Adrian Alan---IB 3---DeWitt Clinton H.S.--- ---New York, NY

Whyte, Donald Robert---IB 9---Episcopal Acad, Univ. School---Princeton '40---Cleveland, OH

Wickes, Walter Forman---CM 49---Hotchkiss, Hun---Univ. of Virginia---Haverford, PA

Widemire, DeWitt Parker---IB 57--- ---Alabama Polytechnic---Sylacauga, AL

Wiener, Harry Albert---IB 31--- --- ---Dobbs Ferry, NY

Wiggers, Robert Bemard---CM 86--- ---Univ. of Indiana, Evansville College---Evansville, IN

Wiggin, Paul Holme---CM 94, IB 60---T--- ---Black Mountain College---New Haven, CT

Wilcox, Richard Garland---IB 57--- ---Cornell---Bristol, CT

Wiley, Peter Edward, Second Lieutenant---ME 2, FFC, IB 13---Portland H.S.---Univ. of Oregon---Portland, OR

Wilhelm, John Carroll (†)---IB 3---Marion H.S.---LaSalle Univ, '39---Cleveland, OH

Willand, Pitt Sawyer, Lieutenant---ME 32, CM 86---Batavia H.S.---Princeton '39---Batavia, NY

Willets, Chester Austen, Jr.---ME 20, CM 81---Hill---Williams '43, Columbia---Flushing, NY

Williams, Arthur Foster (†)---FR 4--- --- ---Small Point, ME

Williams*, Edgar Mark, Jr.---CM 90--- ---Yale---Westport, CT

Williams, Forrest Wilbur---ME 37, IB 57---Evanston H.S.---Northwestern '45---Evanston, IL

Williams, Frank Edwin, Jr.---ME 21---St. Andrew's---Dartmouth '43---Rockville, MD

Williams, Richard Henry, III---IB 12---Morristown Prep.--- ---Warrenton, VA

Williams, Thomas C.---CM 90--- --- ---Cleveland, OH

Willis, Harold Buckley (†), , Sous Chef de Section---SSU 2, FR 40---1---Newton H.S.---Harvard '12---Weston, MA

Willoughby, Alan Grabam---CM 92--- ---Univ. of Wisconsin---Milwaukee, WI

Willson, Edward Freer---ME 4---N.W. Military & Naval Acad.---Williams '41---Barrington, IL

Willson, John Fonda---ME 4, IB---T---Phillips Exeter---Dartmouth '40---St. Albans, VT

Wilson, Coffin Colket, III---ME 11, ME 16, FFC---Episcopal Acad., Trredyffrin---Eastown H.S.---Pennsylvania Museum School of Industrial Art---Paoli, PA

Wilson, Conrad---CM 72--- ---Middlebury, Univ. of Pennsylvania---Berwyn, PA

Wilson, George Gordon---1st AAS--- --- ---Keene, NH

Wilson, J. B. (James Benjamin)---IB 40--- --- ---Dallas, TX

Wilson, James Lockwood---ME 32---Rye Country Day, Loomis---Yale '37---Rye, NY

Wilson, John---ME 38, IB 54---St George's, Culver Mil. Acad.---Washington & Lee, Northwestern---Evanston, IL

Wilson, John Garret (†, §)---CM 48---Peddie--- ---Perth Amboy, NJ

Wilson, Robert Edward---ME 1, CM 53, FR 10---Lakewood H.S.---Northwestern '40---Lakewood, OH

Wilson, Robert Paul---IB 5---Taft---Nichols College '41---Watertown, CT

Wilson, Robert Russell---ME 26---Newton H.S., Burdett Bus.--- ---Newton, MA

Wilton, James Bennett, Jr.---CM 58---St. John's Mil. Acad.---Univ. of Michigan '44---Peoria, IL

Winants, Garet Ellis---CM 94, IB 59---T--- --- ---Monkton, MD

Winants, Peter---IB 55--- ---Princeton---Monkton, MD

Winder, Richard Bayly, IV (†, §), Lieutenant---ME 4, FR 5---St. Albans---Haverford '43, Princeton---Chevy Chase, MD

Winn, Robert Joseph---ME 37---Nashua H.S.--- ---Nashua, NH

Winship, Charles Newell, II---ME 1, IB 1---Worcester Acad.--- ---Wakefield, MA

Winslow*, John---FR 40---1---St. George's---U.S. Naval Academy '14---Millbrook, NY

Winters, Lloyd Roy---ME 4---Pullman H.S.---Washington State Univ. '40---Pullman, WA

Wires, John Stanley---ME 32, FFC--- ---Haverford---Wellesley Hills, MA

Wise, Edward Aloys---CM 93, IB 60---T--- --- ---Beverly Hills, CA

Wishart, Donald Campbell---CM 92, IB 60---T--- --- ---Detroit, MI

Wishart, Ronald Sinclair, Jr.---IB 43--- ---Rennselaer Polytechnic Institute---Rockville Center, NY

Wisotzkey, John Utz---CM 43--- ---Pennsylvania Museum of Industrial Arts---Sarasota, FL

Wolcott, Robert Wilson, Jr.---IB 55--- ---Princeton---Downington, PA

Wolhandler, Joseph Socrates (†)---CM 40, FR 4---Stuyvesant H,.S., City College of New York '41---New York, NY

Wonson, Thomas Greenlaw---IB 18---Gloucester H.S.---Dartmouth '47---Gloucester, MA

Wood*, Bernard, Henry, III (†)---ME 32, FFC, CM 86---St. George's---Williams '34---Tuxedo, NY

Wood, Charles Gerrit---ME 1---Willard Jr. High---Univ. of California '42---Berkeley, CA

Wood, Frank Ellsworth, Jr., Second Lieutenant---ME 4, IB 53---Garfield H.S.---Univ. of Washington '39---Mercer Island, WA

Wood, Harcourt---CM 99, IB 59---T--- ---Harvard---Brookline, MA

Wood, Robert Coolidge---ME 38---Gloucester H.S., Hebron Acad.---Univ. of Maine '45---Gloucester, MA

Wood, Theodore Crane, Jr.---CM 96--- --- ---Franktown, NV

Wood, William Franklin---CM 100, IB 59---T--- --- ---Detroit, MI

Woodin, William Hartman, III---IB 29--- ---California Institute of Technology---Tucson, AZ

Woods, William Johnson, Jr.---ME 20, CM 55---Hill---Princeton '44---Lewiston, PA

Woodward, F. Edward---ME 4---Stevens---Princeton '18---New York, NY

Woodward, Walter MacDonald---CM 77--- ---Univ. of California (Extension)---Berkeley, CA

Woodworth, Ralph, Jr.---ME 1---Brown & Nichols--- ---Weston, MA

Woolf, Douglas Cordon, Jr.---ME 26, FFC---Danbury H.S., Tabor---Harvard '43---Larchmont, NY

Worden, James Avery, II---FR 40---1---St Paul's---Princeton, Oxford (England)---Princeton, NJ

Workman, Richard Scott---CM 100--- ---Princeton---Malverne, NY

Wright, Alvin William---ME 4---Cushing Academy---Univ. of Connecticut '42---New York, NY

Wright, Charles McQuown (†)---IB 2---Johnson Co. H.S., Asheville---Princeton '40---Mountain City, TN

Wright, Frank Horace---CM 86--- --- ---Worthington, OH

Wright, John Gale (son)---CM 40, FR 8--- ---Occidental---Altadena, CA

Wright, Mortimer Dickinson---ME 4, CM 56---Phillips Exeter---Princeton '41, Yale (Law)---Centerbrook, CT

Wyer, Gilbert Clifton---ME 16---Nantucket--- ---Rutherford, NJ

Wylie, Charles Scott---ME 37---Charleston H.S.---Univ. of Virginia '44---Charleston, WV

Wyllie, John Cook, Second Lieutenant---ME 1--- ---Univ. of Virginia '29---Chestertown, MD

Yancey, Robert Lawrence (†)---IB 40--- --- ---Brighton, IL

Yankey, Robert Peary---IB 3---Mackenzie---Univ. of Detroit, Wayne Univ. '40---Detroit, MI

Yarnall, David Robert, Jr.---CM 68--- ---Cornell---Philadelphia, PA

Yarnall, Richard Ashbridge---CM 52---Germantown, Friends---Colgate '45---Philadelphia, PA

Yeakey, Richard A.---ME 20, FFC---Alston H.S., Cons. Aircrat Insp. Sch.--- ---Godfrey, IL

Yonclas, George Costas---CM 41---Windham H.S.---Univ. of Connecticut '45, Hobart---Willimantic, CT

Young, Brinton Coxe (†)---ME 39, FR 4---Haverford---Yale '39, Harvard---Radnor, PA

Young*, Donald Gordon---IB 58--- --- ---Pasadena, CA

Young, Peter Cornell---CM 86--- ---Trinity---Greenwich, CT

Young, Thomas Sears---IB 17, IB 58---Pomfret--- ---New Canaan, CT

Young, Thornton Claflin---ME 37---Deerfield Acad.--- ---Worcester, MA

Zalk, Morton Louis---CM 41---Duluth Central H.S.---Univ. of Pennsylvania '45---Duluth, MN

Zarrella, Joseph Francis---ME 37---Tell City H.S.--- ---Tell City, IN

Zeigler, Carl Frederick---CM 88--- ---Northwestern---Chicago, IL

Zeigler, Philip Thomas---ME 16---Phillips Andover---Harvard '44---York, PA

Zerbe, Lawson Abrabam---IB 55--- ---Dayton Art Institute---Dayton, OH

Zgala, Sylvester Leonard---CM 92, IB 55---T--- --- ---Milwaukee, WI

Zimmer, Arthur Robert (†)---CM 64---a---Western H.S.---Washington Univ., Universitv of Minnesota:---St. Paul, MN

Zittell, Edwin Kubnen---ME 4---Choate---Williams '39---Greenwich, CT

Zukowski, Chester David---CM 90, IB 60---T--- --- ---Pittsburgh, PA

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